Liberty Jane Jeans Bundle-Skinny Jeans

Liberty Jane Jeans Bundle-Skinny Jeans

By Amy Mayen

Hi fabulous readers! Guess what?

I bought the Liberty Jane jeans bundle a while back. It was the first PDF pattern I ever bought! After I finished my Scirocco Dress by Figgys, (and realized PDFs aren’t the devil) I went ahead and cut out the pattern for skinny jeans.

I was a little scared of this pattern. All the top stitching, the quarter inch seam allowances, something was really intimidating about these jeans. But really-I don’t know what I was so terrified of!

I used the legs I cut off from an old pair of jeans. No pressure there! I kind of slopped these together though. These jeans are my “muslin” so to speak. My test run.

I think I might’ve cut one of the legs off grain, since the fabric twists on on one side.

I didn’t want to use elastic all the way around the waist- so I used 4″ of bra strap in the back. But it isn’t as stretchy as regular elastic, and I’m not thrilled with the way the waist looks. My pockets aren’t centered perfectly either.

Bra strap?! Yes, bra strap. No matter how much you spend on a good bra, they all bite the dust eventually. Before I toss em’ I scrap all the lace, little bows, gems, and elastic straps to use in doll clothes. Don’t tell anybody.

I’d still say an overall successful project. I have the confidence to tackle these jeans now- any time, any place. Bring it on.

And of coarse Bella got a new pair of jeans for her dolls. “And they have real pockets!” She likes them & I’m happy.

You’ll see more of these soon!

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Pam

    You’ve done an amazing job sewing all that topstitching on such a little garment, Amy. No wonder Bella likes them… they’re just like real jeans.

    • Amy

      Aww thanks Pam!

  2. The MadMama

    How adorable! :) Love it! You are very talented! :)

    • Amy

      Thanks Jen! I was just over at your site- good stuff! I tried commenting twice, but wordpress kept kicking me out. I subscribed & liked on fb!

      • The MadMama

        Well that’s annoying that you couldn’t comment. Sorry about that. Thanks for “liking” me! :)

  3. Jennifer Lachman

    I’ve only bought one pattern from Liberty Jane so far. It was the slouchy cardigan. I wasn’t to happy with the way one of the pattern peaces fit but I love the overall look of the finished. (with adjustment to the size of the one peace. )

  4. clairejustineoxox

    So sweet :) makes me want to try and make something . Thanks for sharing with us at the weekend hop …

  5. Lisa Hall

    These turned out so cute!
    I just recently bought some Liberty Jane patterns myself, but haven’t tried this one yet.
    I found you through the I Gotta Create: Wildly Original Link Party.
    So happy I did!
    I am now following you on Facebook and Pinterest!

  6. Betty Taylor

    Such sweet jeans!! Makes me wish I had a little girl around.

    Linking with my Ladies

  7. Rose :: Fine Craft Guild .com

    Oh you are talented, and a sweet mom for making this! Love your genial tip for reusing bra-pieces. Makes sense to me. Incidentally, I was about to make a piece of jewelry with bra underwires but was hesitant… as well, it’s a bit brass… You give me some faith and a smile on my face.

  8. Nicky

    I can remember sewing doll clothes from my Great-grandmother’s quilting scraps. Those are some of my favorite memories! The jeans turned out great! Found you on the blog hop. Check me out @ when you have time. thanks:)

    • Amy

      My grandma got me into sewing Barbie clothes too:)

  9. Ashley @ Make it Create

    Such a creative idea for the waist elastic! Very clever. =) I’m so glad you’ve been able to use the downloads from my sites (Make it Create/, feel free to download anything and everything. =) Those skinny jeans came out really well!

  10. Hilary

    Wow! Just wow!! I’m trying to wrap my mind around topstitching on something so tiny. You must have the world’s tiniest sewing machine.

  11. Victoria

    Hi Amy! I got the post that “disappeared” in my email subscription. (At least I think I did!) I can forward you the text if you’d like. :) I’ve come to realize that PDF patterns aren’t the devil either (according to your ghost post), and I actually just put one together/cut it out last night! I think these look great. Your daughter will always remember you made them for her, too! My grandma crocheted me and my sister doll afghans when we were younger–it is something I will always remember. Great job!

  12. Margaret F Johnson

    I think they turned out good. Now this weekend I need to try my first pair (excited). I did a flared leg pair from a pair of jeans of mine and I thought the denim was too thick and was a little hard to work with with the tiny seams. I did buy some demin at HL. Found some lighter blue at HL – but was told they only get it in occasionaly. White jeans would be nice for spring and summer. Perhaps with an embroidery design…can’t wait to get started. In the email that you get to alert you there is a new post – there is write up in it. This is the first post I have gotten with pictures and write up in the blog alert email. It says you that used a different elastic from bra strap.


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