One Hour Wicked Witch Costume

One Hour Wicked Witch Costume

Today, I’m finally showing my one hour Wicked Witch costume! It was a long road figuring out how to make Bella’s costume, but I’m sharing it it hopes that my trials, errors, and frustrations can help someone else.

When she told me she wanted to be a witch, I was so excited. I thought I’d do an easy tutu costume, complete with glitter and frills. But I’m starting to realize my glittery frill days are over. My hopes of a simple costume were dashed when my daughter told me she wanted to be Theodora from Oz The Great And Powerful.

I knew I didn’t want to make a boned corset, because that would take a couple days; and I had no idea how to construct the crazy shoulders. I started with a princess seam bodice pattern, but quickly realized that it wouldn’t work for the swimsuit fabric I chose. I had to draft my own pattern. Err, sort of completely modify an existing one.

If you read regularly, you know that I’d much rather use a pattern where everything has already been figured out for me. Being spontaneous isn’t my strength. So I was already out of my comfort zone. I had never used swimsuit fabric before, and please believe me when I tell you how incredibly much I hate it. Seething, bitter hatred.

I used the proper needle, bought a walking foot, played with the tension….I’d rather stand in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles than ever use it again. That’s why I made the bodice all one piece. There are 3 seams in this faux corset- the center back and sleeves.

I drafted the spiked shoulders by making a sort of capped sleeve. I cut them on fold; and the plan was to sew a thin casing and insert wire.

Unfortunately for me, “the plan” sucked. My cheapo depot sewing machine decided casings were definitely not going to happen. This is when I wanted to take the stupid thing outside and burn it. The Sewing For Children community on g+ saved my life though, they kept me motivated and had millions of ideas to make this disaster work. (Thank you ladies, I love you!) The final sleeve pattern draft ended up being 3 longer, wider spikes instead of all the smaller spikes above. I was so “over” this costume by this point. I ended up hot glueing the wire in between the fabric layers. That’s when I realized hot glue adheres to this fabric without compromising the stretch or looking bulgy. That was all she wrote!

I hot glued the leather strips on, then the lace in the front, then some ostrich and “crow” feathers at the shoulders. I was careful at the neck and hem to make sure my “corset” would still pull over Bella’s head. Since I spent about 2 days drafting and attempting to sew this costume, then gave up and glued most of it together in 20 minutes; I didn’t even make an underdress. I sewed a jersey skirt and attached it to a black tank top. While I was on a roll; I sewed 2 tubes for the fingerless gloves, cut a thumb hole in each, and hand stitched the finger openings. Done!

So I’ve told you how to make a one hour Wicked Witch costume; now I’ll show you the photos! First, let me set the scene for my photos.

Bella is battling the Wicked Witch. (This is what it looks like in her imagination.) Pardon the shoddy photoshop job.

As a sewist, I’m ashamed of gluing this costume together. The whole thing hurt my pride a little. But I admit that as a mom, I’m proud of how the costume looks, and that my oh so picky child loves it too.

I like how the light shines through her hat in this photo. It’s sort of wicked!

While watching Bella go toe to toe with her imaginary foe, I realize that my little girl can out-witch Mila Kunis any day.

So I’ll close this post as a sewing fail, but a costume win. And big time mommy points!

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. palak

    This costume is amazing! I’m with everyone else– your daughter looks simply thrilled.
    palak recently posted…Icon Wall Stickers ReviewMy Profile

  2. made by ChrissieD

    Why she looks just incredible. That fabric is a nightmare to work with so don’t give up on your walking foot just yet! Dropped by from Crafts a la Mode :)

  3. Cindy

    The costume turned out fabulous, Amy! She most definitely looks like Theodora.:)
    Cindy recently posted…Meridian JacketMy Profile

  4. Annie

    Sounds like this project has given you so much troubles, but it turned out great! Great looking costume, a happy child, and fantastic photos…you got all you need for Halloween! ;) I like the feather and fur added to the shoulders, and the ruffles on the hat!
    Annie recently posted…DIY Tiana CrownMy Profile

  5. Meg Jewell

    To answer your comment to me about a post on sewing lycra – I agree with Pam. It’s not you. I can tell you sew great. IT”S YOUR SEWING MACHINE. You need a pressie from Santa.
    Meg Jewell recently posted…Sewing Labels You Have to See . . .My Profile

  6. Amy of while wearing heels

    Wow. That turned out so well. I am sure even using glue in some places this will impress teachers and friends and parents. It already impressed you readers. I love the feathers you added. I am also grateful I still have a few years of frilly tutus in my future :)
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Whoooo Made a New Pillow?My Profile

  7. Joe

    Wow Amy, Great Job on the Costume. I was wondering how you were going to do the shoulders but they turned out perfect for you! Bella looks like she’s REALLY enjoying roll playing the part. Great Photo’s. If I don’t touch base with you before then, Happy Halloween ; )
    Joe recently posted…Done! My Profile

  8. Rachel

    WIN. Seriously any child/tween that pleased with something you make is a WIN. Looks great and hot glueing is totally allowed on Halloween costumes. She looks awesome!
    Rachel recently posted…Rabbit Rabbit Ballet TopMy Profile

  9. Meg Jewell

    First prize for fabulous Halloween kid picture, and I mean it! Victory!!! Worth all your sewing fits, plus some! Congratulations Amy, you did it! Ha Ha, how ya gonna top it next year?
    Meg Jewell recently posted…Leotards for an American GirlMy Profile

  10. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Fan-freakin’-tastic job on this witch outfit!!! Bella looks fabulous! I used to sew with lycra all the time, and loved it. If you can find some old Stretch and Sew patterns, and better yet, and instruction book, you will learn so many techniques. I’ve got a mini stack of bathing suit fabric waiting to be sewn up now.
    Sue @ A Colourful Canvas recently posted…London Fog…My Profile

  11. Buttons

    This turned out awesome, and you can tell that she loves it! She looks so happy! Sometimes when I feel hopeless about O’s Halloween costumes (which is the only sewing I’ve really done for her), I just have to show her and see how excited she is about it and remember that she is not a crazy person like I am and that she is probably going to love it, even if it’s mostly hot glued and looks nothing like what I imagined it would in my head….Now I need to go watch the new Oz movie. We haven’t seen it yet!
    Buttons recently posted…Stitches Vow Renewal (DUN DUN DUN)My Profile

  12. Gina

    I think you did an awesome job!! The costume rocks!! If you hadn’t told me you glued the costume I would think it was sewn. Doesn’t matter what it is held together with.those pics of Bella are pretty priceless. I think you are a Halloween costume expert!!!! And would have you make my kids’ costumes any time :)
    Gina recently posted…Flashback Friday: Back When Pokemon was Popular at our HouseMy Profile

  13. Pam @Threading My Way

    AWESOME, Amy, simply AWESOME!!! The photos say it all… your daughter is over the moon and for a tween, that’s the biggest compliment you can get. OK, so it didn’t go according to plan. Kudos to you for admitting defeat on the sewing front and for thinking outside the square in your change of plans. Maybe one day, when you upgrade machines, you’ll master sewing swimming costume fabric… NO!!! I can hear you yelling at me from the other side of the world. Having sewn dancing costumes, for more years than I care to remember, lycra fabric is NOT easy and there were tears on my part on many occasions. Fear of having my daughter on stage in a dancing costume that was different to everyone else’s made me master the skills. Perhaps ‘master’ is not overly accurate… the costumes looked the same and held together.. no one checked the stitching. Congratulations on a FABULOUS outfit and one your daughter will remember, probably forever.


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