Motivation? Not on Monday.

Motivation? Not on Monday.

I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to. I haven’t felt like writing lately. Seems like every day, I’ve woken up thinking, “I need to write a blog post.” Then I talked myself out if it, because not writing a blog post sounded better at the time.

Basic Twisted Boutique Hair Bows | SewsNBows

These basic twisted boutique hair bows are for my daughter & nieces Easter baskets.

Honestly, I enjoy sewing and chatting with all of you much more than I like taking pictures and editing. So I just took pics with the iPad today. I’m feeling a little lazy lately. I haven’t had the urge to make anything that requires thinking.

Striped Dress made from a bed sheet | McCalls 5613

Striped Bed Sheet Dress

My baby broke her right arm on the monkey bars. Above, you see Bella this time last year; with her left arm broken. (Skating rink, that time.) I’m so bummed about it; but she’s a champ. On the bright side, we got to ditch school a couple days and snuggle last week.

American Girl doll clothes | Floral Shorts & Jeans

American Girl Doll Shorts & Jeans

I have no idea what I’m doing with my Etsy shop. I think I’ll do better listing complete outfits for 18″ dolls. So I’ll probably wait to list these until I make some tops to match.

Vintage floral Faraway Downs Dress | SewsNBows

I did get good photos of this Faraway Downs dress. It’s made with vintage fabric. I used the same fabric once before to make Bella a top & jeans for my Sewvivor entry.

Random thought: Bella was so small in the Sewvivor post! I’m missing her today. As I’m writing, it’s her first day back in school since the playground smack down. The couch feels empty without her:(

Pink stacked hair bow with loopers & corkers | SewsNBows

Here’s a birthday bow for a friend at school. This friend happens to be the girliest little foo foo thang you’ve ever met!

Pink Chevron girls skirt with matching hair bow

We made the hair bow to match this extra pink and lacy chevron skirt. For this particular little girl, I wish it was also covered in glitter and shooting out pink, cupcake scented fireworks. That’s the level of foo foo I’m talking about.

Simple skirt and matching bow for American Girl doll

I made a matching little bow and skirt for her doll, too.

Go To Signature Dress: maxi length option with flutter sleeves in Birds of Paradise knit

This is the Go To Signature dress I made for my friends daughter. I made a size 6, but found out she’s closer to a 7. I added a few inches length with the band. I’m hoping it fits well. I used the maxi length with flutter sleeves and inset pockets. It’s the Birds of Paradise knit again from Girl Charlee.

Notice how I’m being good and sewing through my stash? Notice.

Art Gallery voile- dress in progress

Here’s my final dress for next months Hollywood Sewalong challenge. Did you catch my Sewalong muslin? This one didn’t go as well.

See how it’s just tossed up there on the mannequin, unfinished? That’s because I had a series of mishaps while sewing it. I’ll wait til next month to tell you more. Just know this: I’m cursed for sewing women’s wear. My ego is bruised, & I kind of want to punch this dress in the face. In fact, this may be the reason for my lack of motivation. I hate it when a project doesn’t go as planned. I usually pout for a few days.

I plan to sew along with the Simple Dress Challenge at Vintage Zest though. Simple sounds nice.


One last share. This post has taken me hours to write. That’s because I’m laying around catching up on Vampire Diaries as I write it. After that I’m gonna watch Dance Moms, and any other trash I feel like. I’m confessing because I don’t have anything to show on my blog for a bit; and I wanted you to know why.

Pretty much cuz I’m being a bum. I wish I could download some motivation. What do you guys do when you have zero urge to be productive?

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Amy of while wearing heels

    You and your posts make me smile. LOVE the bows. Love the outfits and doll clothes too.

    And, no lie, I broke my right arm when I was 6 the EXACT same way as your beautiful little girl. Crazy! I see some signatures on her cast. I loved having people sign my cast too.

  2. Rachel

    I find sewing in that mood ends in disaster. I make lists. lists and lists. and then some more lists. Sometimes that helps me out of my funk and a lot of times once I’m ready to start working again I throw them away and make a real list. lol. You’ve done a lot- hit up the reality tv!! Some one’s getting voted off something somewhere.
    Rachel recently posted…Matinee Peplum TourMy Profile

  3. Rebeccafaith

    HAHA! I knew I would love this post because I’m also very lazy and will find any excuse to avoid doing anything that requires effort, especially on a Monday. It’s like a built-in excuse to slack that I refuse to pass up. I love the Hollywood sewalong you’ve been doing, it has such a glamorous feel to it. Thanks for making me feel justified in my laid back (okay LAZY) ways. And Bella is one tough cookie! I hope that arm heals asap!
    Rebeccafaith recently posted…My Son Looks Like a Bum – Get Used to ItMy Profile

  4. Annie

    Wait, Bella broke her left arm last year and now she broke her right arm around the same time this year?? Poor girl! And this must be painful for you too!
    I know the frustration of sewing when things does not go the way you planned…I actually am sewing for myself right now too, and it is hard…I struggle getting the right fit, and I have already spent a few sleepless nights on it. I am just gonna put it aside for now, and sew something for my daughter…because little girls clothes are easier and she can make even a crap look good! I am thinking seeing a happy little girl will boost my ego ;) Your girly bow and skirts are so cute and I know the recipient will be so happy! Don’t think you are cursed…sewing woman’s wear is not easy!!
    Annie recently posted…Bat Girl Costume for Little MomoMy Profile

  5. Ajaire

    This whole post cracks me up. Well all except for the broken arm part! Yikes two arms in two years. Poor girl :( I did think I was going crazy though when you mentioned right arm and the pic had her left in the cast. And then I continued reading so that was cleared up :) I’m in a tiny sewing slump too. Mostly cause we went away for a few days and it was a marathon leading up to it. I’m sure I’ll be back at it by tomorrow :)
    Ajaire recently posted…Monthly MashUp (3) Bess Top and Lady SkaterMy Profile

  6. Cindy

    I indulge myself in the lack of motivation and enjoy procrastinating! Seriously though, it seems like when I force myself to do something I end up doing a crappy job and getting even more frustrated. Unless it’s something that has to be done, I say take a break and don’t feel guilty.:)

    Poor Bella! I hope her broken arm doesn’t slow her down too much. I love the doll clothes and gifts you’ve been making.
    Cindy recently posted…Pretty Frocks and a TopMy Profile

  7. Angie

    Not another broken arm!! Poor girl :(. I have to admit that I hade gotten extremely bad about writing blog posts. Instagram just makes it so much easier to share your stuff…

  8. Pam @Threading My Way

    When I don’t feel motivated in one area, I usually do something else. If it’s sewing and I’m not motivated due to a perceived fail, making something quite simple can get me back on track. If a sewing project is not working out, I’m better off totally ditching it, at least for a while.

    Looking at all those photos, you’ve made heaps of lovely things. The girlie girl is going to love the pink, pink skirt and accessories. I’ve never purchased anything from Girl Charlee, but I keep seeing gorgeous fabric others have bought. LOVE the fabric in the Faraway Downs dress… makes a super, cute outfit.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…Op Shopping ~ Fashionable or Not?My Profile

  9. Gina

    Sewing, like a lot of things, comes in waves. Sometimes you are super inspired and have ideas running out of your head and other times… Nothing!! You just need to ride it out and not beat yourself up over it. Or hire a team so the inspiration is passed around and not always up to you ;). By the way, you have the most awesome fabric! I love both the florals in this post and the sweet fabric you used for Bella’s outfit for Sewvivor took me to your blog and everything you have made since has kept me here :)! I can’t believe she broke her arm!!! Glad she is feeling better and up to going back to school today! Happy Monday!!!
    Gina recently posted…Friday FinishesMy Profile

  10. Mel

    I hear ya, we’ve been doing stuff around the house but I’ve made exactly 5 things this year. Oh well sometimes it’s better not to push it! Poor Bella 2 years in a row, that SUCKS!
    Mel recently posted…Me.LatelyMy Profile


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