Sewing Room Remodel- Phase 1

Sewing Room Remodel- Phase 1

Remember my blog post, “My Craft Room Isn’t Crafty!!”? That’s when I was sewing on the kitchen table & couldn’t stand it anymore!

Mr. SewsNBows took me to Lowe’s last night to look at some floor cabinets. You see, I’ve been Pinteresting him to death, forcing him to look at craft room DIYs and remodels. He decided it would be easier to use floor cabinets for the base of my sewing table than to custom build. This way he can just cut plywood to fit the top. We’ll cover it with somthing nice, slap some paint and hardware on, and call it a day.

The corner cabinet has a lazy Susan!

I moved my machines, equipment, a corner shelf, and lots of random sewing stuff. I had to stash things in my office and my bedroom so he’d have room to work.

So far I have destroyed four areas of my house getting ready for the remodel. Edson will be so happy when he gets home. I’ve already prepped his area!! I hope he didn’t think he was going to do it another day. (Evil laugh! )

I should mention, my “sewing” room is my laundry room. I snapped a few pics to show you how bad it is. Please don’t judge the mess.

The water heater is really an eyesore. That will definitely be covered somehow in one of the next remodel phases.

I could probably use a prettier washer and dryer too, but I’ve had them for a long time and they’ve been so good to me. Money definitely isn’t the issue. I could buy a whole laundromat if I wanted to. It’s the principle. You probably think I’m weird but a grew up without much money, and I like to make do when possible.

Pretend the shoeboxes and baskets of fabric and crap isn’t there okay?

Well, here are more horrible before pictures! I know that I always get blessed. Some things take a little longer than others. Have you noticed the good stuff is totally worth waiting for?

You can click here to see the sewing table put together.

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