Plaid Schoolgirl Outfit For 18″ Doll

Plaid Schoolgirl Outfit For 18″ Doll

Have you heard about the sewing group called Stitch Once Rip Twice? It’s a really fun sew along hosted by Diane at Vintage Zest. You get a nice long time frame to complete your projects; so there’s not pressure to hurry. No rules, just a sort of “jumping off” point. The current challenge is Mad About Plaid.

I was disappointed in my project for the 60s challenge; mainly because I didn’t make it very 60s. For this challenge, I am on another destash and can’t buy fabric. (It’s for a good cause. I bought a new sewing machine!)

What do you do when you only have a fat quarter of anything plaid? Doll clothes. I feel so guilty because the other participants are probably making fabulous people clothes. But there’s still time before the challenge is up; and you never know when some plaid fabric may fall in your lap. (See? I’m already scheming on how I can break the fabric diet. Incorrigible!)

This skirt is made with the Liberty Jane Pleated Skirt guidebook. With all the pleating, this skirt takes a really long strip of fabric. I was short a few inches, but matched it up pretty good in back. And it was an easy sew! The ironing took longer than actual sewing. It’s a long, pleated rectangle connected to an elastic waistband, with one seam in back. (I’m going to try one for Sofie later.)

The tie is from the Dress Me Up Neck Attire pattern from Doll Tag Clothes. I’ve used it many times. It has a piece of 1/4″ elastic that slips over the head. I like it because it’s fully lined. No backside of fabric showing! Plus, the tie has the skinnier end behind it; just like a real one. So it’s not a “tie shaped necklace”. Does that make sense?!

This polo shirt is made with a pattern from Doll Duds. You can get this free polo pattern by signing up for the newsletter at Liberty Jane Patterns. But be warned: it’s not listed on LJC’s new PixieFaire site. I’m not sure if it’s going away, but I’d grab it just in case.

It needs buttons huh? Well I’ll remedy that soon.

I’ve been working with Hannah from Fastenation Studios and she made me these bitty sized doll buttons! 1/8″ buttons are hard to find; and when you do, they are made in China. Plus, they stick out a little too far for doll clothes. I asked Hannah if she could make some 1/4″ and 1/8″ doll buttons, but flatten them a bit. And she did! Aren’t they cute?! So you’ll be seeing some bitty button projects real soon:)

The pink hair extension is from American Girl, and I made the bow. This outfit is a Christmas present for Bella, btw.

I made this purse without a pattern, and it’s a mess. The lining is made from satin scraps. I don’t know what that pink fur stuff is, but it doesn’t get along with satin. I made the bag…then gave it a haircut. It was interesting. If bags aren’t your thing (I always struggle with them!) Gina’s Craft Corner has a ruffled bookbag tutorial, or you can buy a cute backpack from GiGis Doll Creations.

The polo, tie & pleated skirt are the perfect patterns to make a plaid school girl outfit; don’t you think?

Anyways, we’ll see if I break my stash diet the opportunity arises to get a “real” plaid project in for the challenge. For now, I’m being a good girl. You can win a free doll of choice from American Girl and an entire wardrobe with accessories! Have you already entered? You can get bonus daily entries for tweeting and sharing. Head over to the American Girl Doll Mega Giveaway for your chance to win!

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Angela

    Very nice. I have a lot to learn about doll clothes construction. Thanks a bunch.
    Angela recently posted…K is for KnickersMy Profile

  2. Ajaire

    Your doll clothes always look perfectly sewn. I dread the day my girl gets into dolls just thinking about all those tiny stitches ;)
    Those teeny buttons are great. It’s nice to see a company willing to go the extra mile for you.
    Ajaire recently posted…Catching Up – KCW Fall RecapMy Profile

  3. R.F. Dietz

    You did a great job! How will you keep this xmas gift a secret from Bella when it’s posted online? jk The polo shirt is adorable and I think it’s amazing you were able to get smaller buttons because it is the tiny details that make it so special. It’s cool seeing the difference in size when they’re put next to each other, and bonus points for made in usa! Great submission!
    R.F. Dietz recently posted…Parents “Get It”My Profile

  4. Lisa Nelson

    Hey! Doll need clothes too. What would we do in a world where dolls run naked?

    This is such a cute outfit, Amy. Sheesh.

    I wish they had a homeschool for sewing. I would go to your house and ask that you teach me. You are too good. I love all of your clothes, but the doll clothes – I must say – are quiet impressive. Of course, you have hair accent that is perfectly Mayen Designs – as usual.


    That reminds me, is the American Doll Giveaway still going? I think it is . I would love to win a doll for my daughter. My sister got her – her first (and only) American Girl Doll when she was like 2. Too young for something like that. He hair is all ratty (kind of like Mom’s). Mom won’t spend $100 bucks on a doll, so really hoping to win one. Dumb old Mom.

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Lisa Nelson recently posted…Homeschool at the Squishable Baby – Phonics Bingo PrintableMy Profile

  5. Amy of while wearing heels

    Who needs to make people clothes…this is FABULOUS. Bella is going to love it. I love that you give her a few homemade Christmas presents. The plaid shirt and real tie is too cute for words. And, you must have better eyesight than I do…those tiny buttons would leave me blind :)
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Watercolor LeavesMy Profile

  6. Mel

    Oh you have to do it for sophie, the doll is gorgeous and Sophie will be even more adorable. New machine YAY!!!
    Mel recently posted…DIY Iphone CostumeMy Profile

  7. Rachel

    You have mad skills! I don’t like sewing baby clothes because they are too small I can’t get over the awesome doll clothes you make!
    Rachel recently posted…Tree Climber TrousersMy Profile

  8. Gina

    Plaid does make a perfect school girl outfit!! You did an awesome job of pulling patterns from everywhere to make a very cohesive outfit! Looks like an outfit you would buy at AG. The purse is the perfect accessory and I am sure Bella will love it :)


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