Picture Frame Bow Holder

Picture Frame Bow Holder

By Amy Mayen

Hi guys! I have a lot of things to tell you about- but not a lot to show yet. So check out my latest Epic Fail to break up the monotony of a lot of text! This was supposed to be a picture frame bow holder for my daughters hair clippies. I was trying out mod-podge again. Stupid Pinterest makes it look so easy!

So while you’re enjoying my hilarious craft attempt, I’ll regale you with this weeks happenings.

I finished my first Lucinda skirt from BeMyGoth! I love the waist…it’s paneled like a corset! I adore the pockets too. I can’t wait for nicer weather so I can show you. And, I’ll give you the skinny on this super cool pattern-& tell you all about Parnuuna, a very talented designer. In the meantime, check out her site & tell her I sent you. Parnuuna is the most down to earth and genuine person you will ever meet.

You’ve been giving me good feedback, and I’ve scaled my photos down to half size. I didn’t realize they were showing up so big for Windows users. So keep helping me out! If they’re still big in this post, I’ll scale down some more. I want my site to be sexay!

Also, this weekend I’m going to Dallas for some fabric shopping! I can’t wait to hit the garment district! Im not sure what to expect. I know its not big like the garment district in L.A., but I’m sure I’ll find some awesome deals. I’m going to dress WAY down so I can get my barter on. I hear if you look too nice they wont come down much on prices.

By the way, hubby’s taking me to Dallas for my birthday. It’s the big 30. Yuck! Don’t get me wrong ladies! It’s not that I think 30 is old!!! I’m grateful for every blessed day I have on this earth. It’s just….older than 29. I can’t explain it exactly, but its as if I’m saying goodbye to an era and walking into a new one. I’m not sure how I feel about it! How do/did you feel about turning 30?

My mama & gramma

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Natasha in Oz

    Another great post I’m pinning this right now.
    You are a baby by the way-I’m 42 this year! AARRGGHH!

    Thank you for joining Say G’day Saturday-hope to see you again this weekend!
    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    • Natasha in Oz

      I should clarify that I meant a baby as in a young thing not a baby as in boo hoo! Geesh, I shouldn’t be visiting blogs and sipping wine at the same time should !?!

      Natasha xo
      Natasha in Oz recently posted…Homemade Granola ~ #FoodieFridayMy Profile

  2. Alyssa

    I love how you shared your failure! So encouraging!!
    I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award because I think you have a great blog. Check out the details on my blog at Create Imagine Dream
    Alyssa recently posted…Liebster AwardsMy Profile

  3. Diana Rambles

    Great post, young lady!!!!!

    FYI~ I answered your question in my newest installment of All About Diana posted today!
    Diana Rambles recently posted…A Little About Diana 4My Profile

  4. Olivia Lane

    I wouldn’t call those little mistakes an epic fail. they give it a handcrafted, personal touch :-)

    I’m almost 34. The best thing about turning 30 is having people in their 20s look up to you and tell you you look so young- as if 30 is old. Enjoy Dallas and your birthday!
    Olivia Lane recently posted…Natural Birthday Candles & How to Clean Candle WaxMy Profile

  5. Buttons

    You know, mistakes are so much more noticeable to yourself than to anyone else. I pretty much want to cry and burn nearly everything I make because I always screw up something! But usually, no one notices, or at least they’re nice enough not to point it out if they do notice!

    I turn 30 next year! Yikes! I don’t know, my husband thinks I am freaking out because I always talk about how old we are now but I’m mostly joking…mostly…I almost cried this year because I had somehow sent my brain back in time and seriously thought I was turning 28, until I did the math and realized that I was actually turning 29! I have no idea what happened to 28 for me. I was sad that I missed out on it! I totally understand now how my great grandmother never knew quite how old she was, when we all thought she was just a little crazy…oh my husband is going to have fun with me in my old age.
    Buttons recently posted…7 Quick Takes Friday, April 26, 2013My Profile

  6. Jenna

    Happens to us all! I can’t even begin to count (and don’t want to re-live) all my epic fails! haha! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  7. Rosey

    I didn’t think about it one way or another when I turned 30, but I got married and started having children young, so I didn’t do the whole fun 20’s thing that a lot of people get to do (I did the fun mommy things, lol). When I turned 40 I was fine too. But on my birthday coming up, I’m going to be 43 and for some reason all of the sudden I feel it. ;)

    Love the pic of your mom and gram, and LOL at the modge podge. :)
    Rosey recently posted…The Most Surprising Thing (about blogging)My Profile

  8. ingrid@nowathomemom

    30!!! I still can’t believe it I already passed that age! enjoy your 30th birthday! :-) I’m sure you will have fun in Dallas this weekend! :-) btw, I like your hair bow holder; doesn’t look bad at all! :-)
    ingrid@nowathomemom recently posted…DIY personalized birthday mugMy Profile

  9. Hannah Smith

    Happy birthday hun! I hope you have a brilliant time in Dallas and find lots and lots and lots of bargains :D I hope you are travelling with an empty suitcase so that you can fill it with fabric instead!

    I honestly don’t think your frame is as bad as you think, plus think about how much you have learnt for next time you give it a try. I love the images on the frame, is that paper or fabric you have used? it is cuuute!
    Hannah Smith recently posted…Get Ready To Spring Clean Your Sewing SpaceMy Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      Paper! Form hobby lobby:) thanks Han!

  10. Amy of while wearing heels

    Happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying fabric shopping in Dallas. You’ll have to take a picture of your dressed down self and let us all know if your strategy worked. I’ve done a few projects with mod podge and have hated it. I have had the same problems as you. I was almost afraid to admit it, fearing I would get kicked out of blogland for my less than enthusiastic take on mod podge.
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…This is Me – April SELF PORTRAIT Link PartyMy Profile

  11. MammaNene

    Well, maybe the frame wasn’t your better craft but… I’m really happy to know that you’re having fun (and fabrics) in Dallas!
    I can’t wait to see your Parnuuna’s skirt (I love her personality me too!!!), let’s make some Sun Dance!!!
    And… when I reached my 30th birthday I started hear my bio clock tickety-tocking, and I started to think that I had to have a baby… who came three years later (and now is 4): let’s do dome math….. …aaaargh I’m getting old, must stop having BDays LOL
    MammaNene recently posted…I’ve won! – Ho vinto!My Profile

  12. Rachel

    Modpodge and me is a bad combo….I feel your pain.

    29 to 30 was kind of hard for me too. I was totally happy with everything that was going on, but it still felt like officially parting ways with a stage of life. It all turned out ok :)
    Rachel recently posted…The Casual Lady Knit Top: Take TwoMy Profile

  13. Pam

    Ahhh, to be 30 again!!! It’s a great stage of life!!! There’s far scarier birthdays ahead, Amy, but they’re WAY into your future.

  14. Janlynn

    We have all had our epic fails, good for you for posting it.

    As for turning thirty, that was awhile ago. For my 30th birthday, Hubby and I got all dressed up and went to a very expensive hotel to see my favourite rock ‘n roll singer who had turned into a piano bar lounge lizard. Age and maturity sort of slapped me in the face that day. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll had taken their toll on his face, body, voice, and career. But I was pregnant with our first child and very happy. I had a great job, sports car, and a closet full of expensive size 6 clothes. Okay now I feel like crying!

    That was so long ago. Age does bring you power and wisdom. Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on the good. Sounds like a sound bite but it works.

    Happy Birthday and be happy!
    Janlynn recently posted…Sewing Time is Coffee TimeMy Profile

  15. Amie @ Pinkapotamus

    Love your hair bow holder.. and if only you lived in NJ we could Mod Podge together! Next time try using an old credit card to smooth it down and get out the air bubbles.. it works really well.

    And whoo hoo to turning 30! Seriously, I was sooo excited to turn 30 as 29 was literally the WORST year of my life.. my biggest fear now is 40 .. still 6 years away on THAT one though! Have sooo much fun in Dallas with the hubby.. any night alone with the hubby is awesome!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus
    p.s. Soo glad you aren’t a No comment reply blogger anymore!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus recently posted…Tips on how to create a child friendly bathroomMy Profile

  16. Mel

    Amy we must be kindred spirits Modpodge is no friend of mine either…Pinterest can be evil. However I don’t think it’s an epic fail, the clippies should still go on :)

  17. Lisa Newlin

    I seriously don’t see anything wrong with this picture frame bow holder. Granted, I wouldn’t listen to me on most things, as I don’t have an eye for detail when it comes to this kind of stuff, but it totally passes muster for me.

    And as for turning 30, I remember that I didn’t think it was a big deal, and then I cried the entire day of my birthday. I had some other things going on in my life that were making that time difficult, and I’m not sure how much one was related to the other.

    However, I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed my 30s more than my 20s, for the most part. I am 32 and will be 33 this year, and although I think that sounds crazy old, I’ve enjoyed my 30s more because I completely know who I am, what I want, what I stand for, etc.

    I’m not sure if I would redo my 20s. I think there are so many things you learn about yourself and about life, and I’m glad I’ve learned them, but I’m not sure I want to relive them. I say embrace your 30s! :-)
    Lisa Newlin recently posted…Rebecca Martinson’s email resignation (or at least what I think it would look like)My Profile

  18. Gina

    30 were the best decade ever!!! I was so much wiser and was happy to be me!! Happy Birthday!! Love your 30’s cause things do start to go downhill afterwards :) I follow you on blog lovin already. I am not a fan of it either but haven’t tried any other substitutes for google reader. With KD OKC has a chance to make it to the big game but would get crushed by Miami in the final final, don’t you think??

    • Amy Mayen

      Yup. If we get as far as Miami. I’m nervous because our guys get shook up. Who do you think is our biggest threat in the Western Conference?

  19. Amy mayen

    I feel like crying in the bathtub. But I won’t let myself! Hubby wants so badly for my day to be special & I don’t want him to feel bad. Thanks for the replies ladies…you both made me look forward to what’s coming but also not feel like such a turd for pouting a little.
    Amy mayen recently posted…Picture Frame Bow HolderMy Profile

  20. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Turning thirty was ridiculous for me. I cried in the bathtub, LOL. Seriously! No idea why it affected me that way. The good news is that turning forty was fun, and turning fifty was totally awesome! Have a wonderful birthday! And have fun shopping for fabric. Wahoo! That will be fun.

    Sue xo
    Sue @ A Colourful Canvas recently posted…From the Heart…My Profile

  21. Foster

    30 is no big deal. Just wait until 40. Forty is power, and it is awesome! By the way, I would have never noticed the mistakes on the bow holder project until you pointed them out! I still think it looks great!
    Foster recently posted…Burda and GertieMy Profile


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