Ruffly Baby Outfit & Random Musings

By Amy Mayen


I made this outfit last summer when I first started sewing again.


I love how it makes Sofie look so fluffy and cuddly.



It’s not my best work, but I could barely operate a home sewing machine back then. I was so used to a big industrial machine- I always though I’d break my little Singer! A sewing machine I can pick up? What?!!

Now I’m so used to my little machine I don’t think I could use anything else.

Unless it was a fancy Bernina…have you seen the sexy ads? It’s the Lamborghini of sewing machines right?

This outfit was featured by the fabulous Amie of Pinkapotamus! Check out her awesome site!

Featured on Pinkapotamus



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  1. The little bloomers with the ruffles are just perfect for this outfit. Adorable!!! I purchased a Bernina 2 years ago and I love it…

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