Maternity Romper Pattern Mash

Maternity Romper Pattern Mash

I’ve been experimenting with making a summer romper and this is my first draft. I’m not entirely pleased with how it turned out, so I’ll be overhauling the whole project and trying for round two very soon!

Summer Materinity Romper

Luckily I have Blanca modeling, and she makes everything look good. Isn’t she insanely gorgeous? By the way, this is the mother of my godson. And the bump you are looking at is my future nuther’ godson!

Maternity Romper Pattern Mash | SewsNBows

I love rompers and think they might be the solution to my summer wardrobe issues. I wrote about my fashion de-evolution and why dresses aren’t working out anymore. Last summer I tried on several rompers, and they are too short in the torso. It’s either cleavage for miles, or camel-toe city. The shorts length were all very much built for a cellulite-free 20 year old too. Anyhow, here’s my first attempt at making a romper!

Maternity Romper Pattern Mash

Maternity Romper Pattern Mash

For the top, I used the free Natty Top from Addie K.; but it’s not there anymore. I got it free on Craftsy but I can’t find it there or on the site. Blanca is much smaller than me so the armholes and shoulders are too wide. It’s an adorable, well drafted pattern with great instructions; but it didn’t work for this project.

Maternity Sewing: Maternity Romper Pattern Mash

I wasn’t sure how to close the back. The Natty Top pattern has a center back seam. I scooped quite a bit, attempting to make the back closure more fitted. I braided fabric to make the ties, and they look weird. I forgot to cut them too! I also dislike the back opening I created…everything shows.

Maternity Sewing: Maternity Romper Pattern Mash

The shorts are made using the Hudson Pants pattern, because I love them. (See my last pair here!) If you’re curious about the fabric, it’s a knit mystery stash that I bought second hand. I want to call it vintage but I’m pretty sure it’s just old. It has some polyester content and a bit of texture like French Terry, but it’s almost scratchy. I correctly judged that this first go might not work out, so I didn’t break out the good stuff.

Maternity Romper Pattern Mash

This romper is going to be chopped in half…I’ll use my yoga style waistband tutorial to save the shorts.

I’d really like a knit romper I can step into without buttons or ties. I do not want a strapless one. I think a crossover front would be really cute, but don’t want a huge plunging neckline. This is my dilemma. Let me know if you see a good pattern, or have an idea for me. I’m kinda stuck at the moment!!

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  1. Amy of While Wearing Heels

    Your beautiful model certainly is rocking the outfit even if you aren’t 100 percent happy with it. I’m sure you’ll come up with something brilliant to save it and reuse it…your brilliant like that :)
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted…Fairy Garden Birthday PartyMy Profile

  2. Annie

    Yes, you have a beautiful model! The romper looks good too. If you could close up the back and leave just a small keyhole opening, I think it would look great. Sewing woman’s wear is hard enough, you are sewing to fit for someone else, and it is a maternity wear! What a challenge you have taken!
    Annie recently posted…Yukata Inspired Ishi Dress for Little MomoMy Profile

  3. Rachel

    She looks great! And this would be really comfortable with a bump too- you’ve got me thinking rompers now. Winter Wear designs has a romper with a really similar top style that I do like, but the shorts are preeeeeetty short on, for me at least.
    Rachel recently posted…Baby LayetteMy Profile

  4. gina

    i think it turned out great for a first attempt and a tricky item to make!! you have me stumped!!! a step in romper without ties or buttons …… i am going to have to think about it!! how do you feel about buttons inserted into a loop rather than a buttonhole??
    gina recently posted…WIP Wednesday: A Lizzy House KnockoffMy Profile

  5. Angela

    Omg, I was thinking a romper would be great too. Just yesterday I was looking at the winter wear designs riviera romper, which looks very similar to your design. I decided not to because of the low open back! I thought a front crossover would be doable. Its like you are reading my mind!
    Angela recently posted…Twisted Shorts & a Foxy TankMy Profile

  6. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    You know what I was thinking when I read your title, right? But no? Right? Blanca is gorgeous…so beautiful! I know what you mean about wanting a simple closure…buttons and zips just seem too much for a summery romper. Have you thought about a cross-over back bodice? Although it might tend to slide off the shoulders? I look forward to reading the suggestions that are bound to roll in. Oh, and what you’ve made, as is, is super cute. Shorten the ties, and Blanca is good to go, especially over a bathing suit top.
    Sue @ A Colourful Canvas recently posted…DARE, DARE, DOUBLE DARE, I CAN SEE YOUR….MATCHYWEAR : : #SEWINGDARESMy Profile


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