Reef Camisole pattern by Megan Nielsen

I got to test the Reef Camisole & Shorts pattern back in April. I knew that the top wouldn’t work without adjustments, but I applied for testing because I wanted to make the shorts. I added a note in my application that woven tops don’t generally work for me without major overhaul, and didn’t expect to be chosen.

Reef Camisole by Megan Nielson patterns (without full bust adjustment)

I typically fall off the grid in the bust on size charts. I’m kind of a pro at dressing to minimize, but almost zero patterns work for me out of the box. As a result I’m passed over for pattern testing fairly often, for good reason really. Kudos to Megan for choosing a diverse group of testers.

Reef Camisole by Megan Nielsen Patterns

So this is my Reef Camisole. I used mystery stash, some sort of synthetic blend with a bit of sheerness. I cut a size large and there are no adjustments for pattern testing purposes.

Reef Camisole by Megan Nielsen Patterns

You can see I could use a little more room in the bust, and some more length in the front. The fabric is a bit crisp and doesn’t drape as nicely as I’d like. I’m debating a traditional FBA, or maybe just different fabric and add some length.  It actually fits better than most top patterns pre-adjustment.

Note: The armcye is designed to be a bit lower and wider for sleep/lounge purposes. There are instructions to bring it up if you prefer. I don’t make pajamas for myself, I aim for multi-purpose garments. My future Reef Camisoles will be intended for day wear. I like where the armcye sits, but will probably bring it up to cover more of my bra.

Reef Camisole by Megan Nielsen Patterns

I’d like to note that the pattern is true to size and professionally graded. The instructions are great, and I love the design aesthetic. I definitely reccomend the Reef Camisole & Shorts pattern and plan to make more. Check out my Reef Shorts if you’d like to see the rest of the pattern.

Check out the Reef Camisole & Shorts pattern at Megan Nielsen

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Sew Fashionable 07/04/16

Welcome to Sew Fashionable: A weekly showcase of my favorite sewing and fashion posts across the blogosphere.

Happy 4th of July

Our 4th of July party was Saturday, and it was epic! I had such a good time and the kids loved it. I’m excited about having a camping themed girls sleepover next weekend for my daughter and her friends; so now I’m getting ready for that.

Let’s see what everyone has been up to.

Sew Fashionable


Susannah’s navy jumpsuit

Sue looks amazing in her Sofie swimsuits

Hila’s RTW knockoff outfit

Katie’s cute bikini

Sallie’s strapless bikini

Helena’s denim & stripes


How to make adjustable bra straps at Kommatia Patterns

Sew a binding with a zipper at Commuting With Fabric

Make perfect 1/4″ seam allowances at Orange Lingerie


Espadrille kits at Fancy Tiger Crafts

Free sewing pattern: The Pam Top from On The Cutting Room Floor

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Reef Shorts pattern by Megan Nielsen

We have to talk about Megan Nielsen’s new pattern; the Reef Camisole and Shorts set. Today I’m going to show you the Reef Shorts, and we’ll look at the cami next week.

Read about it below, or skip to the bottom for the pattern link.

Megan Nielsen Patterns, Reef Camisole & Shorts Pattern.

The reef shorts pattern feature an elastic waist, fabulous pockets, and hemline options.

Choose from a straight or curved hemline and a waistband that sits on your natural waist or a lower rise.

Reef Shorts pattern by Megan Nielsen

I made the curved hem version with the higher rise. I love the 70’s vibe of these shorts! I used mystery stash from one of the big stores. (JoAnns?) It looks and feels like silk but I’m sure it’s a synthetic blend.

Reef Shorts pattern by Megan Nielsen

These photos are from pattern testing back in April. I’ve been living in them. Do you know how much it killed me not to post them on Instagram during Me Made May?

Reef Shorts pattern by Megan Nielsen

I loved the construction techniques for finishing. The insides look as good as the outside. The hem is folded over so there’s no “wrong side” of the fabric showing.

Megan Nielsen patterns: Reef Shorts

The leg fit is awesome. My thighs don’t squish out like a Play-Do Factory when I sit down; and the shorts don’t flap around and hang my cheeks out either. Plus, the pockets are just right for my phone and don’t bulk out when I’m carrying it.

It’s perfection.

Reef Shorts pattern by Megan Nielsen

This pattern is in the tnt category for me, like joggers and raglan tees. I havent seen them in a fabric I didn’t like yet. I want a chambray pair and some sweatshirt knit drawstring versions. I predict lots of Reef Shorts being born at my house.

Reef Shorts pattern by Megan Nielsen

The Reef shorts were designed for casual or sleep wear. I think they dress up well too, depending on fabric choice.

Reef Shorts pattern by Megan Nielsen

Anyhow, nothing but good things to say about Megan Nielsen’s Reef Shorts pattern. You should probably all stampede to buy it.

Pattern: Reef Camisole & Shorts Set by Megan Nielsen Patterns

Fabric: leopard mystery stash (silk blend?)

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Sew Fashionable 06/27/16

Welcome to Sew Fashionable: A weekly showcase of my favorite sewing and fashion posts across the blogosphere.

We’re counting the days until our big party Saturday! Hubby has been spray painting table top decorations and plans to build a couple picnic tables. If history repeats itself, I’ll show you the pictures of his cool makes next year. Lol!

Let’s see what everyone has been up to.

Sew Fashionable


Hila’s Collette/Sewaholic hybrid dress

Ying’s self drafted bralette

Tea’s new favorite dress

Dani’s Cardimome dress

Omg! This kimono refashion at Peneloping!

Dawn’s Cora shorts


All about cottons and linens at Line of Selvedge

Tips and tricks for marking fabric at Orange Lingerie

Precision sewing a hook and eye for bras at Mrs. Weaver’s Finest


Sophie Swimsuit pattern from CCF

Reef Camisole & Shorts pattern by Megan Nielsen

High quality leather goods crafted in the USA: Neat Pineapple

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Sanibel Dress + My Fabric Designs

I made the Sanibel Dress from Hey June Patterns, using organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs. Read on for a review and peek at my newest print, Beachy Keen. Or, skip to the bottom for links:)

Sanibel Dress in organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs

I cut a size XL for my Sanibel Dress. I saw Ajaire’s glamour romper a while back and knew I had to make this pattern.

Sanibel Dress pattern: inside view

This dress has beautiful finishing. There’s a back yoke and no visible seams on the cuffs. I added French seams everywhere, even the pockets.

Sanibel Dress from Hey June patterns

The Sanibel Dress pattern is designed with a lot of ease throughout the top. It’s meant to fit loosely and cinch in at the waist. If you have normally employ a swayback adjustment, you may eneed up with some fabric pooling in the back. I removed a lot of fabric from the bottom back seam. I cut off about 4″ in a half moon-ish shape, keeping the side seams their original length.

Sanibel Dress and Romper pattern review

I ended up adding a 3″ band for length since I didn’t pay attention to finished garment length. It’s still a bit short for me, so I’ll be adding more for my next version. I’m 5″6, for reference. But I also have a full bust and a long torso which contributes to the issue, regardless of height.

Sanibel Dress

Be sure to pay attention to seam allowances, especially the shoulder seams. I didn’t, and as a result my neckline didn’t match my collar stand. I pulled a pleat at the center back and Tim Gunned it.

Sanibel Dress collar front/back

The improvised pleat and not making a muslin were the only 2 crimes I committed while making the Sanibel Dress. I haven’t made tons of collars and this was my first time sewing a real cuff. I usually favor less involved projects, so I really took my time on this dress. I think my collar looks pretty good, for a newb!

Sanibel Dress button placket

Also worth a quick brag: the button placket and impeccable print matching on the pockets. You can barely see them; where’d they go?! I may add decorative bar tacks on the pockets later.

Sanibel Dress from Hey June Patterns

I cut off my feet in every single shot I took of my Sanibel Dress. Which is shameful, because I had on really cute wedges. And I never get to wear wedges!!

Sanibel Dress from Hey June Patterns, in organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs

But I want to tell you about the fabric, not my shoes. This was my first time using the organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs. It comes with a slight sheen that comes off during your pre-wash.

Beachy Keen by Amy Mayen. Available in 26 different types of fabric at My Fabric Designs

After washing, I had a light, soft, tightly woven cotton. It feels like a high quality voile but it’s opaque enough that no lining is needed for a dress. It breathes really well, so it’s perfect in this heat.

It frays a little more than quilting cotton. I used fray check* in the nooks and crannies, like the collar points. I also recommend fine pins or Wonder Clips* for this type of fabric.  (*Amazon affiliate links.)

My design is called Beachy Keen, and it’s available in 26 different types of fabric. If you purchase on of my prints, I recieve a small commission. Let me know if you do, so I can say thank you!

Sanibel Dress in Beachy Keen; organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs

Pattern: Sanibel Dress and Romper from Hey June

Fabric: Beachy Keen in organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs

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