April Showers Scirocco Dress

April Showers Scirocco Dress

I’m calling this project my April Showers Scirocco Dress. The pattern is from Figgy’s and it’s my 3rd time making it. Last year I wrote a pattern review on this dress. I love Figgy’s patterns!

April Showers Scirocco Dress | SewsNBows

Shame on me for not pressing before taking photos! And double shame for not pulling Sofie’s hair up and out of her face. I didn’t have much time to prepare. I answer to this kids naptime.

Dress bodice detail with vintage button | SewsNBows

For the bodice, I used peach piping. I made it for a previous project and had just enough leftover. The button was a score from last years Dallas fabric trip. I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it was more than I normally spend. Busting through this stash means using up what I have on hand, and letting go of my fancy buttons. I’m probably going to take that button back when my niece outgrows this dress though! (Judge if you must. It’s a fabulous button.)

April Showers Scirocco Dress | SewsNBows

This inexpensive cotton is a little stiff. So when I finished the twist in the back bodice; the seam line was pretty visible. I made a knot in back which formed a cute little bow. I guess if you make the dress this way, you probably wouldn’t have to do the twist. I’m not sure.

*to make the knot, I sewed a 1″ tube; tucked it into itself, and slip stitched the opening.

Floral Scirocco Dress | SewsNBows

It started raining minutes after we finished taking these photos. I guess all the April showers will bring May flowers!

Speaking of flowers, I planted some tall yellow ones last year that haven’t come up yet. I believe I’ll get some purple somethings and marigolds too. If they don’t choke each other out! It will be survival of the fittest, because I’m more of a vegetable gardener.

Floral Spring Toddler Dress | SewsNBows

Tomorrow, darling daughter gets her short arm cast. I’m hoping to show you how to bling it up and share some tips on dealing with a broken arm. It’s becoming an annual tradition to break a limb here…

Floral Scirocco Dress | SewsNBows

I’m going to have another niece, in Virginia! I’ve been making teeny baby stuff. It’s nice using up smaller scraps. Lately I’ve been wanting to just sew what I want, without stopping to take pictures or write a tutorial. I want to call it writers block, but it’s more like blogger burnout.

Floral toddler dress with 3 tiered flounce |SewsNBows

I put myself under pressure sometimes. I feel like I should be designing patterns & writing more tutorials like the big blogs do. My blog to do list is overwhelming. I need to write an about me page. But it needs to be fun and witty, and full of photos that make me look cooler than I am. My Etsy shop needs to be stocked. I need to make an Etsy button. My sidebar is cluttery. I need a tutorials page that automatically updates itself. I need to fix my HTML code to show accurate bounce rate. Blah blah freakin’ blah.

Scirocco Dress | SewsNBows

I just want to sew stuff.

Scirocco Dress | SewsNBows

Anyways, I’ve spent the week mindlessly sewing easy things. Monday I get to show you a dress I made for me! Soon I’ll be testing the new tween pattern from Peaches & Peanuts. Oh, and I’m hemming pants for my Uncle Mike. Other than that, no sewing plans at all. And it’s blissful!

Scirocco Dress | SewsNBows

Ooh! I got some new sewing goodies for my birthday. I can’t wait to tell you about it in my April expense report.

Floral Toddler Dress by SewsNBows

My current goal is to tame my stash and make it fit into 4 cabinets. Might take a while…Let me know your favorite scrap busting projects if you have some!


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Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Kelley

    Such a pretty dress Amy! I love the fabric and the back. Oh how I wish I could sew like you. And my bloggy to do list is super long too.. wahhhh. Its ok. Just keep swimming just keep swimming :)
    Kelley recently posted…Life of the Party No. 35My Profile

  2. Cindy

    The dress is beautiful! That fabric is the perfect for it!

    I hear you on “blogger burnout”. I’ve felt the same way since the beginning of the year. Taking pictures, editing them, and then writing something half way interesting about it has started to feel way too much like work. And since my blog is strictly for fun that means not too many blog posts recently unless it’s something I’m obligated to do (pattern and/or fabric review, blog hop, etc.).
    Cindy recently posted…Pretty Frocks and a TopMy Profile

  3. Amy of while wearing heels

    Lots to take in and comment about! Happy birthday!!! Congratulations on your new niece…she is going to be one lucky little girl with a professional seamstress for an aunt (yes, I consider you professional!). And, I am still giggling over your fabulous button and how you’ll be taking it back when the dress is outgrown. I would totally do the same!
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Felt Peeps Finger Puppet TutorialMy Profile

  4. Ajaire

    I need to make another scirocco! I love the back. Did you see where last year someone used it for a bathing suit? I can’t remember now who that was. I also have been slow with the blogging the past two weeks. I’m getting back into the swing though I think. May is yet another busy month :)
    Ajaire recently posted…Bess Skater Dress MashUp TutorialMy Profile

  5. Gina

    Pretty dress and photos!!! I love the piping and the bow in back. Your flowers are gorgeous; hope they don’t choke out the other colors :) the blog Samelia’s Mum has a ton of scrap busting projects, but they aren’t clothes. I can’t wait to see the baby ensemble you have assembled ;)
    Gina recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Wee Wonder Play Mat in ActionMy Profile

  6. Pam @Threading My Way

    Such a pretty dress… love the fabric, the flounces and the piping on the bodice. Never mind what the big blogs do. It’s your blog, make it what YOU want it to be.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…Peter Rabbit Quilt…My Profile

  7. Mel

    You’re already cool, so don’t worry about that and you don’t need to be like anybody else!
    Mel recently posted…Winter Is Coming!My Profile

  8. Annie

    Pretty! I love the soft color pallet, and that button really makes it special! And seems Sofie is enjoying the dress a lot. Congratulations on having your new niece, now you have another little one to sew for! You should have at least 3 years to sew whatever you want for her, before she starts making demands on color and designs ;)
    Annie recently posted…Bat Girl Costume for Little MomoMy Profile


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