Sewing Panty Elastic

Sewing Panty Elastic

I’ve been practicing sewing panty elastic, and I can see lots of improvement!

Improving My Technique: Sewing Panty Elastic

A while back, I slapped together some undies, mostly just to use up fabric scraps. As I was sewing that last batch, I came across this post at Emerald Erin: 3 Ways To Sew Panty Elastic. I decided to slow down and try each technique for my next round. So here’s the more carefully sewn, but not yet perfect set of Scrundlewear panties.

Sewing Panty Elastic (Scrundlewear Pattern)

I made this pair first. I’ve brightened the photos so you can see stitches better. I changed my machine settings to a wider stitch, which looks a little nicer I think. I didn’t get close enough to my picot lace edge though.

Sewing Panty Elastic

For the next pair, I changed my speed settings to reeeaally slow.

Sewing Panty Elastic

I added this cute side seam detail:

Panty Elastic: Side Seam Picot Lace Detail

And I got a lot closer to the edge of the lace, where it just peeks out. Should the zig zag stitches be closer to the edge of the fabric? Because that would be a really WIDE stitch…

Sewing Panty Elastic (leg opening)

Sewing Panty Elastic: joining seams

I’m not satisfied with my elastic joint at the waistband here.

Sewing Panty Elastic

My fold-over elastic joints look awesome though. You can’t even see them, I’m so happy!

Sewing Panty Elastic: Fold Over Elastic

In store bought panties, the stitches aren’t so short. These have tons of stretch, so I’m not sure if it’s wrong. What do you guys think? I still have lots to learn about sewing panty elastic.

Sewing Panty Elastic

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Diana

    You make this look so easy, but I am worried I’d screw them up and end up with more of a halloween mask than undies!!

  2. Pam @Threading My Way

    Can’t give you any advice, Amy. You are streets ahead of me. From where I’m sitting they all look perfect.


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