Sewing for Bitty Twin Boys

Sewing for Bitty Twin Boys

My nephew and my daughter both have a bitty twin boy. I’ve found that most of the 18″ doll patterns fit bitty twins, even though they are technically 15″ dolls. I used the V-neck tee from LJC and the Cargo shorts pattern from 123 Mulberry street. Check out my 12 Best Boy Doll Patterns if you’d like links to these & other great boy patterns.

I made this outfit from completely outgrown and thoroughly ruined old clothes. Free projects are my favorite! Evan is 4, and he thinks it’s really neat that baby Evan wears his old shirt. I cut the center front from the center of his old shirt, & got to keep the football players head.

I should tell you that my daughter and my nephew Evan both named their dolls Evan. The little doll just looks like my nephew so much to me! You can see a side by side of the boy & the doll here. 3 Evans gets confusing, even when two of them aren’t alive.

Nobody was thrilled when I got Evan a doll. I don’t understand it at all. He’s so rough & tumble that I wanted a toy that bring out his compassion. My nephew reminds me of my brothers growing up. He’s one of those kids who will want to race dirt bikes and blow things up…a parental heart attack but an aunt’s pride & joy.

He loves to drop baby Evan from tall trees or put him in a car and wreck it into a wall. You know, compassionate things like that. But I know he loves his doll, because if anybody else tries to play rough with it, Evan goes ballistic. He’s not the kind of kid who cries if he gets hit or teased by a kid, but I’ve seen tears in his eyes if someone mistreats his doll. Tears, followed by punches. Yup, that’s my littlest nephew.

Anyways, he loves Baby Evan’s new outfit, and I plan to make some jeans & hoodies soon. I want to keep him playing with his doll as long as possible, if nothing else just to annoy his parents and my husband. (Mean spirited chuckle ;)

My daughter has always been into BB guns and tomboy stuff. Evans brother is totally into sports & video games- Julian wouldn’t be caught dead with a doll. I just try to encourage whatever they like.

Kids are cool people, it’s kind of neat to let see what they like without influencing them too much. Children are naturally inclined to try to “please” adults. They really try to behave in the way that they think we want them to act. One of my favorite things about Evan is…he really doesn’t try to please anyone. Every sweet little thing he does- its because he wants to out if the goodness of his heart. But prepare for a battle if you think he’s going to do something he doesn’t want to. You can’t use psychology on this kid. He’s strong willed. I love it! Do you have a strong willed child?

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Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Katherines Corner

    Awesome, what a great job! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  2. Pam @Threading My Way

    I think it’s important that boys have dolls. We want them to help take care of their kids when they grow up, so it’s natural to have them play with dolls as kids.

  3. Diana Rambles

    Very cute! My daughter wants me to make school uniforms for her dolls. These shorts would be cute for that. I ordered some polos online cause they are too much of a pain to make. I might do a simple navy skirt.

  4. Lisa Nelson

    This is so very cute! I think it’s so great that you make doll clothes. In all honesty, everytime you post – I’m like – what? I would never think of such. They are so small.

    I said this before and I will say it again. You are so incredibly talented woman!

    How did The Little Bit do in the pagent? Any updates?

  5. momstheword

    Oh how adorable! You always do such a great job! Thanks for linking up to “Making Your Home Sing Monday” linky party! :)

  6. Camille

    “3 Evans gets confusing, even when two of them aren’t alive.” I LOLed at that!

    I don’t see why some people think boys having dolls is weird. My daughter loves dolls, dressing up, and playing kitchen, but she also loves trucks, airplanes, and superheroes. No big deal, whatever makes her happy!

    By the way, the outfit is super cute! :)

  7. Rachel

    Umm love. And total stunt double! My little boy has a baby. He’s sort of luke warm on it, but he goes through phases where they hang out. I’m sure he would be totally entertained by some new outfits for him. Great post. :)

  8. Amy of while wearing heels

    Evan is adorable…all three of them :). I love that you used old ruined clothes to make clothes for the twins. Great job as usual.

  9. domestic bliss squared

    SO cute! Love the actual T shirt on the bitty baby! Repurposing things like that make for some really authentic little clothes. And I love that you gave your nephew a doll! I’ve never understood society’s weird attitude about little boys and dolls. My son is 16 months and one of his favorite toys is a singing barbie doll with pink hair! He can even say “Baa-bee!” and carries it everywhere hugging it. Now, does he also play with cars and balls and run around like a crazypants? Yes! I think its wonderful that a pink barbie goes with him on his adventures.

  10. ingrid@nowathomemom

    Evan your nephew and Evan the doll with his new t-shirt are both so cute and yes, they do look alike! :-)
    I wouldn’t mind if my son would like dolls :-) & oh yes my son is strong willed too! :-)

  11. Gina

    What a fun post and the outfit is Adorable!! Looks just like I used to dress my boys when they were Evan’s age. Do I have a strong willed child? Yeah, I have 6 of them!! They all have somewhat of a stubborn streak and #5 wants to rule the world. I have quite the task molding that one to use her powers for good and not mischief!! It makes her so mad to not be able to be the parent!

  12. Joe

    Excellent blog post Amy, he’s probably pretending that it’s his stunt double. What’s even better though, and just as important, it’s always nice to get some innocent jabs in on the in-laws (Hee Hee). The little guys probably going to grow up to be a NASCAR Driver or Astronaut just you wait and see. I can almost guarantee it. He’s also probably going to really love his kids and family and that is something he’ll remember you teaching him. :)


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