Melt & Pour Soap

Melt & Pour Soap

So, my daughter Bella has started a soap business. In my living room. (Which is where all the best businesses start.) Her dad is a big client, but we’ve been branching out. This kid is making money, y’all. Almost enough to pay for the Furby she’s been wanting.

We’ve been using the melt & pour method, because I’m too scared to let my little girl go all mad scientist with lye & chemicals. It’s been fun experimenting.

For example, this soap is vanilla fragrance and it’s filled with cupcake sprinkles. Will it make us sticky when we wash with it? Will it stain my porcelain after it gets wet? We’re not sure yet. Experiments are fun! As long as I don’t have to remodel the bathroom.

Update:The sprinkles’ color bleeds and looks gross and moldy after a day or two.

I haven’t even been blogging a year yet. This summer has been a blast…I’m sewing as much as ever, but we’ve added museum trips, business endeavors, recitals, and week long dance camps into the mix.

That’s why I’ve been posting less, and I think I like 1-2 posts per week better than trying to do 3-4. It gives me more time to write and plan my posts.

Thanks for visiting my little piece of internet real estate:)

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  1. Kathy Penney @ Sparkles And A Stove

    I made soap a while back but yours looks so much more professional! Would love to try the lemon one! Great job! Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty!

  2. Natalee

    How cute! The sprinkles soap is so pretty, even though it may not be functional. ;)

  3. rea

    go bella! that’s a good start ♥

    you’re such a cool mommy amy to have let your daughter experiment..
    i would not even let my kids blow the bubbles inside the house! ha!

    like you, i don’t try very hard to publish specific number of posts each week…because for me, my blogging is for fun and inspiration (getting & giving)..that is why i don’t pressure myself…
    – if i have a post – then good…, but if i don’t – maybe tomorrow i will have…

    don’t forget to join the FUN FRIDAY BLOG HOP, if you haven’t yet!

  4. Rachel

    Enjoy the summer! It’s nice for such a short time here I have a backlog of stuff to blog about too. They’ll be plenty of time to edit pictures and what not later. Spending the day running through sprinklers much more important.

  5. Rosey

    I didn’t know you were a fairly new blogger. You do wonderful and I thought you’d been doing it for a really long time!

  6. Janlynn

    Great idea with the candy sprinkles. You don’t know until you try. Years ago my daughter decided to try making soap. (It was during her goth – punk time) She made soap with safety pins inside. Looked cool – but not practical.

    I think blogging should be fun – not a responsibility. Enjoy life and blog when you can. It’s not a job.

  7. Lisa Nelson

    Pretty flowers!

    What a great thing that your daughter is selling the soap that she makes. She will be an expert business woman when she grows up! It’s nice to have them save for something they want, isn’t it.

    It’s nice and what an accomplishment for her.

    Moldy sprinkles? I’m afraid of mold. Very very afraid – so i will take the one without the sprinkles!

  8. Amy of while wearing heels

    You have quite the entrepreneur on your hands. She’s a little go getter. You must be really proud…and clean :)

  9. Gina

    Go, Bella, go!! Too bad the Sprinkles soap didn’t work out…that was a great idea and looked so cute!!

  10. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Less than a year? You are such a pro blogger. I was sure you’ve been blogging for longer.

    I bet that rosemary lemon verbena soap smells wonderful. Bella’s gotta do the rubber ducky soap! They are so fun.

    Sue xo

  11. ingrid@nowathomemom

    she is creative like her mommy and hey if she continues like this she will have her own company one day! :-) we made soap for our little boy too not long ago; the alphabet and he really liked it, I guess it’s a kid thing too ha! :-)
    I used to post more often before but then realized that I couldn’t keep up with Nate and e-mails :-) I think that 1 or 2 times a week is good and easier to keep up with! :-)

  12. domestic bliss squared

    So cute! Where did you find the melt and pour method? What do you need? I’ve been wanting to try it! I love that she’s got such an entrepreneurial spirit!

  13. MammaNene

    I do soap with oils and lye, and I don’t think it would be safe for a girl… so melt and pour it’s good, and when she’ll be older she can always try lye, with some experience in soapmaking! But she’s also a great photographer, in her spare time… good girl!
    I agree on your post/weeks new ratio… real life comes first!
    PS: G+ comment form wasn’t working for me :(

    • Amy

      Thanks Mama! Thanks for letting me know about g+… It think it’s fixed now. Muah!

  14. Kimber

    How fun! I have always hoped my kids would have an entreprenurial spirit at a young age. I think it twaches them so much and helps them have self confidence! I absolutely love the sprinkles. Too bad it didn’t pan out. Have you tried glitter?

    • Amy

      Glitter! What a great idea! Next time I’ll get better photos. I took these with my phone. Thanks Kimber!


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