My Current Project, McCalls 6638

My Current Project, McCalls 6638

I love to sit on my back porch, sip coffee, and work on this blog. Today I got all my chores and errands done early, and I have 2 glorious hours to do whatever I want. Lovely!

One of my errands for today was:

So, I decided to use my time to plan Bella’s Christmas dress. Of course, when she gets home from school I’ll have to run the design by her before I start cutting. If she doesn’t like it it’s back to the drawing board. But I think she’ll love it. Here’s the design:

Here is my McCalls 6638 pattern review & finished dress.

My uncle Mike comes over every Tuesday night for dinner. I forced him to subscribe to my blog against his will. If you’re reading Mikey, I hemmed your pants to 33″, and I’m making BLT’s for dinner. Maybe your favorite cake if I’m up to it.

Here is a big ole Oklahoma City Thunder bow. I made a way, way bigger one for Bella.

I have other Oklahoma City Thunder bows scattered about this site too.
If you’re tired of seeing OKC Thunder, you’re gonna be disappointed! We’re huge fans and it’s basketball season, so we get tons of orders.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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