PVC Pipe Photo Backdrop

PVC Pipe Photo Backdrop

A couple readers asked how Edson made our photo backdrop at Bella’s birthday party. I saw a ton of them on Pinterest. Here’s a link to a good tutorial:

Wedding Bee PVC Pipe Photo Backdrop

On the way to Home Depot, I found a photo of the PVC frame on Google and showed Edson. He glanced at it for half a second, ran in, and got the stuff. Our total was $40, but we had a few other small items. He used a thicker pipe than shown in the link above, so it wouldn’t be flimsy, and made ours 7″ by 7″. The wider and taller you go, the easier to crop photos later. Also, bigger means more room for group shots.

It took Edson about 4 minutes to put together. (But he’s real handy. It would’ve taken me an hour to figure out.) We were running out of time setting up for the party, so I literally threw some silver fabric over the top, tied a garland on the sides, and taped the fabric together in the back.

I used a roll of that fake snow stuff on the floor. (70% off at Home Depot) Next party, I’ll use some balloon bundles in the top corners to cover the bit of pipe that was showing. For Evans party, I plan to sew curtains. I’ll add an extra few inches on bottom so there’s no gap between the curtain & the floor.

(You can check out my Birthday Ideas for Evans party on Pinterest.)

The pics turned out great. If you have liked MayenDesigns on Facebook, you may have already seen these.



this is one of the only shots I got of Bella in front of the photo display

Krystal, Sofie, Johan (See the gap? Don’t do that.)

Me & Krystal

Edson, Julian, Johan


Edson & Yours Truly

Those are great looking photos. You just crop all the junk around the edges and voila! Instant professional looking photos. (Unless there’s a gap between the curtain & the floor, or the tape came undone and the curtain gaps, but I’m sure you’ll do a better job than I did!)

Now I’m going to go play around in photoshop. I wonder if I can edit out fat arms, etc? Hey, it’s easier than working out! :)

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  1. Margaret F Johnson

    Looks great. You all look great. Her dress is beautiful.


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