Salyer Lake Weekend Camping Trip

Salyer Lake Weekend Camping Trip

In summer, it’s a little harder to keep up with the blog. I don’t like my daughter on the internet too much, and that means I have to set the example. (Who invented that rule?!) So you may see more kid crafts at SewsNBows; and less of me on social media for a couple months. I promise I’m still sewing! I’ve got several pattern tours coming up, and I’ll keep bringing you all the cool tween patterns. I’m not going away:)

Tailgate Kids | Salyer Lake 2014

In the meantime, I wanted to show you pictures from our Salyer Lake camping trip. Salyer Lake is the site of a future church camp. It’s not officially open yet, but it’s already an amazing place. There are 7 years of hard work coming to fruition there! I have to add, the people who are volunteering to mow, build, and maintain this place are truly doing Gods work.

Hubby and I went there last weekend with my daughter & her bestie, plus my nephews and the dog. We brought Mom along too, and it was nice having an extra set of eyes on all those hooligans.

Exploring trails at Salyer Lake

We were in the land of no cell signal or wifi; and had over 700 acres of red dirt to ourselves. The first thing I did was hand the kids some radios and whistles and tell them to go away.

Salyer Lake, Oklahoma

Living in the city, they don’t get to roam free or be out of our sight. Ever. The country girl in me was a little embarrassed when a couple kids came running back, terror stricken. “They’re going too far!” and “We can’t see you!”

They were about 10 yards away. Jeez.

Salyer Lake Oklahoma

Where we stayed, every trail and path led back to our cabins. Once they learned their way around, they relaxed and explored a bit. This little bridge provides a footpath back to our cabin.

Salyer Lake summer camp

There are several cabins set up for summer camp, with plans to build 2 more. Our cabin had 24 bunk beds! The kids scrambled around, each claiming an area as their own. Shortly after dark, they decided to sleep in one corner, 2 bunk beds together. It could’ve been the strange nightime noises that spurred this sudden amiability, because normally girls have germs and boys are stupid.

Campfire hot dogs

We brought all the staple camping foods, like weenies and s’mores. Plus I made a cake using this Dutch Oven Chocolate Cake recipe from Diana Rambles. I modified the recipe to use what we had on hand, which was Hershey’s candy bars. I burned half the cake to ensure that everyone’s expectations of my culinary skills stay low. The other half tasted amazing. Kids were face palming this stuff. (Our kids are animals, what can I say.)

Paddle boating | Salyer Lake

Canoeing at Salyer Lake

Salyer Lake has paddle boats and canoes. But the kids favorite thing ever was the water slide! It’s big, so it was hard to get it all in one shot. Can you see it behind the trees?

Salyer Lake water slide

Salyer Lake Water Slide

Basically, you grab a floatie. Run up a hill at as fast as you can. Climb the stairs to the top…and then this!

Salyer Lake water slide

There’s also a shooting range on top of a mountain. It’s not really a mountain; but it’s high up there. The terrain was scary to me, even though our truck is built for off roading. I’d love to bring 4 wheelers next time!

BB gun fun

I’ll spare you all the photos, but I had some very proud Aunt moments up there. My little left-handed nephew is showing excellent gun handling and safety skills. His little brother here isn’t ready to shoot much more than this BB gun; but he’s learning too. Notice his finger not on the trigger until he’s ready to shoot? Told ya; proud Aunt.

Fishing at Lake Salyer

There’s bass and catfish, but we didn’t catch anything. I think we need some more practice fishing. Surprisingly, youngest nephew and darling monkey Isabelle were the only 2 who really seemed to like it. I’m betting if the kids catch anything, they’ll be hooked. Pun intended.

Summer camping

We had a great time out there. A friend told me it would be liberating to be unplugged. I didn’t believe her, but after the initial panic wore off; she was right! I can’t wait to get back outdoors again. This place is going to be the best summer camp destination ever.

It was such a good experience that I’ve even unplugged at home quite a bit. I’m still here, but when I’m doing something, I just do that. No more carrying the iPad around like an oxygen tank that I need in order to live. (I can’t breathe…help !) Just kidding. It’s nice being in the moment.


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  1. Mel

    That looks like loads of fun, I’m glad you enjoyed unplugging for a while, it’s a good thing to do :)
    Mel recently posted…TV Console – Mummy Approved!My Profile

  2. thisblogisnotforyou

    Awww, it looks like you had the most amazing time ever! These pics remind me so much of the vacations and camping trips when I was younger. Now I want to travel back in time for a weekend of camping fun!
    thisblogisnotforyou recently posted…My John Lewis 150 Sewing Bee DressMy Profile

  3. Imalee Crow

    I’m a board member for Salyer Lake. I’m so glad you had a good time and that you posted your pictures and comments. We are working hard to make this a great place for families and we hope you will come back!

  4. Gina

    Looks like the perfect summertime destination!!! It is sad how kids don’t get to roam free and explore outside any more so this must have been a really fun experience for them. As they get older they will probably look back and this will be a favorite memory!
    Gina recently posted…WIP Wednesday: SWap ProjectMy Profile


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