Self Drafted High Low Tunic in French Terry

Self Drafted High Low Tunic in French Terry

Have you ever messed up a ridiculously easy sewing project? That’s how this self drafted high low tunic happened. And the more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. It’s not awful, I think it’s super cute actually. But I only because I stopped before it got completely butchered.

High Low French Terry Top

This is French Terry that I won at Sew Country Chick a while back. I love the striped front and the neon loopy side equally, so I wanted a tunic with raw hems and neckline. I had to have both sides! Unfinished edges with contrasting colors are so trendy right now.

French Terry Top with High Low Hem

The first thing I did wrong was try to draft my own pattern. I don’t like drafting, I really don’t. There’s a balance between trying new things and knowing your weaknesses. I know for a dang fact that I hate drafting, and even if I were good at it; I’d still hate it. That’s 30 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

Self Drafted French Terry Tunic | SewsNBows

So I cut the front too low, in fact she’s wearing this tunic backwards right now. Yeah. And above, you can see the nice high low effect I was going for. But it’s in backwards, so I guess that makes it low-high. Sigh.

Self drafted high low tunic (worn backwards!)

I left the sleeves long and rolled them up. They are perfect for a giraffe. I’m thinking it might fit her well next year as a top, so I kept the length. Apparently I’m not capable of measuring, so I’ll just hack the sleeves/hem to the appropriate lengths when she grows into it.

Self Drafted High Low Tunic

I’ve had a series of projects that aren’t fitting my niece right. It’s really hard to sew and draft on nothing but measurements. I have such respect for women who make clothing to sell, or send to far away loved ones.

Girls Self Drafted High Low Tunic | SewsNBows

The bow is a winner though!

Double Stacked Neon Bow | SewsNBows

Flat drafting is something I’ll never enjoy. I also dislike using a rotary cutter, matching stripes in knit fabric, and shirring on a Brother. (Other machines are fine.) What sewing tasks do you least enjoy? Is there a skill or technique that you have absolutely no desire to learn?

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  1. Pam @Threading My Way

    It’s SO much easier to sew for little ones when you can try it on a couple of times when sewing!!! Love your idea of not hemming so you can see the orange. What lovely fabric.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…More Sites to Get YOUR Blog Seen…My Profile

  2. Annie

    Self-drafting is definitely not an easy project! The fabric is great and looks so comfy, I think your idea of making a tunic with it showing the contrast color side was spot on. It is cute now, and will be a cute top next year! And hey, I always make things too big for my daughter, and I live with her and care for her everyday. But somehow I always think she is bigger than she actually is ;o
    Annie recently posted…Reindeer Hanami Top for Little MomoMy Profile

  3. Gina

    It’s a cute tunic and it looks comfortable! I think you are right and it will fit her perfectly next year. With so many good, reasonably priced patterns out there i never feel like I need to reinvent the wheel and self draft either. Tweaking a pattern can be fun but I have no desire to start a garment with out a pattern. I dislike cutting things out although garment cutting is much easier than quilt cutting and I really dislike tracing patterns and not a big fan of making pleats :)

  4. Angela

    That fabric is awesome and your idea to showcase both sides is excellent. The bow is definitely a winner. Sewing tasks I dislike include: needing to stop and wind another bobbin, hand sewing linings, transferring pattern markings and the dreaded darts (which require pattern markings plus sewing the actual darts so double whammy).
    Angela recently posted…Sew the Show – Friends InspirationMy Profile


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