Jalie 3245 | Raglan Tee, Racerback, & Tunic

Jalie 3245 | Raglan Tee, Racerback, & Tunic

Hi guys! I’ve got another women’s sewing pattern for you; Jalie 3245. I’ll give you all the details about this awesome pattern. And, I’ll be able to show you some new projects soon, because…

Jalie 3245: Pattern Review by SewsNBows

My new sewing room is functional! Fabric is in bins on the floor for now, but I caught hubby googling the correct height for a cutting table and looking at building plans for cabinets.

I’ve got a great space that just needs a little color and organization. I’ve shown a couple photos on my social media, so stop by for a visit if you want to see my future studio. It may be a while before I have time to write about it on the blog. I’m a busy farm lady now!

Jalie 3245

Fabric for this top is from Girl Charlee and is being modeled by my sister in law, Krystal. And she’s going to kill me because the wind made her hair go a little crazy!

Jalie 3245; women's raglan tee, tank, racerback and tunic pattern

I showed you my sports team t-shirt refashion using this pattern, and told you I’m a total Jalie convert. Now I’ll take a minute to tell you why.  The fit of every Jalie pattern I’ve used has been impeccable. There’s a great post on the Jalie blog about how to choose the correct pattern size and adjust for fit if you’re tall, short, or a pear or apple. It’s very informative; read it here.

Jalie 3245; women's raglan tee, tank, racerback and tunic pattern

Jalie 3245 goes from baby size 12 months to girls size 13; and women’s sizes 4-22. That means I can make it for myself, my daughter, and my niece. That’s a good deal for $12.99. It’s available at that price for pdf or paper. Nice!

Jalie 3245; women's raglan tee, tank, racerback and tunic pattern

I shied away from Jalie for too long because I don’t like tracing patterns. It’s an extra step; and I’m lazy. But I use them so often, and they really do store better without tape and seam lines. So for this raglan top (and the hoodie pattern) it’s been totally worth it.

Jalie 3245; women's raglan tee, tank, racerback and tunic pattern

The raglan tee’s front and back pattern pieces use about 3 pieces of copy paper each to print. The bottom part of the front and back hip is the same; so one page is used to trace off both pattern pieces. (Does that make sense?) I thought I was missing a page the first time; but I figured it out pretty quickly. Now I know to expect it, and don’t mind saving paper:)

I’m curious if any of you have tried the Jalie paper patterns, and what you think. Do you mind tracing off patterns? Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Cindy

    Love the top! The mix of the print for the sleeves and the stripe for the front and back make for a great combo.

    I love Jalie patterns too! I made the racerback one piece for my oldest just recently since she needed a one piece for lifeguard training and only had bikinis.;) The range of sizes is wonderful. She measured in to one size for the top and waist (a kid size), then a slightly larger kid size for the hips, and then way down to the woman’s size U for body length! Being able to mix and match sizes to get the perfect fit makes that $12.99 price tag a bargain.

  2. Gina

    Yay for a functional sewing space!!! How’s the rest of the house coming along? :). I hate tracing patterns too; I want to be able to cut and go! This is a cute tee and I love your fabric combo!! I think for an adult pattern tracing would not be as bad because the same size is used over and over but for growing kids where you need a new size every 6-12 months it is harder. Take care Amy and glad you are getting settled!!
    Gina recently posted…Finish it Up Friday: There’s a Mouse In the House!My Profile

  3. Annie

    Wow, you have already setup to sew? I guess you could not wait ;) And your husband is building your sewing space again? How sweet!
    I have never tried Jalie, but found that post about fitting very informative. Thanks for the link!
    Annie recently posted…Fox Fleece Dress for Little MomoMy Profile


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