Make a Flowy Top From A Fitted Pattern

Make a Flowy Top From A Fitted Pattern

I have an awesome sewing cheat for you: how to make a flowy top from a fitted pattern. You’ll love this hack because it’s a real simple adjustment that really changes the look of your same ole’ patterns.

How To Make A Flowy Top From A Fitted Pattern | Sewing Tutorial By SewsNBows

This technique is technically a full abdomin adjustment “cheat” for knits. We are avoiding the slash and spread method though. And it’s not just for full tummies! Looser fitting, drapey garments are all over the runway, and it looks good on fluffy and willowy frames.

Jalie 3245

I tend to sew the same tried and true patterns over and over. This is also a fun way to mix up your favorite patterns with a little bohemian flair.

How To Make A Flowy Top From A Fitted Pattern

How To Make A Flowy Top From A Fitted Pattern

Place your front and back pattern pieces on fold,but rotate the bottom out one inch. This will give you 2″ of extra width on each piece, for a total of 4″.

Reshape your hem so that your center front doesn’t have a pointy edge. I’ve drawn mine in red to help you visualize what I did. That’s it. Easy, right?!

Jalie 3245 with adjustment for a flower fit


If you choose to swing the pattern pieces out more than an inch, pay attention to the side seam. Adding more width can shorten the side seam, so you may need to add length. Be sure to add equal length to the front and back piece.

The more you swing the pattern piece out, the more flowy your t-shirt will be. It will also create a slightly looser fit in the chest than you’re seeing in Bella’s top. I like to experiment with fabric for different garment looks.

Jalie 3245

I used Jalie 3245. I’ve sewn this pattern so many times I wrote a round up post showing how fabric type affects garment fit. Somebody in my house is almost always wearing one…we live in our raglan tees.

Jalie 3245

I sew I make the same patterns endlessly, and at least 75% of my knit fabric stash is stripes. Pardon the repetition! Do you have a favorite way to mix up a tried and true pattern?

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  1. Cindy

    Cute top! I like the flowy look. Thanks for sharing how you did it…I like being able to get more use out of patterns that I already own!

  2. Victoria

    Thanks for this tip–this is a great way to keep pattern hoarding on the low side. And flowy tops are all over the runways this season. I love them!


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