Pins To Kill Leggings: Why You Need Them

Pins To Kill Leggings: Why You Need Them

The hip new activewear you need to own. Read about Pins To Kill leggings and find out what the hype is all about.

Pins To Kill Leggings: Limited Edition Lemons

What with all the hype about Pins To Kill leggings? It’s a new company out of Melbourne Australia. Their mission is to inspire women to chase their dreams, and clients are called “Dream Chasers”.

Design Custom Leggings at Pins To Kill

Customizeable text option for custom leggings at Pins To Kill. Team logos look great too!

At Pins To Kill you can shop from their designs, which are limited edition and pre-ordered twice a month.

There’s an upload your own design option which can be an accent or tiled, and one or both legs can be customized.

Or, choose a color combo and add text to the leg or inner waistband. You can even pick shiny or matte fabric.

Pins To Kill Leggings

I was contacted by Pins To Kill to provide an honest review on these leggings. I agreed for 2 reasons. They are at the higher end of pricing at $89+, and they are kind of exclusive. A higher price point often means a more quality garment and ethical manufacturing, which is a big deal to many of us who sew and understand production cost. And anything exclusive…I want it. Let’s just keep it real- yes, send me the fancy pants.

Pins To Kill leggings

Cool packaging, Pins To Kill.

As a sewist, I’m definitely more picky about clothing than your average consumer. I’ve turned down many product reviews for clothing; or scared them off by letting companies know I’m ruthless about fit, material, and construction. If me inspecting seams like the police doesnt worry  you: let’s do this. And maybe if these Pins To Kill leggings can hold up while mountain climbing, then they can survive kids.

Pins To Kill Leggings

Our cheerleading squad lives in leggings; from school to practice, and loungewear to bed. I tend to buy my daughter name brands for sports leggings, or sew them myself with high quality fabric. Either option costs from $40-$80, depending on retail sales, or fabric price and shipping. I can’t afford to replace the cheap ones all the time.

I feel that nicer quality is less expensive than replacing the cheaper activewear constantly, at least for older kids and adults. (Moms of small ones, you’re in a different boat. Know that one day, your child’s clothing will fit for more than 6 months.)

Lycra has enough stretch that leggings will survive growth spurts. Its moisture wicking and stain resistant, unlike t-shirts. That’s why I want the best price for a tee shirt, but the best quality for athliesure wear.

Pins To Kill: The hot new sports leggings you need right now.

So what’s all the hype about Pins To Kill? You may have seen these leggings on celebrities and extreme sportsers and athletes. They are especially popular with surfers, ballerinas, and rock climbers. Travelistas love printing leggings with their destination photos too.

Pins To Kill Leggings

Pins To Kill leggings- great for cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance


Let’s talk construction. They are made with a 3-thread coverstitch throughout. Triple reinforced seams are major plus. I did the rip test. You know the one, where you check if the seams are loose or thread is showing in the butt-ox. The inseam is nice and secure, no fear.

Pins To Kill leggings


The fabric has excellent four way stretch and is opaque. The rip test mentioned above includes a mandatory sheerness evaluation. If the wearer must consider the color of underwear before putting them on, it’s a no. Pins To Kill passes that test as well. However, the fabric isn’t as thick as some Lycra I’ve worked with, and it’s more lightweight than Nike or UnderArmour. *Pins are now available in heavier weight sports Lycra for only $5 more! Yay.

Pins To Kill leggings: Why you need them now.

The waist elastic is black to match the coverstitching. It’s not bulky and has lots of stretch, but not as soft as lingerie elastic. How fun that you can print a customized message inside the waistband! And how do they do that?!

Pins To Kill leggings

Fit and Sizing

If you are blessed in the calves, rear, or thighs you will want to size up. Curvy girls should use the size chart based on their most hip measurement, rather than the waist. If you are in between sizes, go up. You might want to go up a size just if you’re American, we have this vanity sizing here and it’s a lie. The P2K size chart is accurate and the fit is slim.

Pins To Kill leggings

Too bad I didn’t consult the measuring tape before I chose my daughters size- I was off by 2″. This is particularly embarrassing because I sew, and know to measure fairly often. Mom fail.

Kira saved the day by modeling this pair, and is now the proud owner the coveted lemon pants. My kid isn’t suffering for spandex, but she did ask if I’d buy her a pair of Pins To Kill leggings the next time the need arises, “BecauseTheyreSuperAwesomeAndIReallyLoveThem.” Which brings us to the real question.

Pins To Kill leggings

Would I Buy Them After Trying A Free Pair?

Yup. I definitely will. They are well made enough to  survive constant wear and like 3+ trips a week through the washing machine. I’ll order up a size for the next pair, and choose a dark color because my child attracts dirt. She can design them any way she likes with the Design Now feature.

Well, almost any way she likes. We’ve been having way too much fun together, designing pretend leggings with snarky text. We even tiled some with really embarrassing photos. That’s not going to happen in real life, but it was hilarious.

Pins To Kill provided me with leggings to review for this post. Check them out!





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