Sally Dress Remix| Cuffed Sleeve Detail

Sally Dress Remix| Cuffed Sleeve Detail

Finally, I’m bringing home my Sally dress! You can see my pattern review at Go To Sew.

I used the three quarter inch sleeve option, and added a cuffed sleeve with a button tab. I have a cuffed sleeve tutorial if you’d like to see how:)

The buttons are from Fastenation Studio. Hannah color matched them with just a photo of the fabric! I am ruined on “store bought” buttons for the rest of my life.

And I have more Fastenation Studio buttons in the stash, so stay tuned…I get to show you more soon!

I never was able to source this fabric. I’m not losing sleep over it or anything, but if any of you recognize the print, let me know! I love the little hearts and arrows on this print!

Below you see the face of recognition. This is the “aha” moment. She has just found M&Ms hidden in the pockets; which is my secret weapon to get an extra 2 minutes of camera clicks.

Of all the kids, my little niece gives me the best photos. She loves getting her picture taken. This kid has stolen her moms phone, taken her own selfie, and uploaded it to Facebook. Was it a random accident, or are we dealing with a wanna be celebri-tot?

I can’t wait to show you my Gatsby dress next. I’ve been doing a bit of doll sewing too. Hint: there are some cool giveaways coming this way next month! Are y’all still surviving Christmas break? My house is running amuck with children who are ready for Santa!

My Sally dress is featured here:

All Things with Purpose

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  1. domestic bliss squared

    Whenever I stop by to check out your blog I always get stuck looking around for at least half an hour…again! You are so talented, this is an ADORABLE dress!

  2. thisblogisnotforyou

    Soo sooo soo cute! Love the little pink buttons and the pockets. She looks very happy in it! Have a wonderful Christmas, Amy!x

  3. Amy of while wearing heels

    Oh my goodness. I love it. You always add such thoughtful details. The hearts and arrow fabric is great. I love that you put m&ms in the pockets for 2 extra minutes of pictures. You are brilliant…oh and a bit of a tease. Can’t wait to see the Gatsby dress!!!

  4. Mel

    The dress is beautiful she could wear that for valentines day. She is just so adorable I just hope she doesn’t do duck face selfies lol uploading to fb kids a genius!

  5. Gina

    That is an adorable dress and photo shoot! I don’t recognize the fabric but I love it; the button seems to have been made especially for that fabric too. My favorite detail is the 3/4″ sleeves and cuff!! Awesome work Amy :)!!!


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