Paper Crafting For Secret Santa

Paper Crafting For Secret Santa

I have this friend. She’s my secret pal in a gift exchange. She’s the kind of lady who makes you think of God without ever preaching. I don’t know how to explain her. She’s the kind of lady who never says a bad word, but sometimes you feel like its on the tip of her tongue. I’ve been friends with her for 5 years. I didn’t know her name for over a year. All the kids in the neighborhood call her Grandma, so I did too.

Anyways, Grandma is the kind of lady who buys something if she needs it. She’s not a material person, so she doesn’t really want for much. But most of what she wants…she already has.

The kind of person who is hard to shop for.

What do you do for the person who’s hard to shop for? Not because they won’t like it, people like Grandma appreciate a gift. They just don’t want or need a candle/calendar/whatever.

If you’re lucky enough to have a “Grandma” in your life, help her knock some people off her Christmas list. Gift cards aren’t impersonal in this situation. She’ll either use it or regift it, and it really doesn’t matter. When this type of person says “it’s the thought that counts”, they actually mean it.

Anyways, my Grandma loves to give little love gifts. She sends them to my little girl, friends at church, kids in the neighborhood. Well, for this weeks secret Santa, I made some gift tags:

And this was an oatmeal can:

And I’m not sure what else to put in there yet. Maybe I’ll make some envelopes? Sew something? Maybe a gift card!

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