Sewing Splurges: My Wish List

A list of sewing splurges I can’t live without. Er…you! You can’t live without:)

Sewing Splurges You Can't Live Without

I’ve been itching to shop. Fabric…especially fabric.

*Silent tears*

I’m pretty sure that once we get this farm income rolling, I’m gonna be swiping visa so hard I’ll dislocate a shoulder. My budget doesn’t agree with my wishlists right now, but these are some things I’ve had my eye on. These are Amazon affiliate links, and you can click on the images to read about the items.



Janome Cover Pro Coverstitch Machine

I have been wanting a Coverstitch machine for about a year. I wouldn’t mind the affordable Brother version either, but I hear Janome makes a really nice one.


Rowena Pro-Master Steam Iron

Sure, my iron works, but it’s boring. This Rowena is so fancy. Look how pointy the tip is. I like a narrow point for collar tips and button plackets.


Merchant & Mills 8″ Tailor’s Shears

These shears could double as a murder weapon. I’ve been drooling over this sexy, left-handed pair.


Collapsible Shoulder Dress Form

I’m pretty sure this dress form wants to come live with me. This is similar to the dressform I used in college; with collapsible shoulders for easy off and on. The steel cage on bottom makes hem marking a breeze. It’s fully pinnable (that’s a must) and all the seams you need for easily marking a muslin.


Fabulous Fit Dressform System


I’ve been reading about this Fabulous Fit dressform system. You can add cup size and butt to your dressform for a more accurate fit. Then you pull a stretchy cover over the pads. I don’t see a stomach pad, which is a drawback…but it I could get the boobs right I’ll be happy.


Madeira Teak Treasure Chest

This is is a gorgeous teak box made for storing threads. I think I just want it because it’s expensive, I’m not sure. But I would love a beautiful, pinterest worthy sewing room someday, and this would be a perfect addition!

Gingher Retractable Blade Seam Ripper

A Gingher retractable blade seam ripper won’t break the bank, and they are nice. I had one of these but I gave it to a dear friend; because it felt wrong in my left hand. I know its supposed to be ambidextrous but I disagree; and think Gingher should make one just for me.


24″ Maxi Wall Unit Ribbon Organizer


I need about a dozen of these ribbon holders. I actually think hubby could make me some with dowels and just do several rows the length of my wall. Or maybe he could just build me a room for ribbon and fabric. Either way.


PGM Pattern Hooks

Pattern hooks are a smart, affordable addition to a sewing space; especially if you are making patterns, tracing them off, or making frequent adjustments. You can hang all your patterns in a closet and it’s nice and tidy. Ive been meaning to order some forever…it’s not really a splurge but something I kinda need right now.

When I can’t shop, I like to fill an online shopping cart and pretend shop. It must be a sickness. What would you add to the list of sewing splurges?

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Cheer Bows For Team Spirit

I haven’t had much time to sew lately; I’ve been making bows for the cheerleaders in town. The middle school girls needed  basic cheer bows.

Red & Black basic cheer bow with silver trim | SewsNBows

Basic Cheer Bows

These were fun to embellish. I made a dozen for the squad, as busy and loud as I could while adhering to strict size requirements. Size requirements are against my religeon. The bigger the bow, the closer to God!  I love how these cheer bows turned out, but it’s no secret I like BIG monster bows.

Spikey Triple Loop Cheer Bow

Nope, not monster enough.

OTT wild Boutique Style Cheer Bow

That’s better.

Soon after I  finished the middle school; Bella’s cheer coach asked me if I could make some bows for the 5th and 6th grade teams. I was really excited because she told me she prefers big bows. I started playing around with ribbon…

Double Wide Cheer Bow with Ric Rac Embellishment

I experimented with using 3″ wide ribbon (instead of 1″) but using the same length and technique as the basic cheer bows.

I used quantam physics to make these bows as enormous as possible while ensuring that they don’t wobble or flop around. I call it a double wide cheer bow. (Yeah…it needs a better name.)

They sit on top of the highest ponytail one can muster, and it sort of reminds me of Alice In Wonderland. I’ll try for a photo on a real person soon, so you can see how they sit on the head.

Double Wide Cheer Bow With Hot Fix Swarvoski Crystals

After the size was determined, I messed around with Swarovski crystals. I used my hot fix tool to apply them. I upgraded to this one. (Amazon links, for you blingylicious babes.)

Blinged Out Double Wide Cheer Bow

This is the final design. The letter B is a peel and stick applique. I’m testing to see how well it holds up with weekly wear before I add them to our team bows. I hope it behaves because it really adds a nice sparkle that I couldn’t capture on camera.

I’ll make a tutorial really soon. It’s a very easy bow to make and doesn’t require any folding techniques. It isn’t cheap, because it used the wider ribbon in 2 colors, accent ribbon, and a trim detail. But not too difficult; I think you’ll love making them!

Shop 5 Stars for $5 at Interweave Store

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Mini Rainbow Boutique Bow

A mini rainbow boutique bow for Katy! It’s a blogland birthday party and the theme is all the colors of the rainbow:)

Mini Rainbow Boutique Bow | A Rainbow For Katy

Katy from No Big Dill is celebrating her birthday and you’re all invited.

A Rainbow For Katy

Audrey from Skirt Fixation organized this fun party. The idea is to blow up the Internet with all things rainbow today; and let Katy know she is loved. Read all about it here: A Rainbow For Katy.

If you have a rainbow project, share it with Katy on Instagram by tagging her @nobigdillkaty and use the hashtag #aRainbowForKaty.

Want to see more rainbow projects? Here’s the Rainbow For Katy Pinterest board. Enjoy!

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Where To Buy Swim Wear Patterns Online

Wondering where to buy swim wear patterns online? Look no further, these shops have you covered! Buying ill fitting swimsuits is for the birds, let’s make our own!

Where To Buy Swim Wear Patterns Online

Continue reading

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Cheeseburger Pajamas | Simplicity 0100

Weird title, huh? Cheeseburger pajamas. I made these a couple months ago with no intention of showing them on the blog. Then I found these photos on my hubby’s phone and figured it’s a good enough excuse to come say hello to my sewing friends.

Cheeseburger Pajamas | Simplicity 0100

I’ve been crazy busy making bows for the middle school cheerleading squad, butchering chickens, back to school shopping, and trying to get some farm income rolling in. I’ve been feeling a bit like “a chicken with its head cut off” trying to get everything done from day to day. And now I know what that expression means because….yeah.

I have some sewing projects and some bow tutorials lined up for ya, I just need to get my butt in gear and take some pictures. I’ll get there, I swear. If I could have paid help I wouldn’t even wish for a maid or a chef, it would be a photographer.

Cheeseburger Pajamas | Simplicity 0100

The fabric has fast food junk all over it, which Bella loves. I used Simplicity 0100  and the sizing was spot on. I don’t like the interior of the pajamas where the lapel meets the collar. I think I’ve read about a nicer looking contraction method but I can’t remember where. I normally avoid collars because meh.

Too bad I have no detail shots of this make. I added 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon to the interior neckline and that part looks really professional. I think I’ll do that to all my woven necklines. I’m a sucker for a pretty interior.
The buttons are pink zebra which doesn’t match but who cares, right? I added piping to the collar, pocket, and button placket to match the buttons. Clash hard or go home.

Cheeseburger Pajamas | Simplicity 0100

No mind boggling techniques or helpful tips in this post. Just a pair of cheeseburger pajamas that are cool enough to wear out in public. (Only I would brag about my kid wearing her pajamas out in public.)

Pattern: Simplicity 0100
Fabric: fast food printed flannel from JoAnn’s (last year’s Christmas blowout sale)

Mods: Added piping to collar, lapel & button placket; grosgrain ribbon stitched to the interior neckline



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