Selfie Insecurities & Striped Swoon Cardigan

Selfie Insecurities & Striped Swoon Cardigan

I snapped photos of my scarf neck cardigan, finally! I’ve already shown a purple one I made for a friend, and a girl’s version I made for my daughter. I’ve professed my undying love for this sewing pattern, and what a wardrobe staple it is. And it’s a FREE pattern from Swoon! (Scroll to the bottom for pattern link & fabric details.)

A cute striped cardigan made with a free pattern by Swoon

There are 2 obstacles that kept me from sewing for myself more or blogging about it. One is the fact that I need every adjustment. FBA, DBA, broad shoulders, swayback, and flat butt. (Don’t be fooled darlings, these jeans are magical.) It seems like a new body fit issue pops up before I learn to adjust the last one! I talked about clothing fit issues before, so today lets talk about:

Selfie Insecurities

Months ago, while taking blog photos; I realized I was being a bully to myself. Here are some actual thoughts I thunk:

“Don’t turn your head. Nobody needs to see your witch nose.”

“Wow, 3 chins. Delete.”

“I’m not gaining weight. I’m just storing fat for the winter.”

“Suck in!”

“Are my boobs weird?”

“Open your eyes, you look stoned.”

“Okay, now you look like a serial killer. Just stop.”

“I hate my Medusa hair.”

Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon Pattern, and some thoughts about social media induced Selfie Insecurities

This post isn’t intended to self depreciate or beg for compliments. I consider myself a confident woman, so why so much vanity when the camera comes out?

Selfie Insecurities: some interesting thoughts from a sewing blogger

Then I caught myself scrolling my facebook feed, tongue-clicking the trashy makeup or booby profile pics. Bad parenting. Dating practices. Spending habits. The chick who posted 30 duck faces in a row. She must think she’s sooo cute.

Judgy McJudgerPants, here.


Free Sewing Pattern: Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon

I make judgments, that’s why I was so critical of myself and how I look in photos. It sucks, because I really like to think of myself as a kind person. Did social media turn me into a jerk, or did I just not notice it before?

Free Sewing Pattern: Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon

I’m not sure if judginess causes selfie insecurities, but there was a correlation in my case. I do know that my selfie phobia isn’t so bad since I’ve realized it was a choice I was making. People are going to judge us no matter what. Changing your outlook will not stop judgment. It will just make you above it.

(It’s still slightly awkward taking photos of myself. I must think I’m sooo cute. Just kidding.)

Scarf Neck Cardigan: Free Sewing Pattern by Swoon

Why is it so much harder to control my thoughts than my words and actions? Anyone else struggle with that? And have you made a Swoon cardigan yet? You won’t regret it!

Pattern: Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon (free PDF!)
Fabric: lightweight striped knit from Girl Charlee
Alterations: none- but I haven’t hemmed the sleeves yet.

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Julie

    Oh I think we’ve all been there with the ” wow, is that really what I look like?” photos! The camera does lie- all the time! I think you’re right that all this bombardment of social media has made us a little bit judgy, I guess recognising it is the first step to trying not to.
    And I love the cardie, pinning that for my collection, thanks
    Julie recently posted…Bits and Pieces CardsMy Profile

  2. Cheryl@ Sew Can Do

    First, I really want to make this now because yours looks so cute, so thank you. Second, I swear you are me with your feelings about yourself in photos and your Judgy McJudgerPants thoughts (and I often wonder the same thing about “is it me?” or just social media creating certain tendencies). I think if we stop judging ourselves so harshly, it won’t come out towards other people as much either. I think you look great! Thanks for sharing this at Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do. I’ll be featuring your gorgeous self this week;)
    Cheryl@ Sew Can Do recently posted…New Fashion Patterns & 50% Off from Seamingly SmittenMy Profile

  3. Annie

    Beautiful cardi! I love this style, but I would love it a lot longer on me…wonder how the fitting will be if I add extra extra length.
    These days I care less about how others think of me, but more awkward taking pictures of myself…it is hard not to be critical of myself. Still love taking photos with my kid though :)
    Annie recently posted…Woodland Fairy Costume for Little MomoMy Profile

  4. Christiane

    In my opinion you look very great and I like your Cardigan! Stripes! I love your fabric! Thanks a lot for the link to the free pattern. I’ll try it. And you have wonderful hair. There is nothing wrong with it.

    Best regards from Germany :)

  5. Agnes

    Very witty & insightful post! I know exactly what you mean & I suspect most people catch themselves doing the same thing. I recently watched a few episodes of the old Brit TV series All Creatures Great & Small and caught myself thinking “Hmm. That woman should really not be wearing sleeveless dresses…etc., etc” The actress was playing a 1940’s Yorkshire farm wife, not some Vogue supermodel & she really looked absolutely fine! Reminded me of my gran, actually. You know, a real woman. I think we’re all so immersed in media images of women in magazines, TV, movies, etc., images that have been air-brushed, Photoshopped, and otherwise manipulated that it has distorted our idea of what a real women look like. Like you, I also find myself turning this hypercritical Project Runway sensibility on myself, and it’s a conscious effort to shut it down. Thanks for reminding everyone!
    And your cardigan is lovely. Using a striped fabric was a great idea! I made this last year in a tissue weight gold lame to go with an outfit for New Year’s Eve. You’ve reminded me what a great little wardrobe piece it is, and I’m going to make it again in something a bit more fitting for everyday.

  6. Pam @Threading My Way

    I can totally relate, Amy. I’m so critical of photos of me and go through many to get a few shots I’m semi-happy with. I’m getting better at not caring what people think. It’s hard, though. Thing is, I think we’re more critical of ourselves than others are of us. Beaut top and one that’s definitely on my To Do list.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…T-shirt Yarn ProjectsMy Profile

  7. Angela

    It’s a beautiful cardigan on a beautiful woman – inside and out. I totally get what you’re saying though. I have the same issues and I see it in my teenagers too. The gospel and homily at mass last weekend was all about judging. Our pastor said to work on three things but I’m not sure I can remember all 3 now, sorry Fr. John. One was to let go of fear, two escapes me, and three was not to make assumptions. Being aware of the judgements happening is really good because then you can shut it down immediately. Some pyschologists or maybe Oprah would say that what you are seeing negatively in other people is stuff you don’t like about yourself and that’s why you notice it. I find that true sometimes and I think that’s where that fear comes in. Fear that I may not be perfect and fear that others will see it too. Though I’m pretty dang sure I’m far from perfect, but it would be nice if other people didn’t know just how far off I am. Lol.

    The good news is that when we become aware of the judging, we can stop it. And it should become less and less and spill over to not judging ourselves so harshly. That whole “love your neighbor as yourself” thing or like the Buddhist principal of non-harming (self and others). So be nice to yourself girl and have a fab weekend.
    Angela recently posted…Sew Elena: Circle Shorts & a woven NessieMy Profile

  8. Patricia

    Haha! Judgy McJudgerPants! Don’t we all wear those jeans on occasion? We forget that others judge us… I think that is WHY we judge ourself so harshly. I personally have an issue with selfies. By issue – I mean I don’t like my own selfies, I barely like photos of myself. I think selfies are rampant… And Annoying when RANDOM. I’m not talking about showing a new out fit or new make up… I just mean the annoying — let me take a selfie— I never think a group photo is random or annoying. Sharing moments with friends and family are important. We’re fortunate to live in an age when we can upload our moments for family and friends so instantly. Your pictures today are tastefully done and sweet. I love your casual flair! And that cardigan… Have a great weekend !


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