Knit Pajamas & Clubhouse Tour

Knit Pajamas & Clubhouse Tour

I’ve been jealous of everybody’s fabulous sewing projects with comfy, stretchy knits. So I busted out my ball point needle and some old fabric from the stash. And guess what?

I made a self drafted tshirt and shorts. They’re totally wearable, but I wish the top was a little wider across the chest. The shorts were kind of gapey in the leg holes, so I added a little pleat. It sort of matches with the pleats on the tshirt. Meh.

Anyways, these pajamas are aight’…but I thought I’d double this post up and show you Bella’s clubhouse.

Now, I should tell you before we go in, that this is a mom free zone. I make her keep her bedroom very clean, so that it stays an area conducive to sleep and homework. So I let her do as she will out here.

(We have a very small house. When the toys start infiltrating my house, I send them out to the clubhouse. Sounds mean, but you try living in 1000 sf with all those toys. The stuffed animals are a small army.)

We do get in there and deep clean a few times a year, because if I don’t there would be so much dirt that plants and wildlife would take residence in there! This isn’t too far out from a deep cleaning, so it’s not that bad yet. I did leave the sand on the floor, the clutter piles, and debris heaps for your viewing pleasure.

We made some wall decorations with stencils on a canvas and an old guitar. The butterfly was store bought.

We’re still rockin’ the old school TV out here. We have flat screens to save space inside…but I couldn’t let this TV go. We had it when I was a kid, it came with me to my first apartment, and it has survived my daughter, 2 bad nephews, and baby niece. This TV is on gangsta status. I’ll drive it til’ the wheels fall off.

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Angela

    These are great! Thank you for linking up at HickoryTrail

  2. momstheword

    Oh what adorable jammies! She looks so cute in them and I LOVE the fabric. So bright and cheery.

    Also love the clubhouse. How fun! I would have loved something like that for my kids. We did have an indoor playroom just off the family room, and they had a plastic little house out back, but nothing like what your daughter has. Bet she and her friends love it!

    Thanks for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing Monday” linky party today! ;)
    momstheword recently posted…Lazy Mom Organizes The ShoesMy Profile

  3. domestic bliss squared

    So cute! I love those jammies. Once I got over my fear of sewing with knits it was life changing! They are now my preferred fabric to sew with.

    P.S. I love the guitar too!
    domestic bliss squared recently posted…DIY shower head cleanerMy Profile

  4. Katherines Corner

    giggle, gangsta status!!! Me too I have a tv like that in our bedroom. I love the outfit and the wonderful clubhouse too. xo
    Katherines Corner recently posted…Stuffed Apple DessertMy Profile

  5. Jennifer Lachman

    I love the pj’s. I started sewing with knits a few months ago, and I agree, It doesn’t suck that much. lol. I have noticed that it leaves a lot of lint in my machine so I have to clean it a little bit more. I love the gangsta tv too.
    Jennifer Lachman recently posted…My Evolving Signature StyleMy Profile

  6. Foster

    I’m always a little cautious to work with knits, but today I saw a beautiful wool jersey knit that I knew would be a dream to work with. But ahhhh, 19.95 a yard. Oh well.

    The shirt and shorts turned out cute anyway and I like your wall decor. Super cute!
    Foster recently posted…At Long Last: The Anise JacketMy Profile

  7. Rachel

    You want to see old school TVs…I could show you a fantastic old school tv. We inherited on when we bought our house- we think it may have been to big to get out of the basement, honestly I don’t know how they got it in!

    I think your pj’s are cute! I really like your fabric.
    Rachel recently posted…Summertime PajamasMy Profile

  8. Ruth

    Thanks for your comment at sewchic. It’s nice to know of others in Oklahoma who sew and blog. I meet so few in real life. :)

    The knit pj’s are cute—keep at the knits. Knit fabrics are so fun.
    Ruth recently posted…Tornado SocksMy Profile

  9. Janlynn

    Hi Amy,
    I love the clubhouse ! What a great idea. Bella is very lucky indeed.

    Your fabric rocks. Drafting for a knit pattern is a little different than for woven. Instead of wearing ease you need negative ease as the knits stretch. Some times when they stretch, they get shorter. It’s a process that some of the big 4 pattern companies do not always get right. If you really want to learn about patterns for knits I suggest you find an old Kwik- Sew patten. They are very basic and lend themselves to design changes. It has to be an old pattern, pre MacCalls takeover. Oh and don’t forget to press.

    Please don’t take offence to this comment. I am just passing on my opinion and experience.
    Janlynn recently posted…Bailey Is Invited to a Birthday PartyMy Profile

  10. Gina

    How fun to have a clubhouse!! Very clever art you made for the walls with the canvas and guitar!! Cute knits too!i have been wanting to try sewing knits and just need to dive in. We have been out of town for a couple days and will be heading home tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting back to my sewing machine! Hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend!!
    Gina recently posted…And Sew On- the May EditionMy Profile


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