My Style DeEvolution | Me Made May

My Style DeEvolution | Me Made May

I made another Seena Dolman Tee for Me Made May. It’s one of those projects that take less than an hour and I wear it a lot.

Fashion De-Evolution: How Farm Life Changed The Way I Dress

I wrote about this great pattern when I made my Hacci knit version; so today I want to talk about my style de-evolution. This month, I’ve been really thinking about how neccesity has changed my style this year. I told  you in my last post how I can’t do dresses anymore living on a farm. There are a whole lot of other other wardrobe changes too.


You see these boots? They have walked through fire and tramped through forests. I have another pair that’s equally beat up, and I’m trying to save the rest of my boots so they don’t become work boots too. But they all become work boots here, sooner or later.

Seena Dolman Tee for Me Made May | SewsNBows

My whole life I’ve always felt like accessories make the outfit. I’m a 90’s kid through and through, and I like big. Big earrings, big bags… Even in sweatpants I felt fabulous as long as I had some statement accessories…but none of that works now. Even my staple comfy knit dresses are off the table.

Seena Dolman Tee in bamboo jersey knit

I used to wear hundreds of bangles. (Well, tens of bangles.) I like the jingle when I move around. But bracelets get caught in brush when I’m clearing land. Big earrings don’t work  either; they’re a fire hazard. It can be really dangerous trying to be cute! So my jewelry sits sad and neglected until Sunday.

My Fashion De-Evolution Fir Ne Made May | SewsNBows

Small cross body bags are my new BFF. This bag is perfect to hold my phone while I’m driving the tractor. Things tend to fall out of pockets while mowing the pastures, and the cross body strap keeps it close to my body. I keep my debit card and license in there too. For a while I’d take my big purse when we went out, but I got annoyed and just carry this one lately. Now I wonder what I was doing with the enormous bags…traveling? What was I packing for? Guess I don’t need all that stuff.

Oatmeal Colored Stetson | SewsNBows

This photo makes me sad. You are looking at what used to be a pristine, oatmeal colored Stetson. In days of old, I wore this hat just to decorate my head. Now I know what they’re actually for. Sunglasses aren’t ideal when working outside because I get sweaty and they slip down. The hat is sun protection, plus more. When I mow and grass comes toward my face, I just angle the brim in the direction it’s coming from. Same thing  when smoke, wind, or ashes are coming at me. It’s like a hands-free shield.

Seena Dolman Tee for Me Made May| SewsNBows

What I need now is very simple clothing. Fabric can’t be wispy or tear easily. No bling or sequins or beads. Nothing that will blow around and get caught on something. Things that stain easily are not for me. Dual purpose is great; if I can wear it around town plus work in it- I’m thrilled. Ain’t nobody got time to change clothes all day! While I’m not happy about trading my signature style in for a more practical one, I do have one consolation.

Sewing For Me Made May, and Thoughts on Farm Fashion

Belts can be as big and gaudy as I want!! They don’t seem to get in the way at all, and they hold tools! Let me tell you, I have some big, ridiculous belts. And I will be wearing them to get my bling fix. I may have chicken poop on my boots, but an awesome belt sort of cancels that out.

How has your style changed over time, or by necessity?

Pattern: Seena Dolman Tee by Gracious Threads
Modifications: added 1″ to hem
Fabric: bamboo Rayon/cotton jersey (amazing btw) from Louseau

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Gina

    Seasons in life and where we live definitely effect what we wear!!! If it’s working for you then it’s gotta be good!!! Love your tee and all of your made by me looks you have been creating!!! Looks like you are sewing through your stash!!!!

  2. Pam @Threading My Way

    A great post, Amy and beautiful photos!!! Farm life agrees with you. My style has definitely changed over time. I haven’t owned a dress for years. It’s been jeans for a long time. I don’t think I’d be game to show a photo of me in my gardening clothes – not nearly as stylish as you.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…Drawstring Bag for Clothes Dividers…My Profile

  3. Helena

    Well, you can’t be cuter anyway, in your t-shirt, boots and hat! It is smart to sew for your lifestyle and I should be better at sticking to that. It feels so good to wear the clothes you make, so make sure they are wearable, right?

  4. Rachel

    Still looking cute :) I’ve been on a bit of a personal style rollercoaster for about 5 years now, I think it’s pretty much just part of life!
    Rachel recently posted…Sewing the Sally Dress for SpringMy Profile

  5. Victoria

    I love projects that take less than an hour, and I love the stripes!

    I’ve found that my style changes from setting to setting. Work is usually a blazer/nice shirt/nice bottoms. At home I love to throw on sweats/tees to lounge in. Weekends/date nights are usually jeans and a v-neck.

    Totally understand why your style has “devolved.” Farm life is definitely not the place for dresses and flip-flops!
    Victoria recently posted…Sewing | Seamwork Magazine’s Adelaide DressMy Profile

  6. Cindy

    I love everything about this post! And I think you’re still pretty stylish…even if there is chicken sh*t on your boots.;)

  7. Annie

    Great job matching the stripes! And though they may not be suitable for the farm work, I love those earrings! My style changed few years ago…being a mom and gaining in midsection forced me to wear more comfortable, loose fitting clothes. I live in big tunic tops+leggings these days, but sometimes bring out dresses on weekends. I do not see living out of tunics for a while ;o
    Annie recently posted…Floral Summer Dress for Me!My Profile

  8. Angela

    Great tee and great post Amy. For me, my style recently is being dictated by shoes. I am sick of wearing sh*”#%& shoes that hurt my feet and make me cranky. So yesterday I bought 2 PRS of really expensive sandals that feel AWESOME! They are cute and girly enough but cushy and sporty too. Good with simple skirts, shorts and Capri’s. Heaven.
    Angela recently posted…Upcycled & Hacked Aster CardiganMy Profile

  9. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Well, mystery solved. Cowboys, and girls, need their bling, and belts are the safe way to go. YOU! Will rock the belt bling! Your last photo is absolutely beautiful. Farm life clearly suits you.

    I totally hear you when you share that dresses just aren’t working for you right now. I can’t even water a hanging basket without ending up wet and muddy.
    Sue @ A Colourful Canvas recently posted…MY SPRING FOR COTTON DRESS : : VINTAGE NINETEEN TWENTIES INSPIREDMy Profile


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