Nice & Neon

Nice & Neon

By Amy Mayen

I read a ton of fashion blogs. I like to DRESS. (Most days.) I don’t do fashion posts here often. My blog is about sewing, and that’s what I prefer to write about. In fact I’ve only done one outfit post before, it was that embarrassing post I did to get the free glasses that every blogger & their mama got. The glasses are cute though, totally worth it. I digress.

I’m working on a big project right now. I’m sewing something for me!! Last time a tried making a grown up dress it was an epic fail, so I’m ready to avenge my sewing honor. The Draped Strapless Maxi Dress kicked my butt.

So, yeah. This is a fluff piece…hubby didn’t know he was supposed to take pictures of my jewelry, or not cut off my feet.

Lets see. Lime green tank top, Wal-Mart. Orange high-low sleeveless top, Daisy Exchange. Black ruched pencil skirt, Banana Republic.

Anyways, don’t take me too seriously. Here are some funny pics with my eyes shut. This is what almost every picture looked like!

Oh, and did you know? I’m never leaving the house without mascara again, and I do weird mouth expressions?

If you’re curious about what I’m working on, sometimes I show my WIPs on facebook.

I’ll see you tomorrow on Workroom Wednesday. I have a sad attempted craft, photoshop can’t help this one. You’ll love it.

About The Author

Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Buttons

    I am loving the neon too right now! And my husband is THE WORST at taking outfit photos for me (not that I do, much). I would be better off asking my 5 year old for help!
    Buttons recently posted…The Hot Toddies’ First Ever 7 Quick TakesMy Profile

  2. Tina

    I make funny faces in photos, too. Mostly unintended. I wonder if I can find all my old neon clothes from the 80’s???
    Tina recently posted…Total Couture Tuesday- TICT #4My Profile

  3. Katie

    Super cute Amy! I haven’t worn anything but “Flats” on my feet for so long, I would probably tumble over myself with the first step out in anything with an incline of more than 2 millimeters! Kudos! :)
    Dysfunction Junction
    Katie recently posted…New blog on the block! Featured postMy Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      You are never too old for neon!! :)

  4. Elena

    OM gosh, so cute! Love that polk-a-dot shirt! Just wanted to say thanks for the follow back on bloglovin’; really appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday :o)
    Elena recently posted…Wordless, who me?My Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      Aww, your little girl is so cute…I’d follow just to see her photos! I just want to squish her!

  5. Natashalh

    Yep! Neon! That shirt is just too much fun! Whenever I take pictures of myself for a post, I kind of just want to wear a paper bag over my head forever after seeing the results! I always have the dumbest expressions or a caught in the headlights look.
    Natashalh recently posted…Etsy Treasury Tuesday – Emerald MintMy Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      Maybe! I’m working on a skirt (for me) right now…but I’m not sure if it will fit since I forgot to add seam allowances :(

  6. Gina

    Ooooo, sewing for yourself?! Can’t wait to see what you have stitched up!!

    • Amy Mayen

      It’s a skirt..I’m dying to show you but I’m not near finished!

  7. Jennifer Lachman

    I haven’t gotten brave enough to put pictures of myself on my blog yet, but I am planning to make myself a pair of Capri’s this summer so I am going to have to gather up some courage. You look great. I love the colors.
    Jennifer Lachman recently posted…KCW Day One: Jack Frost Hoodie ProgressMy Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      I can’t wait to see your capris! It’s nerve racking getting your picture taken…even worse publishing them! But I don’t think I’ll be nervous next time!

  8. Rachel

    I make ridiculous faces in pictures….Ahh Neon I said I wouldn’t, but it is really growing on me!
    Rachel recently posted…KCWC Day 2 Skinny Tee RemixMy Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      I’m loving all the 90s stuff right now..


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