Inexpensive Winter Themed Birthday Decor

Inexpensive Winter Themed Birthday Decor

I’ve booked a big place to throw Bella’s birthday party. We have such a huge family that we can’t all fit in my house.

I wanted Embassy Suites.

This is a random photo I found online, to give you an idea.

But what I can afford is Chelinos.

Actual photo of Chelino’s

It’s a great big space, separate from the restaurant. We have our own bathroom & entrance. There’s room for a DJ, a dance floor, and we’ll have our own servers. I’m really happy that I got a place for a good price. But I have some minor decor problems I’m working on.

See these huge tropical paintings? (There are 2 more in the 1st photo!) They don’t fit in with a Winter Wonderland Dance.

I’m covering them with plastic table cloths. Then I can add whatever. Here are some ideas I found:

These 4 photos are from google images

Okay, so cover horrible paintings…check. Next problem!

These Spanish style faux Cathedral windows… I love arched windows & doorways in real life, but again, they don’t fit in. My solution is to cover em’ up again. I’m going to hang a tablecloth flat over each window. Then I’ll use 2 more table clothes to make “curtains”, complete with tie backs. Can you picture it?

I can hang these with a thumbtack above my “curtains”‘, lift the hangy down tulle parts; and pin them so they drape really nicely with my plastic tablecloth creation.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the thingy on top is the spool that pre-cut tulle comes on. Know what else would work? Toilet paper rolls. I just pulled tulle, pearls, curling ribbon, etc through the middle and secured it on the sides. I wrapped some scrapbook paper and glued ribbon on the spool. These would be real cute on doorways too.

The next problem is the sheer space! It’s big, and I have to smother it in pink and silver, and glitter….I made mason jar centerpieces for the gazillion tables already..and of coarse I’m covering the tables and doing lots of balloons. But I have tons of wall space to cover! Here are some of the things I’ve been working on…

a birthday banner

I can’t photograph it all, because its too big. But I’ll show you on the day of the party. I repurposed some snowflake and pinecone ornaments from my Christmas tree.

repurposed Christmas wreath

tulle & rhinestone garland

I made 1″ circles out of scrapbook paper and glued them together. I used a hole punch to make 2 little holes to thread the strips of pre-cut tulle through. I added rhinestones because they billow around and sparkle. You can hang them in rows, vertically or horizontally.

This was the top third of my Christmas tree. Sadly, this was its last year. At least its going out with a bang! I shoved it into a coffee can and spray painted it silver to match everything.

That’s enough for today, but you can look forward to a few more party posts. I’ve got a lot more decorations to make and the only sewing I’ll be getting done is hemming Krystal’s party dress. See you soon!

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  1. Rachel

    You are one busy mama! I’m sure she’ll be super excited for all the great decorations.


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