The Mara Blouse: Chicken & Cherries?

The Mara Blouse: Chicken & Cherries?


I sewed the Mara Blouse from Compagnie M. last month! You may have even watched the blouse coming along on Instagram. I had an obscene amount of fun making it for Sofie!

I read on one of my favorite blogs that you can’t go too crazy on prints for the Mara blouse; because it has so many intricate details. But I believe you can always go too crazy. So I did.

These fabrics don’t just clash….they collide! You can see above I omitted the beautiful pleats in front. It was by necessity, not design. I used a slight gather to avoid messing up those cute little chickens. (Sofie calls them wack wacks. Like the duck noise?)

Also; totally unrelated: Do you watch Duck Dynasty? Sof walks around saying, “happy happy happy.” With the accent and everything. I think it’s hilarious!

This pattern has elasticized sleeves, but I made a cuff instead. (I have a cuffed sleeve tutorial if you’re interested.) The only other change I made was to sandwich the button loops between the bodice front and lining instead of top stitching them.

Marte is releasing a new dress pattern called the Louisa Dress…and I LOVE it! Compagnie M also has several free patterns available, so if you’re squeamish about PDFs you should try them.

I love the Mara blouse pattern; and I think you will too. Marte is offering SewsNBows readers a special 10% code! You can use promo code Mara10Mayen through November 28th. Coupons are freakin’ awesome:)

With Thanksgiving approaching, I know I’ll have to take a few days off of sewing to cook. I’m sure there will be violent withdrawal symptoms: sweating, fever, confusion, and weakness. So I’m binge sewing right now! Are you guys prepping for the holidays?

Sofie’s Mara blouse is featured here:

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  1. Annie

    So adorable! I love your wack wack blouse :) And sofie looks so cute with that over-sized bows!
    Hope you have survived your Thanksgiving!

  2. Pam @Threading My Way

    Those two fabrics don’t clash at all… they’re a perfect combination!!! A BEAUTIFUL blouse, Amy and I love the cuffs.

  3. Amy of while wearing heels

    You are the only person I know who binges sews. You are so funny. Was that adorable fabric from your stash or did you give in and buy some? Regardless I love it. Super cute. The cuffs are a great change looking forward to seeing that tutorial. And I do watch Duck Dynasty!

  4. Gina

    I love this top and I think the fabrics are fun!!! The cuffs are awesome and I can’t wait for the tute!! Happy Thanksgiving prepping! My sister is hosting this year and so I just need to bring a raspberry/cranberry jello and a dessert :)

  5. ingrid@nowathomemom

    oh! this blouse is so pretty, so pretty, I really love it and your niece wears it so well :-) she is the cutest little thing :-)
    love the little chickens on it too and love how you matched her hair bow with the blouse :-)


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