More Vintage Uglies- Children’s Edition

More Vintage Uglies- Children’s Edition

Did you see my first batch of ugly patterns for the Simple Simon & Co. ugly vintage pattern party?

Here’s the second installment: Ugly Vintage Patterns- Children’s Edition!

What do they feed these kids? Muscle Milk? They look like body builders!

Before any of my patterns get their feelings hurt, I should tell you…they’re actually beautiful to me. The ones that survived my de-stash can easily be updated. You should’ve seen the ones that didn’t make the cut!

Can I just say-top left is Velma from Scooby Doo, and the rest are all the other girl. I forget her name. The slutty one.

These ones aren’t that bad. I’m seeing the bib dresses in boutiques & around blogland so ya never know!

Bottom right…Picture this dress in yellow. It’s Rainbow Brite!

This is a fave of mine! This pattern is a size 3. Know what bugs me though? Looks like the little girls hoo-hoos are going fall out the bottom! Too many pervs out there. We gotta make shorts or bloomers for this one.

That’s all folks.

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Heathersphere

    Got to admit that the pattern envelopes have such character back then! Thanks for the trip to memory lane.

  2. Anne Maskell

    Oh Amy, that first pattern is hilarious! I would totally make the ‘Scooby’ pattern for my granddaughter if it was a size 2! I love the last one. The little dresses always look so short, but that it the way people dressed their girls back then. I commented on it to my grandmother, who said that she thinks we make the dresses ‘too long’ these days! She also said that she always wore bloomers under her little girl’s dresses. It is funny though, I’ve been looking at a few Spanish sewing sites lately for ideas, and the little girls up to nearly five wear dresses that barely cover their bottoms!
    Anne Maskell recently posted…What Were They Thinking?My Profile

    • Amy

      I love the short dresses with bloomers…chubby little legs just kill me!

  3. Rachel

    I have a handful of little girl patterns from the same time the pictures are all INSANELY short. And not just the baby patterns, I have them for like the preteen crowd too!
    Rachel recently posted…Boy’s Pant Pattern Review- Surfer SlacksMy Profile

    • Amy

      Awesome! I’m dying to make something vintage but I keep procrastinating. Garage sale, craft show, etc. sigh. I really like the pants you did but I think I already told you that :)

  4. Foster

    Amy- I think I may be double commenting. Something strange happened when I pushed “post comment.” Anyway, I wore some of that 70s stuff in kindergarten. Love you blog and am a follower from GFC.

  5. Foster

    Amy, I think I wore some of those “Scooby Doo Inspired” dresses to school when I was in kindergarten. How many of those patterns are you going to make? I ended up over here through Find a Friend Friday even though I am following your blog.

  6. melle@feathered ruffles

    I would so love that last one…. and yes! with bloomers! that’s all it needs! modern fabrics and some bloomers and you’re good to go!

    what bugs me is that all my dang vintage patterns are in ONE SIZE.

    And I’m a new sewer. I can just barely read and understand the directions of the patterns I have now….

    much less RESIZE the darn things…. *sigh*
    melle@feathered ruffles recently posted…And the winner is….My Profile

    • Amy

      Thanks Melle! I just subscribed to your site!

  7. gina

    your posts crack me up!! When i scrolled to the first photo my first thought was the Michelin Man but it is a great pattern and all the others are adorable!! Do you really think bibs are making a come back?? Thanks for the laugh!! I am loving this series!
    gina recently posted…Vintage Out to SeaMy Profile

  8. The MadMama

    Those are great. I swear I’ve seen the 2nd, 3rd and 4th patterns before. I wonder if my mom had them. I was never a big fan of the bib dresses as a kid, but undoubtedly was forced to wear them! Ugh!
    Thanks for sharing. Now I’m going to have to look through my old patterns for some hideous gems. ;)
    The MadMama recently posted…49 Cent Friday: Maternity Shirt RefashionMy Profile

    • Amy

      I hope you do!

  9. Pam

    Oh, Amy, you really are taking me down memory lane.Those dresses aren’t short…. I could show you short, although I was not a child. Definitely too short for a child, but as a teenager and into my twenties, we wore VERY short dresses/skirts. We thought we looked cool…. I don’t think so… LOL!!! Add several inches and that last one’s super cute!!! 2nd from the bottom… the big, puffy sleeves at the wrist. They really didn’t get in the way. 3rd from the bottom.. my mother made my daughter a dress like that. Somehow or another, you can get away with these styles on kids. And that top one… short dress/skirt with long socks. Yes, I’ll admit it. I dressed like that, too. You’ll be doubting your assessment of my blog, now that I’m showing you my former stylish clothes…LOL!!! I really have to dig out some old photos.

    • Amy

      Doubt you? Never never. You should start the next party- fashion victim photo party. We could all dig up our dated hair & outfits lol!

    • Amy

      Daphne! Thanks! That’s been bugging me all day!


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