Reef Camisole pattern by Megan Nielsen

Reef Camisole pattern by Megan Nielsen

I got to test the Reef Camisole & Shorts pattern back in April. I knew that the top wouldn’t work without adjustments, but I applied for testing because I wanted to make the shorts. I added a note in my application that woven tops don’t generally work for me without major overhaul, and didn’t expect to be chosen.

Reef Camisole by Megan Nielson patterns (without full bust adjustment)

I typically fall off the grid in the bust on size charts. I’m kind of a pro at dressing to minimize, but almost zero patterns work for me out of the box. As a result I’m passed over for pattern testing fairly often, for good reason really. Kudos to Megan for choosing a diverse group of testers.

Reef Camisole by Megan Nielsen Patterns

So this is my Reef Camisole. I used mystery stash, some sort of synthetic blend with a bit of sheerness. I cut a size large and there are no adjustments for pattern testing purposes.

Reef Camisole by Megan Nielsen Patterns

You can see I could use a little more room in the bust, and some more length in the front. The fabric is a bit crisp and doesn’t drape as nicely as I’d like. I’m debating a traditional FBA, or maybe just different fabric and add some length.  It actually fits better than most top patterns pre-adjustment.

Note: The armcye is designed to be a bit lower and wider for sleep/lounge purposes. There are instructions to bring it up if you prefer. I don’t make pajamas for myself, I aim for multi-purpose garments. My future Reef Camisoles will be intended for day wear. I like where the armcye sits, but will probably bring it up to cover more of my bra.

Reef Camisole by Megan Nielsen Patterns

I’d like to note that the pattern is true to size and professionally graded. The instructions are great, and I love the design aesthetic. I definitely reccomend the Reef Camisole & Shorts pattern and plan to make more. Check out my Reef Shorts if you’d like to see the rest of the pattern.

Check out the Reef Camisole & Shorts pattern at Megan Nielsen

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