Make Easy Hems with Wonder Tape | Tutorial

Make Easy Hems with Wonder Tape | Tutorial

How To Make Easy Hems with Wonder Tape | SewsNBows

I cheat. I admit it. If there’s an easier way to do something, and still get great results; betcha that’s how I do it! So I thought I’d show you one of my favorite sewing cheats: Wonder Tape.

1/4 wash away wonder tape

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Today I’m working with Dritz 406 1/4-Inch by 10-Yard Wash Away Wonder Tape

. Ready?

Make Easy Hems With Wonder Tape

Supplies: How to Make Easy Hems with Wonder Tape

Gather your supplies. You’ll need your garment to be hemmed, an iron, and wonder tape. That’s it.

Hoe to Make Easy Hems with Wonder Tape

Unroll your Wonder Tape and use your fingertips to apply┬áit to the wrong side of your finished edge. If you apply it crooked, simply lift the tape and move it. It has a nice bond but it’s not permanent.

How to Make Easy Hems with Wonder Tape

Use medium heat to press your fabric, Wonder Tape down. The heat will fuse it to your fabric.

Using Wonder Tape to Make a Hem

Now peel the paper layer off the back side of the tape. You’ll see a thin, clear strip of adhesive on your hem. Its barely visible it in the photo above.

Fast, easy hems with Wonder Tape

While the fabric and adhesive is still warm, gently fold your hem down. Just lightly push it with your fingers, using your serged edge and the tape as your guide. It will stick just enough…

Make Easy Hems with Wonder Tape

To flip your fabric over and press into place. Your hem is ready to stitch!

For this post, I’m making a very narrow hem for a ruffle. I use 5/8″ tape for larger hems. Wonder Tape is great for knits too; it provides just enough stability to get a perfect finish. It never gums up your needle. (Reading this post took you longer than it did for me to hem my ruffle.)

So if you don’t use this stuff, you should try it! Wonder Tape is the best cheat ever. Do you have a favorite tool or supply that you can’t live without?


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  1. Dee

    As a non-sewer, I really appreciate this tip, Amy! And, y’all know I don’t sew! ;) Thanks for sharing!
    Dee recently posted…Coastal MantelMy Profile

  2. Kelley

    I kinda got excited about this post because I’ve actually used this stuff! And I can’t even tell you what for its been so long.. but I’ve used it and its great! lol.
    Kelley recently posted…Happy 5 Years to Us!My Profile

  3. Rachel

    I have actually never used this- I’m so paranoid something will go terribly wrong on the final step of a garment! I should give it a go.
    Rachel recently posted…Garden Party Patterns, The MaiaMy Profile


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