Mondays Are a Clean Slate

Mondays Are a Clean Slate

I don’t hate Mondays properly. Monday is the beginning of a brand new week! The chalkboard is wiped clean and I can start fresh. I know several people who would slap me for being so chipper this early in the I’ll just leave it at that for now :)

I finished Edson’s pirate shirt. He wouldn’t let me take a picture though. (What a turd.) He says he will cooperate when the costume is done and let me take some photos. I would’ve done a pattern review, but Simplicity 3519 was so quick and easy to understand that I really have no complaints at all. I didn’t want to read the instructions towards the end so I had a wee bit of trouble installing the front facing but that was my fault. It turned out great. I’ll be using it again for my costume. Click here to see my other projects from last week.

I picked up fabric for my costume this weekend. Before I start it I want to finish Edson’s costume, then go back and do the kids waist sashes. I’m a little nervous because my costume has a corset with boning. I haven’t worked with boning since college, and I remember I had a lot of trouble then. At least if I bomb on my costume, everyone else will look good!

I didn’t put much work in over the weekend. Bella went to Tulsa with Krystal to see the aquarium.

They stayed overnight, so Edson and I had a date (!) We went to a haunted house, then we didn’t want the night to end so we saw a movie. We saw Looper, with Bruce Willis…best movie ever!!!!! Then, we came home and the house felt so empty without our baby.

A friend in Michigan asked to see the horrible pirate hat attempt from last week, so here it is….

Although I want to erase that whole day from my memory! Anyways, I’m off to work, and I’m hoping I have some good projects to show you in a couple days. Thanks for hanging out with me, and feel free to check out some of my other posts.

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