Modify A Womens T-Shirt Pattern For Tween Girls

Modify A Womens T-Shirt Pattern For Tween Girls

I made my daughter this quick tee using a women’s pattern. It’s easy to modify a womens t-shirt pattern for tween girls, if you know what fit issues might arise.

Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions- How To Modify A Womens T-Shirt Pattern For Tween Girls

Modify A Womens T-shirt Pattern For Tween Girls

Modify A Womens T-Shirt Pattern For Tween Girls | Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions Patterns

My baby is starting to fit into junior clothing, but there are still a lot of fit problems. I watch the neckline because it’s sometimes too low or wide. Shoulders can too broad. There is usually too much length in sleeves and pant legs. Bust is an obvious area to consider, but its much less of a problem in t-shirts and knitwear. In these areas, younger girls haven’t “caught up” yet growth wise, even if her measurements are on the size chart.

Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions Patterns

I started with the Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions* using the women’s size small. You can adjust any basic tee pattern. If you prefer not to mess with adjustments, check out the Lil LDT* for girls. (Affiliate links)

How To Adjust a Womens T-Shirt Pattern For Tween Girls

Crappy drawing I made with a touchscreen app^

To make the adjustments, I held a well fitting t-shirt up to my traced LDT pattern. I narrowed and raised the neckline, and narrowed the outer shoulders about a half inch. I shortened the front a bit too, I can’t remember how much. Use your t-shirt as a guide, and don’t forget to account for seam allowances.

Laundry Day Tee pattern from Love Notions

Narrowing the shoulders means the armcye gets bigger. I needed to take a quarter inch of the front and back side seams to account for that, although adjusting the sleeve would be the proper method. Use a pattern that fits the bust measurement for the least amount of armcye/sleeve fitting work. It getting easier as girls gets closer to “true” women’s sizing.

Girls t-shirt, finished with elastic lace trim

I used elastic lace to finish the sleeve, neckline, and hem; and after I dyed it with Rit DyeMore. I’m pretty much obsessed with dying my trims. I bought white elastic in bulk a while back and I have all the Rit colors to mix and match. Below you can see how easy it is to control the color saturation. The lighter elastic was dipped for about 30 seconds, and the brighter elastic got 2-3 minutes.

Dyeing Elastic With Rit DyeMore: Elastic on the right was dipped for 30 seconds. Elastic on the left was dipped for a few minutes. It's easy to control the saturation!

The fabric came from JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby remnant section. I can’t remember, again! I didn’t feel like hemming it because the white “stripes” sort of flip around and I didn’t feel fussy the day I made this shirt. I really like the elastic trim finish!

Laundry Day Tee trimmed with elastic lace

That’s about all for this post- I’m super busy cleaning tornado debris but I’ll be back Monday with my Sew Fashionable series; and I can’t wait to show you my Kimono!

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  1. Jacquelyn hughes

    The fabric is from Joanns- I have some and now I know what I’m going to do with it!

  2. Morgan

    These are good tips! It can definitely be a challenge to find clothes that fit well for tweens. You did an awesome job on her t-shirt; it looks great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Denise/DIY Crush

    Very pretty! I also love to recycle my clothing to fit my daughter! I still have to tackle dying some trim! haha…


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