Simplicity 1474 – Fluerology Ruffle Dress

Simplicity 1474 – Fluerology Ruffle Dress

I made my niece a new dress using Simplicity 1474. I have zero mistakes to confess for this make, although I need to learn to sew a hook and eye. The zipper holds up fine though:)

Simplicity 1474, girls ruffled dress in Moda Fluerology

I’m not sure how the back ruffle was supposed to attach over the zipper. I didn’t read the instructions, but I made it work. Not sure if I used the correct ruffle placement. It’s rumpled from laying around so long; but it looks great pressed. A few washes to soften it up and it will lay nicely without pressing. My generation doesn’t iron; we just don’t.

Simplicity 1474 | SEWSNBOWS

The fabric is Fluerology from Moda, this print is called Blueberry. I was hoarding it for Sofia because it’s so bright and I love the colors.

paperbag style shorts in Moda Fluerology | SewsNBows

I had just enough left to make these little paperbag style shorts. I think they’ll be real cute with t-shirts. I always made shorts for my daughter’s dresses too. (It’s like my girls were raised by wolves and can’t sit like ladies.)

Simplicity 1474 | SewsNBows

I love Sofia in this dress; she looks like a fat little cupcake. This post is pretty image heavy and I don’t have a lot to say about the pattern…other than it fits well and turned out cute. So I hope you don’t mind if I ramble on some about life in general!

Simplicity 1474 | girls ruffle dress

We’ve been remodeling, fixing things that keep breaking, studying the livestock industry, and trying to rub two pennies together to get some cattle fencing up. We have baptized our godson, built a carport, bought a tractor, raised chickens, cleared land, and burned brush like a boss so far this year.

We’re planning a 4th of July party; after all we’ve survived accomplished I want it to be epic. I hope I have time to show you some of the decorations we’ve been making, but I’ve barely been able to post once a week. Fingers crossed!

Simplicity 1474 | SewsNBows

Now I’m harvesting food. I’ve got 50 pounds of squash to can this week. I also planted peas, green beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic, beets, potatoes, corn, peppers, and carrots. Everybody laughs at our tiny cornfield. Luckily this town is farms after farm for miles…so we have met a few friends and neighbors who are helping to point us in the right direction. Next year we will buy a proper plow and plant a real cornfield. Animal feed will eat our paycheck if not.

Simplicity 1474

My daughter starts cheerleading next week. I’m fundraising for that. (Let me know if you need a $30 candle. Anyone? Yeah, me neither.) Bella has been taking voice lessons all year and loving it. She’s really adjusted well to our move; and we’re enjoying summer. She seems to be content even though we can’t run around and see lots of exciting things like we were able in the city. There’s a snow cone stand in town and that’s a pretty big deal. Her goal is to try every flavor this summer:)

Fabric Bow Headband  | SewsNBows

We will soon be the pet owners of a litter of pittbull/German Sheppard mutt puppies. We wanted some red nose Pitt babies but “German” was relentless. (I’m not sure of his real name but he’s the dog that lives 2 farms away.) His intentions were not honorable; as he has not been around since my poor little Brownie got knocked up. He hasn’t even offered to help with puppy chow. Despite the no good German Sheppard baby-daddy; we are excited about having new life on the farm.

Oh, and we are expecting fresh eggs any day now!

Simplicity 1474 | SewsNBows

Simplicity 1474 in Fluerology, (Blueberry) by Moda

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  1. Marsha C

    Love it! What pattern did you use for the shorts?

  2. Cindy

    Poor Brownie…lol! I can tell how pleased you are with your new life, Amy. Hard work and all!

    The dress is lovely. So perfectly over the top girly and wonderful.:)
    Cindy recently posted…Run, Jump, ThrowMy Profile

  3. Gina

    Beautiful dress Amy!! I love the colors of that fabric too and it makes the perfect summer dress. Life sounds very full and fun for you; you should be proud of all you have accomplished!!! I hope you will be able to share your party decorations, I would love to see them!!!! Good luck with the puppies!!! We got a Lab puppy about a month and a half ago and it is like having another kid, so much work but oh so cute!!!!

  4. Angela

    Elena would love this dress so much! I should stop avoiding all that hemming and gathering and just do it. I can tell how happy you are with your new life because your writing is happy and funny. Good luck with the candles, the cheerleading, and the puppies!
    Angela recently posted…Swimsuit Cover-up Hack of McCalls 6785My Profile

  5. Annie

    First I must say how beautiful Sofie is! The dress is adorable and perfect for her. I have been avoiding ruffle layers lately, but this dress makes me think maybe I should make one before my girl is too old.
    And this post is so funny…you keep a great sense of humor even with the attack of German! So you will have to sell $30 candle when you have a cheerleader daughter? I hope mine will not be a cheerleader ;o
    Annie recently posted…Wizard of Oz Dorothy Inspired Summer Dress for Little MomoMy Profile

  6. Pam @Threading My Way

    You can’t go past ruffles for little girls – just gorgeous and a great idea to add the shorts. Love the blue / green fabric, too. Sounds like your move to the farm was the best thing ever – so pleased for you, Amy.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…Quick and Easy Fabric BookmarksMy Profile


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