New Year, Same Me | Sewing Goals

New Year, Same Asshole

I’m not making “resolutions” for 2016. Resolution means you are resolved and determined to do something. I’m just not that motivated, and I have commitment issues. But I do have a few sewing goals I’d like to aspire to, as well as blog ideas and gardening plans and…well; here’s the list!

No Motivation

Sewing Goals:

Brother CoverPro

Learn My Coverstitch: Get really familiar with my new Brother 2340 CV. (Amazon affiliate link*)

Textile Design: I’d like to learn about digital textile design, as well as experiment with fabric dye and techniques.

Tackle Fit Issues & Pattern Alterations:  Make friends with the FBA, swayback, and several other adjustments for women’s wear. Cuz I have a lot of fit issues.

Conscience Spending: Continue sewing through my stash and only making necessary purchases.

Blogging Goals:

I Don't Do New Years Resolutions

Site Redesign: I don’t like the colors of my header and sidebar items. Why did I choose circus colors?! I’ll probably keep the header but shift to a more calming color scheme.

Social Media: The SewsNBows Facebook page is seriously neglected. I need to do a better job promoting my posts within sewing groups, too. I’m not super committed because social media is so consuming; we’ll see. Balance and time management are key.

Etsy: Research marketing tips and other platforms for selling. My shop sales aren’t that good, I can market myself more productively.

Life Goals:

Say It Again

Gardening: Plan my garden well. I want to grow what we eat, then can it and eat it all year. 2 of my uncles also grow vegetables. If we each grow a couple of staple items, we could really stock our pantries and theoretically do less work. Perhaps 2 or 3 large gardens will be easier than 10 small ones?

Health: Move more, eat better. Blah blah. Living healthy is gross and annoying, but health problems would suck worse. I kind of want a Fitbit. Or someone to constantly slap the donut out of my hand.

Organization: Continue purging unneeded items, and refrain from impulse buying.

Financial: Keep saving money to build a house. Also watch for investment ops in commercial property. There’s an imminent housing boom coming… Dreaming here, but a future nail shop/boutique with my sister would be so awesome. Reality though; even if we just sat on a commercial property, the value should skyrocket for resell.


Priorities: I don’t want to miss out any of life’s moments because I’m doing something on this list. I gotta be in the moment with my family. (And less addicted to Pinterest.)

Those are my very loose plans for 2016. What are your New Years resolutions? Did you eat yummy food for the holidays? I’d love to know!

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2015 Recap

This year was full of excitement, change, and fulfillment. I wasn’t going to write a 2015 recap but after reading some of my blog friends’ final posts for the year, I started reflecting. I realized that this year was huge for my family, and I accomplished a lot of my blogging goals too.

Front Porch View | Country Living

If you’ve followed my blog this year, you know we bought a farm and moved away from the city. Change is scary, but there are zero regrets! Everything this year has been an adventure.

All the change pushed us to try new things and be more adventurous. I started sewing a lot more women’s wear and stopped being so self conscience and camera shy. My tomboy daughter started cheerleading and absolutely LOVES it. She takes care of our animals like a pro. Hubby now owns a few pairs of overalls…and looks like he’s driven tractors his entire life. I feel like we’ve changed a lot, and in a good way.

Blog-wise, I wrote more tutorials this year and finally stocked my Etsy shop. I took nicer photos and took the time to sew things less hastily. I spent less than $100 on fabric and notions the entire year, purged much of my stash, and became very judicious with purchases (in all areas of life). I got my first paid posts, signed up with some ad networks, and started earning some legitimate income. I also just got my first blog sponsor…news about that coming soon!

My new coverstitch!!!

And look what I got for Christmas- my coverstitch machine!! I’ve wanted it for several years but didn’t think my sewing skills justified it until now. It’s still sitting there taunting me…I haven’t worked my way through the manual yet. I’ll be doing some awesome things with this machine soon.

Anyhow, here are my favorite posts for 2015. Click the image to read the post!

Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

^My best flat lay photos

DIY Wooden Toddler Chair Makeover

^This post didn’t get much love, but I adore that chair.

Free Cardigan Sewing Pattern

^Most awesome free pattern ever.

Best Loungewear Sewing Patterns For Tweens

^One of my most popular posts

Easy Sew: Fall/Winter Dress For Girls

^Aesthetically, my favorite outfit I made for my niece.

Simple T-Shirt Sewing

^The most worn (to death) garment I’ve ever made

Vintage Dress by SewsNBows

^Vintage fabric love! Theres the chair again, too.

Simplicity 1474

^Because the bare feet.

Rash Guard & Boy Shorts

^Learning new things! Bella never wants a store bought swimsuit again.

Jalie 3245

^Most used pattern. Ever.

Happy Holidays!

We still have family in town, but I’ll be getting back to business in a few days. Currently we are in the second day of a very consuming checkers tournament. I love you all; Happy New Years!

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5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

I found the perfect sewing project to close the year with: the 5-Way Wrap from Indygo Junction.

5-Way Wrap | Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

This is probably my favorite garment I’ve made all year. I’m freakin’ devastated that it was promised to my sister in law. If that heifer doesn’t wear it, I will repo this cardi-jacket. I’m in love with it and plan to make several more.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

The 5-Way Wrap pattern is from Indygo Junction. This was my first time using one of Amy Barickman’s patterns and I’m very pleased. It came in a pattern sized ziplock baggie with the tissue paper pattern tucked neatly between the cover photo front and fabric requirements and stats for the back. Instructions were included in a one page folded booklet, printed on nice sturdy paper. The instructions and illustrations are more than satisfactory, although this is a pretty simple sew.

Fringe Jacket Detail with Decorative Ladder Stitch

I simplified this project further by using a decorative ladder stitch and fringing the edges, rather than using bias binding. I love fringe all the time…but it’s really appropriate for this southwestern print.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

I did use self made bias binding for the armholes. It’s a little thick with the fabric I used…either cotton or poly blended something or another. The fabric is loosely woven like a serape blanket, but much softer and drapier for apparel. One side is a bit softer than the other, like wool. Maybe its wool…I should’ve read the bolt!

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

I’m enamoured with the fabric, whatever it is. The pattern calls for 2 sided fleece, flannel, wool, or linen. I’m pretty sure I need to make a red plaid flannel version, and an earth tone fleece next. I’m also curious about trying a stable sweater knit. Double sided is key since the insides will show.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

My favorite thing about the 5-Way Wrap pattern is that it’s going to be in season most of the year. Obviously it’s great for fall and winter, but in Oklahoma this little number is going to be great all the time. I really can’t have too many ponchos and wraps around here!

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

This pattern comes in S/M and L/XL. I made the larger size. Most of the women’s patterns at Indygo Junction are suitable for plus sizes, and the newer patterns size up to 3XL. Another plus: they are available in PDF or paper format.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

And now I’m just being vain with all these pictures. I guess you can tell that I really love the 5-Way Wrap! (I have more pictures on Facebook and Instagram.) I highly reccomend this pattern for a quick sew that will get a ton of use. I wouldn’t plan to make it as a gift…because it’s really painful to give one away ;)

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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Boho T-Shirt Refashion | Tutorial

This sewing tutorial is for an easy boho top refashion. It takes less than an hour, including seam ripping! We will be opening the side seams and adding a triangle of fabric there. This will give you a looser fitting, flowy top. It’s a trendy way to update your wardrobe.

Easy Boho T-shirt Refashion (sewing tutorial)

Boho T-Shirt Refashion

Boho T-shirt Refashion | Sewing Tutorial

First we start by seam ripping. Sigh. Nobody likes seam ripping, but we gotta do it. I kept my shirt in my bag and worked on it while waiting to pick up my daughter from school. Seam rip your bottom hem and remove all the thread, as shown above.

Easy Boho T-shirt Refashion Sewing Tutorial

Now seam rip the side seams, all the way up to the armpit where the sleeve starts. Don’t rip into your sleeve seam.

Refashioned top- shoulder detail

Choose coordinating fabric for your triangle inserts. You can use a knit (stretchy) or woven (not stretchy) but it needs to be soft and drapey. The wrong fabric will make your top bulky and gross. I used peach skin fabric from Girl Charlee, which is light and flowy but easy to work with. Doesn’t it match the shoulder details perfectly?!

Easy Boho T-shirt Refashion (sewing tutorial)

Cut your fabric triangles to match the top. Measure your shirts side seam and add 5″ to get the triangle length. The width can be as wide or narrow as you like. For reference, my fabric was cut about 8″ across the bottom. I free-handed mine and ended up with a rounded triangle…don’t do that:) Measure it out and make a template for a really clean cut.

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Pin your insert fabric and the side seam of your top, right sides together. Begin with a back-stitch in the armpit seam, then sew a straight line down to the hem. (You’ll have extra fabric on bottom.)

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Carefully match your starting point to sew the next seam. Position your needle right where you back stitched before.

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Cut your excess fabric into a v-shape to create a handkerchief style hem. Press and stitch. Voilà!

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

I’ve been getting creative with my wardrobe since I started my winter fluffing. It’s an epic battle to pull my jeans on every morning. At least I have some tops that don’t choke me:) Now you can make your own boho t-shirt refashion too!

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

I hope you’re all having a great Christmas season. We have done some painting inside, hung lights, and the tree is gorgeous. I’m so excited for our first Christmas in this house! I’m hoping to get all my siblings under one roof this year. That’s my wish, what’s yours?

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

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Easy Top Refashion For Fluffy Girls

I have a holiday tradition that I’ve honored for many years. I like to eat food. Not just on the holidays; but the entire winter season. I find it easier to stay warm with a bit of extra fluff, so I eat pie and my body instinctively knows what to do with it.

Easy Top Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

I know not everyone can gain weight as easily as me, and I’m not trying to brag. If you aren’t highly experienced picking up extra weight this time of year, eating sweets alone may not work. You should  add long periods of inactivity to your regime, and carbs of any sort can be beneficial as long as you don’t use moderation.

Easy Top Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

The flaw in my annual “fluffing” is that my clothes begins to cling. I like my clothing to flow rather than suffocate me. Here’s a quick refashion I made to an existing top to add a little….girth.

Easy Top Refashion For Fluffy Girls

Easy Top Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

You may notice I didn’t iron. I’m so committed that I didn’t want to burn any unnecessary calories.

T-Shirt Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

You also might notice above that my jeans are practically cutting off my circulation. I assure you that most of you can get these results with a little dedication and practice.

Easy Top Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

I like how this top turned out. Boho style is in full swing this season, which is lucky for me. (I dress sort of shabby and eclectic even when it’s not in style:) This is a cute wardrobe hack no matter how fluffy you aren’t.

T-Shirt Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

I may write a sewing tutorial for this easy top refashion soon. Many of you will be able to split the side seam and add triangle inserts without a tutorial. I’ll try to get some construction photos to make it even easier. In the meantime, check out my pattern hack to make a flowy top from scratch. You’ll find lots of refashion inspiration on my Clothing Upcycles board on Pinterest, too!


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