Kitchen Towels & Hot Pads/ Easy Hostess Gifts

Kitchen towels and hot pads are an easy dollar store craft. I can’t bring myself to use too many exclamation points in this post, because kitchen decor just doesn’t make me jump up and down. But it’s really nice to have some quick homemade hostess gifts this time of year. Especially if you are hoping to be invited somewhere for Thanksgiving.

I’m thinking about giving them out now, and saying things like, ” I was thinking about your awesome stuffing/apple pie and I thought you’d like some new kitchen towels!”

Would that look too desperate?

Kitchen towel

These are $4 worth of kitchen towels and hot pads. To make them “hostess gift” ready, I added ruffles, ribbon, buttons, and a pocket to dress them up. All my materials come from the scrap bucket, so total cost is still $4. I hate buying fancy kitchen towels, potholders, and hot pads that cost so much I’m scared to use them. That’s what makes homemade ones such a cool gift. It’s thoughtful, easy on the budget, and it’s not a big deal if you get a little gravy on it.


Kitchen towel

In real life, I haven’t even planned Halloween costumes. In the kingdom of Blog, I’m already prepping for Thanksgiving! Do you prefer to host, or be a guest? What’s your favorite dish? I had this sourdough stuffing once that I’ve tried to re-create every year. And failed miserably, every year. Can you tell I’m starving as I write this post?!


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  1. Cute ideas what you made! In my case I expects me to make them something. When I buy something I always see their disappointment so it kind of puts the pressure on me that I have to make all things. I love getting something handmade myself too.

  2. Now that’s a great idea I think I need to make me some of those!

    We don’t do Halloween here nor do we have thanksgiving, but I kid you not I have begun prepping for Christmas in Blog Land…. My family thinks I am crazy!
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  3. great idea and cute towels!!! I get excited about that kind of thing :) I prefer to host so you can come to my house for Thanksgiving! We do the traditional turkey dinner and for the last 10 yrs. or so I have been making a yummy pumpkin praline cake that everyone loves!!
    Did you unpick the binding on the hot pad and tuck the fabric under there?

  4. That dress is so cute. I had to pin it. Vintage patterns are so much better than modern ones in my opinion. They always have special details like that little button tab up front. I’ll have to check out this challenge!

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