KwikSew Tween Sized Patterns: A Review

KwikSew Tween Sized Patterns: A Review

KwikSew Tween Sized Patterns

The Good:

KwikSew has a broad selection of tween sized swimwear, gymnastics, and dance wear patterns; as well as pajamas. (I’m focusing on every day wear for this round up; but if you need sportswear or jammas, KwikSew is for you!)

I love the instructions on KwikSew patterns. I haven’t used a ton of them, so I could be wrong; but it seems like they are easier to follow than some of the other commercial patterns.

They’re printed on bright, white paper with nice thick ink. They are easy to see and read.

The Bad:

KwikSew tween sized patterns range from size 4/5 to 10/12. They they aren’t really designed for tweens; but sized up from little kid designs. So they have a younger feel that doesn’t always appeal to tweens.

I hesitate to call them tween sized at all. The enormous children in my family all wear a clothing size that’s bigger than their age. Our kids are Sasquatch. But I know that lots of 12 year olds wear size 10’s.

They never seem to go on sale. (At least where I shop.)

They lack the trendier details like some of the patterns I showed you in my McCalls Tween Pattern Roundup.

Here are Some KwikSew Tween Sized Patterns That Don’t Totally Suck

KwikSew 3499 Pleated tank and skirt

This is a cute basic tank that will be worn a lot.

KwikSew 3674 short sleeved ruffled dress

I thought this dress was worth mentioning because there are no buttons or zippers. It’s elasticized and pulls over the head. I know a lot of people get hung up on closures, and I’ll enable you:) In my Tween Sewing Survival Guide, I list some techniques you must have to successfully sew a tween wardrobe. This dress requires none of them!

KwikSew , Long sleeved tee with skirted waist

This one has a younger feel, but will be cozy and comfy.

KwikSew 3862 Sleeveless a-line with ruffle option

A real basic shape, and a quick sew. An a-line dress can be made to suit any personality.

KwikSew 3818 Double breasted jacket with length variations, hood or collar

This one’s just cute:)

KwikSew 3773 Sweatpants and hoodie with pocket

Everyone loves sweatpants.

KwikSew 3498 Yoga Pants, 2 waistband variations

Everyone loves yoga pants.

Have you read my McCalls and Simplicity tween pattern reviews? Feel free to join or follow my Pinterest Group board, Tween Fashion Sewing.

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  1. Lisa Nelson

    This is fantastic Amy. It’s always good to know of good sewing patterns that teenagers will actually wear. I was thinking about you today. I was thinking that it’s time for you to have another little one so I could read all about your sewing adventures with a newborn.
    Lisa Nelson recently posted…Save an Additional 20% off the already Low Prices at EducentsMy Profile

  2. Amy of while wearing heels

    Blog fluffing. Funny. I can see what you mean about these patterns. I liked tha A lined dress and coat. And I look forward to your fluff posts. Though I miss your sewing. Is your family enjoying your hiatus? Clean clothes and thoughtful meals…maybe they aren’t as anxious for you to get back at it :)
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Embroidery Hoop Reindeer FamilyMy Profile

  3. gina

    i think i need the long sleeve tee pattern although i was looking through my patterns tonight and decided that i have too many patterns and not enough sewing time!!!!!

  4. ingrid@nowathomemom

    :-) I understand you Amy! I haven’t posted in a while and I’ve been a bad bloggy friend lately too! Lately, I haven’t had any free time to seat and blog at my desk. life has gotten in the way! ;-) l understand you not sewing for a bit, it’s like me not crafting for a bit too! I think sometimes we all need a small break, take time to do other things and then our comes back! :-) I’m sure soon you will sewing and sharing your lovely projects with us :-)
    hope you are doing great my friend! :-)
    ingrid@nowathomemom recently posted…Paper Mache Deer HeadMy Profile

  5. Donna

    I like all of these patterns Amy. It seems like it will be forever before we need them, but time flies by! This is a difficult time of year for sure. I made a Christmas dress for myself and I really don’t think I like it at all. Back to the drawing board I guess! I think I will stick to sewing for the kids for now.
    Donna recently posted…Quick No Sew Memory OrnamentsMy Profile


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