Sewing Splurges: My Wish List

Sewing Splurges: My Wish List

A list of sewing splurges I can’t live without. Er…you! You can’t live without:)

Sewing Splurges You Can't Live Without

I’ve been itching to shop. Fabric…especially fabric.

*Silent tears*

I’m pretty sure that once we get this farm income rolling, I’m gonna be swiping visa so hard I’ll dislocate a shoulder. My budget doesn’t agree with my wishlists right now, but these are some things I’ve had my eye on. These are Amazon affiliate links, and you can click on the images to read about the items.



Janome Cover Pro Coverstitch Machine

I have been wanting a Coverstitch machine for about a year. I wouldn’t mind the affordable Brother version either, but I hear Janome makes a really nice one.


Rowena Pro-Master Steam Iron

Sure, my iron works, but it’s boring. This Rowena is so fancy. Look how pointy the tip is. I like a narrow point for collar tips and button plackets.


Merchant & Mills 8″ Tailor’s Shears

These shears could double as a murder weapon. I’ve been drooling over this sexy, left-handed pair.


Collapsible Shoulder Dress Form

I’m pretty sure this dress form wants to come live with me. This is similar to the dressform I used in college; with collapsible shoulders for easy off and on. The steel cage on bottom makes hem marking a breeze. It’s fully pinnable (that’s a must) and all the seams you need for easily marking a muslin.


Fabulous Fit Dressform System


I’ve been reading about this Fabulous Fit dressform system. You can add cup size and butt to your dressform for a more accurate fit. Then you pull a stretchy cover over the pads. I don’t see a stomach pad, which is a drawback…but it I could get the boobs right I’ll be happy.


Madeira Teak Treasure Chest

This is is a gorgeous teak box made for storing threads. I think I just want it because it’s expensive, I’m not sure. But I would love a beautiful, pinterest worthy sewing room someday, and this would be a perfect addition!

Gingher Retractable Blade Seam Ripper

A Gingher retractable blade seam ripper won’t break the bank, and they are nice. I had one of these but I gave it to a dear friend; because it felt wrong in my left hand. I know its supposed to be ambidextrous but I disagree; and think Gingher should make one just for me.


24″ Maxi Wall Unit Ribbon Organizer


I need about a dozen of these ribbon holders. I actually think hubby could make me some with dowels and just do several rows the length of my wall. Or maybe he could just build me a room for ribbon and fabric. Either way.


PGM Pattern Hooks

Pattern hooks are a smart, affordable addition to a sewing space; especially if you are making patterns, tracing them off, or making frequent adjustments. You can hang all your patterns in a closet and it’s nice and tidy. Ive been meaning to order some forever…it’s not really a splurge but something I kinda need right now.

When I can’t shop, I like to fill an online shopping cart and pretend shop. It must be a sickness. What would you add to the list of sewing splurges?

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Mai T

    A sewing machine is a must-have, I think. I have some experiecne in choosing them in my blog. Anyway, I am into your wish list. All of them will make the best for our sew.
    Mai T recently posted…Singer 7258 ReviewMy Profile

  2. Annie

    You were not kidding when you said splurge… my jaw dropped when I saw the price for the threads box! My hubby made me a ribbon organizer. 2 years later it is not big enough to store all of my ribbons and tapes…I don’t think he will make me a new one, as he thinks my hobby is getting out of control ;o
    Annie recently posted…Refashioned Pillowcase Dress for Little MomoMy Profile

  3. Amy of while wearing heels

    You’re left handed! I had no idea. Your wish list now has me for wishing for things I hadn’t realized I wanted or needed. Thanks :)

  4. Gina

    I was ready to send the seam ripper back when I saw it on your wish list!!!! The world is just not set up for lefties!! The pattern hooks are interesting. Storing traced patterns is a bit inconvenient….although I do appreciate not having to trace a pattern for my younger girls when I have already done that for my older girls!!! Filling up a cart does curb buying. I have gone back to carts so many times and decided I didn’t need anything in it!

  5. Rachel

    I think a nice iron and a coverstitch machine would top my list- though I’m not sure where I would put another machine soooo maybe for the best!
    Rachel recently posted…OUSM Designs Back to School Pattern SaleMy Profile


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