My Sew-Jo Is Back Because New Fabric

My Sew-Jo Is Back Because New Fabric

Once or twice a year, I lose my sew-jo. It usually lasts a week or two, and its nerve wracking. I have some tricks that have worked in the past, like organizing my sewing room or focusing on a remodeling project. Sometimes taking a week off to study sewing makes me want to sew. I’ve also got into a good book series, or spent way too much time on Pinterest in search of my motivation. I obey myself when I don’t feel like sewing, and it always comes back.

Bohemian Fabric Collection by Amy Mayen, available at My Fabric Designs

Today my sew-jo came back full force. My package came in the mail from My Fabric Designs. I guess pretty new fabric is all it takes! Meet the new additions to my fabric family.

Caravan in amethyst by Amy Mayen, available at My Fabric Designs

Caravan Amethyst by Amy Mayen, shown in cotton silk. Available at My Fabric Designs

This is Caravan in amethyst, one of the designs in my bohemian collection. I love it in cotton silk. It has more of a sheen and a crisper hand than the crepe. I plan to make a pair of those pom-pom shorts, but minus the poms. Pretty lounge shorts, yasssss!

And this is Ocean View in silk crepe de chine. It will become a kimono, if I can eek out the pattern out of my 3 yards. I forgot to account for pre-wash shrinkage! I really want a long kimono; but if I’m short of fabric I’ll make the waist length version. Shorter would be more practical for a farm girl, but I’m in the mood for frivolity at the moment.

New fabric for motivation? I think yes! Although this discovery could be dangerous.

Why did my sew-jo return at the start if a busy weekend? I have a wedding to attend, and I don’t dare distract myself by cutting my garments out. Waiting to sew is killing me. I can’t wait!

If you purchase one of my designs, I recieve a commission. I think it’s pretty generous at 15%. If you’re thinking about trying your hand at textile design, My Fabric Designs is the place to go. Click the button below to check it out!

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Gina

    Can’t wait to see your Pom Pom-less Pom Pom shorts and your kimono! I hope you have enough fabric for the frivolous one!!! P.s. Your blog update looks great!!!!


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