Simplicity 1358 (& why I don’t need a gym membership)

Simplicity 1358 easy knit tank dress

I made Simplicity 1358 for me, because I have this gorgeous fabric from L’Oiseau and I wanted it all to myself. Ive been telling everyone who’ll listen how amazing this fabric is…and you guys know I only rave about the really good stuff. I’m ruined for knit fabric now. I’ve been planning imaginary trips to Canada since apparently they have the monopoly on really gourmet knits.

Simplicity 1358 | SewsNBows

The pattern is a really simple women’s tank dress with length and hem variations. It would be simple to trace your favorite tank and add binding or ribbing, but I’ll tell you why I needed a pattern.

Simplicity 1358 | SewsNBows

I have a small, L-shaped countertop space in my sewing/laundry room. It works great for cutting kid sized patterns; but my size patterns need a whole lot more space. My house is too small for a table, even a fold out one. We have traffic jams in here.

Simplicity 1358 back view

My fabric is a stripe, and I really wanted it to match on the side seams. A year ago I wouldn’t have cared, but I’m striving for improvement. A year ago I could barely sew with knits; so I guess it’s paying off!

Simplicity 1358- simple knit tank dress w/ length & hem variations

Anyways, I laid my fabric out across the living room floor and cut my pattern. Not on fold, but one side at a time; making sure each side mirrored itself exactly.

In order to do that, I had to crawl on my hands and knees on hardwood floors. Since my fabric covers the almost the entire available floor space, picture me hanging upside down off my sofa to cut the armscye. To cut the other side, I practically did a one armed push-up while scissor hacking with the other arm. It was the most exercise I’ve had in my entire life. So before you dismiss it as an easy dress, know that there was some labor involved. That’s also why I didn’t trace an existing garment.

Simplicity 1358 easy knit tank dress

After reliving that, Im tired all over again. Here’s a quick, tiny review of the pattern.

Simplicity 1358

Likes: Instructions are easy, pattern is true to size.

Modifications: I added a 1/4″ elastic waistband to create the illusion of curves.

Notes: For the short version and hi-low front, I’ll add 4″ length next time. The average woman is 5’4; they probably designed this dress for her.

I’ll be back soon with some tips on how to match stripes in knit fabric. Until then, keep sewing!



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  1. Love it! Funny thing is I do have a table but I prefer to heep it full of stuff and cut on the floor anyway. Lol. Good job with the stripes.

  2. This dress looks amazing on you. I think your modification of adding the elastic waist really made the difference. Great job. Will you share how you did the waist?

  3. Great job and you look really pretty in it! Yay for sewing for you! I have a folding cutting table on wheels from Joann. When im not using it I roll it behind a cabinet.

  4. Haha, you are awesome!!! I, too, don’t have a proper space to make adult size patterns so I cut on my living room floor all the time. It is quite frustrating since it is carpet and pins get stuck in it. BUT the end result is you look amazing! Watch out, I hear looking that hot produces more babies ;)

  5. Beautiful dress and the color looks amazing on you!! looks like the perfect summer dress and one that will get a lot of wear clear up until winter! I love it and think I need one too! You can totally count the making of your dress towards #sweatandsew Great job matching the stripes; i love details like that. It makes your dress look store bought, only its better because it was made by You!!!!!!
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