Ribbon Tutu & Matching Pigtail Hair Bows

My nieces special day was forever ago but I’ve been wanting to show you her ribbon tutu birthday outfit. And guess what? I didn’t make it!

DIY Ribbon Tutu Birthday Outfit | SewsNBows

Her mama made it. Krystal got a sewing machine and this was her first project. She started making no-sew tutus way back in the day when I started making bows. We were selling stuff locally for a while, and even did a couple craft shows. In fact, the bow and tutu business sort of started this blog!

Pigtail Birthday Hairbows | SewsNBows

I’m trying to talk her into all sorts of things, like being a contributor on the blog and starting a Facebook page. I’d really love for her to start selling our stuff again. I have an Etsy shop, but it’s in sad shape. Selling bores me. Selling things on online is a terrible chore, and paying listing fees annoys me. I’ll let what I can talk her into! Oh, and we’re halfway through sewing another Sally dress.

DIY Ribbon Tutu Birthday Outfit | SewsNBows

Sofie’s tutu has satin ribbon sewn onto each individual strip of tulle, which makes it floof-tacular. I’m pretty impressed, because I hate working with tulle.


Birthday Outfit | SewsNBows

Isn’t the shirt cute? Krystal sewed all the ruffles on and used an iron on appliqué. She showed me the inside of the shirt and said her stitches look disgusting. She hasn’t been sewing long enough to worry about that!

Birthday Outfit | SewsNBows

When you start sewing, you’re supposed to have that blissfully ignorant period where you don’t know you have “mistakes”. I’m afraid I’ve turned her into a sewing snob!


I did make the matching pigtail hair bows. They’re huge & ridiculous, just the way I like them.

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Tres Suenos Winery in Luther, Oklahoma

Not too far from the farm I’m buying, a ways past the Big Round Barn on Route 66; is the Tres Suenos Winery in Luther Oklahoma. Let me paint a picture for you…

A harvested field in Oklahoma

This is the view I’ll be driving by every day when we move!

It’s an enjoyable drive. We coasted along the empty, 2 lane road with fields and pastures to our left and right. It’s early autumn, so some of the crops have already been harvested. I love this red, Oklahoma dirt.

Sunday drive in Oklahoma

There’s not a lot of traffic, just an occasional tractor or truck. Out here, people don’t have to drive fast. You give a little wave to any vehicle you pass. I stopped waving at every truck years ago, when I realized that city people just think you’re weird. I couldn’t stop grinning as I explained the wave thing to my hubby.

It’s small town etiquette: just a friendly acknowledgment. Like a “Hey, I see you. Not going to run you off the road” type of thing. People that don’t wave might be having a bad day, maybe you should call and check on them later. If they don’t wave and you don’t recognize them; it’s potentially a serial killer, or at best a driver who isn’t paying attention. You should remember their vehicle make and model just in case.

Small towns watch out for each other- that’s the thing I hated most growing up in one. It’s also the thing I miss the most!

Gravel road in Oklahoma

As you get closer to Tres Suenos Winery, the paved road narrows and gets a little dirty…and in the rear view all you’ll see is a fantastic cloud of red dust. When I hear the sound gravel kicking around, my inner redneck just comes out. I can’t help it, it’s in my blood.

Red dirt road in Oklahoma

Then it stops being a dirty road and becomes a dirt road. Now, I don’t know how to explain what’s special about a dirt road. There are a million country songs about it. I think you have to grow up here to understand. But I’m pretty sure this is why we have such a truck culture in Oklahoma. We call everything a truck, even if it’s a car. And if it’s a car…it wishes it were a truck.

Tres Suenos Winery

We arrived at Tres Suenos Winery during a big wine tasting festival. There was live bluegrass music, food, and a craft show. I got to chat with one of the owners for a bit, even though they were super busy. I love when owners operate their own businesses.

Tres Suenos Winery

I told them I’m pretty ignorant about wine varieties, but I like drinking it! A gentleman explained what different terms mean but I already forgot it all. Turns out we like the sweet stuff. I do remember that wine with less sugar is called dry. I’m pretty sure I need to go back a few times to complete my education.

Tres Suenos Winery

After tasting a few wines, we picked the yummiest one and bought a bottle.  (Here’s the wine list!) I posted the picture above on Facebook, and my brother commented, “If they give you the whole bottle, it’s not wine tasting. That’s drinking.” Touché, brother! We tasted that whole bottle while we walked around the vineyard.

Fall Vineyard at Tres Suenos Winery

The vineyard was really pretty this time of year. I’d love to see grapes on the vine next year. This was such a cool date. I can see why so many people want to get married here, it’s beautiful. The owners are friendly, it’s gorgeous, and we truly had the best time. One of my favorite memories this year. I can’t say enough good things about Tres Suenos Winery.

Farm Update: the owners of “my” farm have accepted our contingency offer. Contingency is tricky, it could fall through if someone else buys the farm before my house sells. (But it won’t.)

I refuse to let doubt pollute my thoughts! I’m considering it mine; because thoughts and words have power- and things I say tend to come true. So on that note; I expect my house to sell during tax season, and I’ll be moving in the first quarter of next year. I plan to give you a grand tour of the place, and show you lots of my DIY home decor attempts. I might even pick up a hammer. You never know.

Catch ya next time!

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DIY Batman Costume For Tween Girls

My easy DIY Batman costume was quick to sew, tween friendly, and it’s comfy enough to double as loungewear.

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

This project would’ve been a great addition to the Halloween Hacks Series at Swoodson Says, but as usual I’m late to the game. This is my unofficial, unplanned hack! Check out the series for a ton of ideas to Halloweenify regular clothing patterns.

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

My baby is almost too cool to dress up now, but next week is “theme week” at school. They get a hat day, pajama day, etc. Friday they get to wear superhero costumes; and this was our answer. I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern for the top, and added the Bat Logo myself. SugarTot Designs has free superhero templates you can download. I used knit fabric that shifted around, so my logo doesn’t do Telisa’s cute template justice. It passed Bella’s inspection though, so I’m not upset it isn’t perfect.

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls (link to free logo template)

Brat wouldn’t let me add one of the cute little tutus to her costume. I truly couldn’t stand the utter lack of embellishment; so I used my Hot Fix Tool* to add some bling around the logo. It made me feel better, but definitely not the satisfaction I would’ve gotten from a huge, fluffy blue tutu.

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

The pants pattern is the Basic Leggings* from Serger Pepper. They have a wide cuff on bottom that tucks into boots perfectly. We have several pairs of Basic Leggings in heavy rotation at my house. The pattern is really easy to modify, and it’s build to last through growth spurts. One can’t really have too many black leggings!

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

This is probably the most cost efficient costume I’ve ever made. I used a high quality knit fabric because this stuff can be worn everyday. I know the leggings will be worn all the time. The top will at least be slept in; and possibly even worn outside. Worst case scenario, it gets donated to Bella’s little cousin who is definitely inheriting the cape. I could even pick off the appliqué if I had to. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this tween-friendly DIY Batman costume.

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

Update: I got my tutu! Bella told her aunt she felt like her costume was “missing something” and asked her to make one! I’ll try my best to get an iPhone pic and share on my social media- I thought my tutu days were over but it looks like I get to have one more:)

Affiliate links disclosure

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Halloween Hair Bows | Show & Tell

Just a quick show & tell! Be sure to follow my Ribbon, Tulle, & Hair Pretties board on Pinterest if you like hair bow inspiration. 

Halloween Hair Bows

Halloween Hair Bows | SewsNBows

I’m trying to use up my ribbon stash…I went on a spree a couple years ago and now have a lifetime supply. I’m pleased to tell you that I’m almost out of Halloween ribbon. But it doesn’t feel like it put a dent in the stash.

Halloween Hair Bows | SewsNBows

Last year I wrote How To Make Halloween Fascinators. It’s a great  way to add drama to any Halloween costume. Check out that post for head piece ideas!

Halloween Hair Bows | SewsNBows

Also, I made Bella a Batman costume that I’m hoping she’ll let me show you. They get to wear superhero gear at school so I made something comfy- anything to get out of school uniforms for a day. Other than that, I haven’t done much in the way of holiday sewing or crafting. Are y’all working on any Halloween goodies?

Follow me on any of my social media (links in the sidebar & below) if you don’t want to miss behind the scenes SewsNBows action…

These bows are featured at Fine Craft Guild!

Fine Craft Guild
Until next time!

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Boat Neck Top Pattern by Blaverry : Pattern Review

I sewed the Boatneck Top pattern by Blaverry. I’ve been wanting to make it forever, and I finally did. Here’s my review!

Boat Neck Top Pattern from Blaverry

The construction is beautiful inside & out; just like the Cruise Chino Shorts I made this summer.

Blaverry Boat Neck Top Pattern (inside view)

The yoke is attached like a facing, and stitched down using a twin needle. Then the shoulders are reinforced with a bar tack.

Blaverry Boat Neck Top pattern

I’m not quite sure if you can see my bar tack… But it’s there.

Boat Neck Top, pattern by Blaverry

There are so many cute patterns available at Blaverry. I’ve been seeing occasional sales on the new Blaverry Facebook page, as well as blog tours and pattern tester calls. Head over there if you want to keep tabs on this awesome pattern line.

Blaverry Boat Neck Top | SewsNBows

I used a Stenzo jersey knit from L’Ouseau. I like to use quality fabric with Blaverry patterns, because I know I’ll end up with a high end garment.

Blaverry Boat Neck Top : pattern review by SewsNBows

We love the Boat Neck Top pattern from Blaverry. I think I’ll make another for my 9 year old. It would be a cute tunic too!

Boat Neck Top pattern from Blaverry | SewsNBows

All in all, it’s a real quick sew. It’s labeled intermediate, but I think an adventurous beginner could swing it. Just make accurate cuts, & take your time on the yoke.

Until next time!

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