Free Scarf Neck Cardigan Pattern by Swoon

Did you know there are some amazing sewing patterns at Swoon? I knew they had cute sewing patterns for bags; but there are several girls and women’s PDF’s as well. Like this free Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern!

Free Sewing Pattern: Scarf Neck Cardigan from Swoon

The girls Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern is a free PDF available in girls and women’s sizes. You have to set up an account at Swoon Sewing Patterns to download your patterns. (There are free bag patterns too!)

Free Scarf Neck Cardigan Pattern by Swoon Sewing Patterns

I emailed Alicia, curator of Swoon Patterns and the Swoon blog for permission to use the logo in one of my images for Pinterest. (Click here to pin my Scarf Neck Cardigan:)

She said, “Admittedly I’m not a clothing designer, so I hope it worked well for you despite that:)“.

How very modest, because it’s a fabulous pattern. I can’t wait to try a bag! Also, I like that she writes lots of happy faces, like me.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon Sewing Patterns

There is a diagram that shows how the pattern pieces fit together, and a list of steps to put it together. You won’t have any trouble if you’ve set a sleeve in before. I needed the illustration to see how the neck and shoulders fit together; but didn’t need the directions.

Free Sewing Pattern: Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon

This is a lighter weight jersey knit from Girl Charlee. I used red and pink thread in my serger, so you can hardly see any finishes on the inside. I finished all the hems (except sleeves) with my serger too. I normally don’t, but I think it looks fine in this case. I graded the size 10 up to a 12 for Bella.

Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern: Free PDF by Swoon Sewing Patterns

By the way, I’m not freezing my kid out. We have snow on the ground in these photos, but it was 60 degrees out.

Free Cardigan Pattern for Girls & Women! Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern available for download at Swoon Sewing Patterns

All the snow melted in one day; and a now we have snow again after some briefly nice weather. You don’t even know how to dress here. I’m like an old lady, capable of griping about the weather for hours. But I won’t today.

I’m hoping to do some self care sewing, if I can survive these kids all stuck in the house. It has taken me all day to write these few paragraphs…I’d better go before they

too late.

Scarf Neck Cardigan Pattern: Free PDFfrom Swoon Sewing Patterns

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Vintage Floral Rollerskate Dress + Farm Update

The first project I cut since we moved: a vintage floral Rollerskate Dress!

A vintage floral dress for the farmers baby. Oliver + S Rollerskate Dress pattern | SewsNBows

The fabric isn’t new; I made myself a Lucinda Skirt with it back in the day.

Vintage floral dress, Oliver + S sewing patterns

I’ll be sewing from stash this year, because I have an awesome sewing space with way too much fabric getting in the way of creating a beautiful, efficient sewing studio.

Vintage floral dress made with the Rollerskate Dress pattern from Oliver + S

It’s been 3 weeks in our new home. Farm life is everything I expected it to be. Lots and lots of hard work. Quiet. My daughter is getting her confidence back at school. I’m getting strong. I’m sore on the days I don’t get out and cut down trees or dig a compost bin or haul brush. We still haven’t plugged in our TVs; and I can’t say we’ve missed them yet.

Beautiful girls dress pattern: the Rollerskate Dress by Oliver + Sin vintage floral fabric

We can’t even see the Jones, so no sense bothering to keep up with them. I feel more connected to the world; which is strange because we are further away from people. You get up earlier here; because the roosters see to it that you do. It’s a simple, happy life. With slow internet service.

Country inspired floral watercolor print dress

We have had cousins out every weekend so far. My niece and nephews are my babies. Maybe everyone knows I’ll flip out if I don’t see them for longer than 7 days. Maybe the kids miss me and pester their parents all week to come to out here on Friday. Probably both; but it’s working and we’re going to stick to what works.

Vintage floral watercolor print dress with studded suede flats

Sofie loves the ranch. I told the kids a bedtime story about all the farm animals and a big adventure they had with the farmers baby. Somewhere along the way, she decided she was the star of that story; and it stuck. When I see her in this dress, she IS the farmers baby!

Watercolor floral vintage fabric

Pattern: Oliver + S Rollerskate Dress

Fabric: watercolor floral, vintage

Stats: I sized up for Spring & summer. This is a size 5.

Cute sewing pattern for girls: Rollerskate Dressby Oliver + S

You’ll see lots of dresses for my niece this spring and summer. I don’t think I could use up all my one yard cuts of fabric, even if I sew her a dress every day this year. But still, sewing through what I have is the goal. My godson Cruz is going to get a new sibling, and this will be my baby too! Is it wrong that I’m desperately wishing for a girl? I don’t think I can get many dresses out of 1 yard for Sofia next year…for the sake of my stash busting; I need a girl!

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How To Sew Sequin Trim Like A Boss

I learned a neat sewing trick: using trims on the outside of a garment to stabilize stretchy knits. Shoulder seams often need to be reinforced in order to keep them from stretching out. This is usually done with twill tape or clear elastic on the inside of a garment.

A Step By Step Tutorial: How To Sew Seqin Trim

I used decorative sequin trim on Sofia’s floral sweatshirt dress a while back; even though it was a stable knit without much stretch. It just looks cool! So today, I thought I’d show you how to sew sequin trim.

Sewing With Decorative Trim: Sequin Trimmed Shoulder Seams | SewsNBows

Start by pinning your trim to the shoulder seam. Center your trim with the seam carefully, so you don’t end up with a wavy shoulder.

How To Sew With Sequin Trim | SewsNBows

My seam allowance has been steamed open on the underside. Some fabrics may even like a little starch. Note that I’ve pinned down the center of the seam, ensuring that my trim stays perfectly lined up. Also, I’ve left a half inch of overhang on each side of the shoulder.

How To Sew Sequin Trim | SewsNBows

Now I’ll sew a zig zag stitch, setting the width to hit just inside and outside of trim edging. I used a regular sewing foot, but a piping foot is great to use for this step. You can see a close- up of the stitches below.

How To Sew Sequin Trim

Repeat this step for the other side. Remove pins after both sides are sewn.

How To Sew Sequin Trim

The sequins are attached to a sheer mesh using invisible filament thread. You want to remove the sequins from your seam allowance. Use your seam ripper to break the threads on top of the sequin, then gently work them out on rows. Try not to damage the sheer fabric underneath.

How To Sew Sequin Trim

You can use a little Fray Check here to prevent your trim from unraveling. Below you see my sequin trimmed shoulder seam all ready to go. They won’t get caught in the sewing machine :)

Sewing With Sequined Trim

Let me know if you try it!

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Sequined Heart Appliqué Hoodie | Jalie 3355

DIY Sequin Heart Appliqué | SewsNBows

A sequined heart appliqué hoodie, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Sequined Heart Appliqué Hoodie | Jalie 3355

I made this hoodie with Jalie 3355. Well, I made half of it; then found out I had 2 days instead of 2 weeks to move. So I finished it here at the farm. This is the first sewing project I’ve completed in my new sewing room:)

Sequined Heart Appliqué Hoodie | Jalie 3355

I have a strict policy about finishing one project before starting another. I know myself real well…if I ever get a WIP pile it will never die. So I don’t even let it start!

Sequined Heart Appliqué Hoodie | Jalie 3355

I started this hoodie with a lace kangaroo pocket but it looked weird. When I took it off it was too boyish. I added a traditional pocket out of suede; but it wasn’t right either. So we ended up with this fun sequined heart appliqué.

Sequined Heart Appliqué Hoodie | Jalie 3355

We chose an unidentified scrap of pale pink whatever, and added a lace overlay. The lace is a part of an old tablecloth that I’ve used for countless projects; yet still remains in my scrap bin. I didn’t trim around the edges of the lace much, I’ll see how it washes first. The decorative stitches are brown; mostly because I didn’t want to change the thread.

Sequined Heart Appliqué Hoodie | Jalie 3355

I hand sewed the sequins on with invisible thread. I spent an hour sewing on just the few sequins you see. Hand sewing isn’t my talent, but doing it with invisible thread was incredibly tedious and annoying.

I wanted to start the next project already!

Sequined Heart Appliqué Hoodie | Jalie 3355

Pattern: Jalie 3355, Fabric: Girl Charlee

I’m sure some of you have caught on that I sew the same patterns over and over. I have enough patterns to never sew the same thing twice, but I tend to stick to what I know works. I do the same thing in restaurants. Is your style to be adventurous, or tried and true?

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Jalie 3245 | Raglan Tee, Racerback, & Tunic

Hi guys! I’ve got another women’s sewing pattern for you; Jalie 3245. I’ll give you all the details about this awesome pattern. And, I’ll be able to show you some new projects soon, because…

Jalie 3245: Pattern Review by SewsNBows

My new sewing room is functional! Fabric is in bins on the floor for now, but I caught hubby googling the correct height for a cutting table and looking at building plans for cabinets.

I’ve got a great space that just needs a little color and organization. I’ve shown a couple photos on my social media, so stop by for a visit if you want to see my future studio. It may be a while before I have time to write about it on the blog. I’m a busy farm lady now!

Jalie 3245

Fabric for this top is from Girl Charlee and is being modeled by my sister in law, Krystal. And she’s going to kill me because the wind made her hair go a little crazy!

Jalie 3245; women's raglan tee, tank, racerback and tunic pattern

I showed you my sports team t-shirt refashion using this pattern, and told you I’m a total Jalie convert. Now I’ll take a minute to tell you why.  The fit of every Jalie pattern I’ve used has been impeccable. There’s a great post on the Jalie blog about how to choose the correct pattern size and adjust for fit if you’re tall, short, or a pear or apple. It’s very informative; read it here.

Jalie 3245; women's raglan tee, tank, racerback and tunic pattern

Jalie 3245 goes from baby size 12 months to girls size 13; and women’s sizes 4-22. That means I can make it for myself, my daughter, and my niece. That’s a good deal for $12.99. It’s available at that price for pdf or paper. Nice!

Jalie 3245; women's raglan tee, tank, racerback and tunic pattern

I shied away from Jalie for too long because I don’t like tracing patterns. It’s an extra step; and I’m lazy. But I use them so often, and they really do store better without tape and seam lines. So for this raglan top (and the hoodie pattern) it’s been totally worth it.

Jalie 3245; women's raglan tee, tank, racerback and tunic pattern

The raglan tee’s front and back pattern pieces use about 3 pieces of copy paper each to print. The bottom part of the front and back hip is the same; so one page is used to trace off both pattern pieces. (Does that make sense?) I thought I was missing a page the first time; but I figured it out pretty quickly. Now I know to expect it, and don’t mind saving paper:)

I’m curious if any of you have tried the Jalie paper patterns, and what you think. Do you mind tracing off patterns? Thanks for stopping by!

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