Alex & Anna Winter PJs in Stenzo Jersey Knit

Today we welcome back the star of SewsNBows: Sofie! She’s modeling her Alex & Anna Winter PJs. Tomorrow is the last day to get your 15% discount from L’Ouseau Fabric, so your promo code at the bottom of the post:)

Girls Pajamas in Bus It! Stenzo Jersey Knit

I’ve been showcasing L’Ouseau Fabric with pajamas specially made for each of my little loves. Last week I shared Julian’s Harley Davidson loungewear, and Evan in Moto style pjs.

Alex & Anna Winter PJs | SewsNBows

Sof likes anything girly and pretty. Her pjs were the easiest to make, probably because I sew for her more than any other kid.

Don’t mind the makeup y’all. Aunts get to things that we can’t as moms. It’s the privilege of being an aunt, breaking the rules. And as an aunt I can’t really get fired for feeding her cream cheese for lunch or letting her roll in a mud puddle…so I take full advantage.

Alex & Anna Winter PJs | SewsNBows

Alex & Anna Winter PJs by Peekaboo Patterns*

Bus It! Cotton Jersey Stenzo Knit from L’Ouseau

Alex & Anna Winter PJs | SewsNBows

Sofie’s pjs have 2 layers of elastic ruffles sewn on the sleeve and ankle hems. I shortened the sleeve to elbow length, and made the pants without the cuff. Nothing fancy here, but the elastic ruffles sure are fun to sew with.

Alex & Anna Winter PJs | sewsNBows

Alex & Anna Winter PJs from Peekaboo Patterns

The top and bottom double as a skinny tee and leggings, they don’t have to be pajamas! It’s a quick sew, and a highly customizable pattern. Size range is 6 months – 8 years. See my boys verion here. It’s a great addition to your pattern stash.

Bus It! Stenzo Jersey Knit from L'Ouseau

This fabric is one of my all time faves. I love Stenzo jersey knits from L’Ouseau. I use it a lot for kids clothes because of the great stretch recovery and fade resistance. And the cute prints, of course!

Alex & Anna Winter PJs pattern | SewsNBows

Use promo code SEWSNBOWS For a 15% discount at L’Ouseau Fabrics. Sale ends tomorrow, so don’t miss out!


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Alex & Anna Winter PJs : Moto Style

My nephew Evan is modeling the Alex & Anna Winter PJs pattern from Peekaboo in Stenzo jersey knit. Scroll down for a promo code for 15% off L’Ouseau Fabrics!

Alex & Anna Winter PJs pattern in L'Ouseau fabric

These are in a brightly colored elephant print and the same black and gray stripes in his brother’s Harley Davidson Loungewear.

Alex & Anna Winter PJs in L'Ouseau fabric

I love this pattern and think it’s great for sleeping and playing. Alex & Anna Winter PJs* will also work as thermal underwear underneath winter clothing.

Skinny fit boys tee in elephant Stenzo knit

Older boys may not like the body hugging style of the pants for playing outside; but my Evan is 5 and shameless! Girls should have no trouble wearing this pattern across the entire size range. Pajamas are meant to be slept in…but I’d be lying if I said we didn’t lounge around in ours all day here.

Moto Style Patches in kids pjs

I wanted Moto style patches on the inner leg, but they ended up on the outer part. Evan didn’t notice, and I didn’t tell him :) This would’ve been a deal breaker for my older brats, but I think Evan would wear anything I made with a smile in his face.

L'Ouseau Stenzo Knit Pajamas

Out of all the kids, this guy was the most excited to choose his fabric. He waited anxiously for the package to arrive each day. In fact, he calls these pjs “his fabric”.

“Mama, did you wash my fabric? I need to wear my fabric.”

L'Ouseau fabric

The pajamas you are looking at have already been washed about a dozen times. They’re as bright as the day I made them.

L’Ouseau Fabrics is offering SewsNBows readers a 15% discount through October 13th. I’m absolutely ruined for knit fabric from anywhere else. Use promo code SEWSNBOWS and try some today. Ask for swatches of the French terry too!


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Harley Davidson Loungewear For Boys

My nephew Julian is here to show us how to rock L’Ouseau fabric: Harley Davidson Style!

Hangout Hoodie: Harley Davidson Style

Last month I made my niece and each nephew a pair of pajamas. My goal was to sew them each something that matches their unique personalities. I let each kid choose fabric from L’Ouseau. Julian selected the softest, stretchiest bamboo rayon/cotton; and I don’t have to worry about fading or pilling.

Hangout Hoodie + Active Classics Everyday Knit Pants : Harley Davidson Loungewear For Boys!

Julian doesn’t ask me to make him things, and you know the squeakiest wheel (Sofie!) always gets the oil.

He likes the black and gray stripe. He’s too cool for characters or anything cutesy. I wanted his “pajamas” to be really special, so I tried to make separates that could be worn as for playing or sleeping.

Harley Davidson Loungewear For Boys

Active Classics Everyday Knit Pants from GingerBaby Patterns

His pants are Active Classics Everyday Knit Pants From GingerBaby Patterns. I omitted the ankle cuff and tapered the length back to the hem for a straight leg version.

I made him another pair this summer, so I know the fit is great. I endorse the heck out of this pattern. I like to stick with tried and true sewing for this kid.

Honestly, Julian is as picky as most teenagers, with a really fierce sense of fashion. He’s more particular about matching  and being on trend than the rest of my crew.

Boys Hangout Hoodie from Peekaboo Patterns | SewsNBows

Also tried and true: the Hangout Hoodie by Peekaboo Patterns. Last time I made a “secret zip-pocket” version for him.

This time I added some Harley Davidson hardware to the neckline. This is a bootlace plate. Harley boots usually come with an extra set; so I have another one too:) I’m feeling very clever because the placket is exactly the width of the plate.

Harley Davidson Bootlace Plate as a Clothing Embellishment!

The Hangout Hoodie pattern* goes up to size 10. It’s a roomy design, so I knew it would still fit well. I ended up needing to add a little length to the bottom (big surprise, he’s my linebacker) so I added a 2″ banded hem. I ran out of striped fabric and had to cut on the cross grain.

This striped fabric is a bamboo Rayon/cotton jersey. It has plenty of stretch in both directions, so it was nice to be able to eek out some extra length. It feels so nice too.

Hangout Hoodie + L'Ouseau Fabric | Harley Davidson Loungewear

Michelle from L’Ouseau Fabric is offering a 15% discount for SewsNBows readers through the 13th of October.

Use coupon code SEWSNBOWS at checkout to take advantage of a great deal and try the best knit fabrics around.

Shop L’Ouseau Fabrics

Harley Davidson loungewear in Louseau Knits

P.S. Interesting facts about Julian- because I don’t get to brag about him much here:

I call him Bean, because he has a perfect little Lima bean shaped head with just the right amount of tiny freckles across his nose.

He is double jointed and loves to creep me out by twisting his wrists, elbows, and shoulders around into weird, unnatural positions. Below, it looks like I photoshopped his head on backwards! Super freaky/awesome!

Hangout Hoodie | SewxNBows


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Sunki Dress Pattern from Figgy’s (tween sizing!)

The Sunki Dress pattern has grown up! It’s now available in tween sizes; and you can get yours as a bonus pattern in the Tween Pattern Parcel #5.

Sunki Dress pattern: Tween Pattern Parcel #5

I think I’m the biggest Sunki Dress pattern fan on the planet. I made 2 for my niece last year, and it’s just as cute on toddlers as it is on big girls.

Sunki Dress pattern from Figgy's- with new tween sizing!

Just like my 80’s Sunki Dress, I used faux leather for the inserts and added a back yoke for a fun twist. Bella’s dress has a narrower yoke with a bit of a curve.

Leather yoke: tween Sunki Dress pattern flip | SewsNBows

I also used the Sunki dress pattern to make a bitty denim and lace version.

Perfect Pattern Parcel #5: Sunki Dress pattern from Figgy's

The Perfect Pattern Parcel #5 sale includes the little girl and tween sizes, so it will go from pre-k to pre-tween. (And beyond!)

Sunki Dress pattern from Figgy's with new tween sizing | SewsNBows

I was excited to find out I get to make this dress for my uber cool tween daughter. I knew the style would be suitable for her fashion aesthetic, because it’s not frilly with just the right amount of edge. It’s kind of hard to get her in a dress, y’all.

Tween Sunki Dress | SewsNBows

I’m pretty sure I’ll be making another one. They can easily be made in knit, which is a huge bonus. It’s actually designed a little short, as sort of a dress/tunic hybrid to be worn with leggings. My brat is kind of short so she can totally wear it as a dress until it gets chillier.

Figgy's Sunki Dress pattern | SewsNBows

I used a herringbone wool in grey, and it highly recommend a lining for this type of fabric.

Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win!

I’ve really enjoyed sewing from this Pattern Parcel, including my Everyday Yoga Pants & Asymmetrical Drape Top. Tell me, what’s your favorite pattern from the parcel? Click below to purchase, and set your own price!

Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win

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The Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66

I did some sightseeing this weekend and wanted to give you a tour of the Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66. You can see more photos and read about the Big Round Barn’s history at The old photos and restoration process are beautiful.

Tour of The Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66photo credit to Arcadia Historical Society

We’ve listed our house in the city and the place we want is minutes from here. We got an offer this weekend and we went for a Sunday drive to mull it over. I’ll tell you about while I show you iPhone pics of some interesting things at The Big Round Barn.

Katy Railroad baggage wagon, found in the Katy Depot on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma

Katy Railroad baggage wagon, found in the Katy Depot on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma

It’s really scary to sell our house without being sure that we’ll get the farm we want. There will be a period of time in between selling our house and buying our new house where I’m not sure where we’ll live.

Antique Corn Sheller : The a Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66

Sometimes I wonder if we’re crazy to uproot our lives. Construction is heading this direction, so it makes sense financially.  We’ve been feeling like we want a slower, simpler life. Tired of the hustle and bustle.

John Deere horse breaking plow at The Big Round Barn on historic Route 66

I can’t wait for my little girl to be in a classroom with 15 kids or less.

Horse Drawn Potato Planter at the Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66

And you know, the airs smells different outside the city. It’s so fresh and clean! I’m also trying to be funny; because I’m about to show you photos of a restored outhouse.

Outhouse, originally on Main Street in Arcadia Oklahoma

Outhouse, originally on a Main Street in Arcadia

Outhouse at The Big Round Barn on Route 66

Now we climb upstairs and go inside The Big Round Barn. This is the ceiling:

Ceiling of The Big Round Barn in Arcadia, Ok

Hubby had to sit down and admire that for a minute.

Admiring The Big Round Barn on Route 66

As a craftsman, you’d have to appreciate how it was constructed. Green wood was soaked and placed into special jigs at the sawmill that was built just for putting up this barn.

Loft area of the Big Round Barn

It reminds me of the old adage, “Anything worth having is worth waiting for.”

View of Route 66 from The Big Round Barn in Arcadia

View of Route 66 from The Big Round Barn in Arcadia

Anything worth having is also worth working for.


one of the original saw blades that built the Big Round Barn

Here is a framed photo of the Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66 before the restoration:

Framed photo of The Big Round Barn before restoration

I’m so glad someone thought it was important and beautiful. I still have the downstairs museum and gift shop to show you, but I’ll save it for another day. It’s been harder to sew lately, and I might need an excuse to come say hello if I have to pack up my sewing machine.

Until next time!

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