Skipper Top from Sew Much Ado

Skipper Top from Sew Much Ado

Introducing the new Skipper Top pattern from Sew Much Ado!

I was excited to be chosen to help test this pattern, because I knew it was just the push I needed to really get comfortable with knit fabrics.

Look how awesome my banded version is! It looks like somebody else made it.

I had a series of crappy looking projects when I first started sewing. I made a gorgeous dress one day, and my daughter said,”Wow Mommy! It looks like somebody else made it!” Now, that phrase is lovingly reserved for only my very best, professional looking garments.

I just want to sew little pockets on all her plain tops now! Oh, feel free to notice the neckband in all it’s glory. Neckbands in previous projects have been the bane of my existence..but this one goes in so easy.

Below is my second Skipper Top. It only takes about an hour to make…who knew knits could be so cooperative?!

For this one I used some leftover vintage fabric from Bella’s Tea Time Dress. I was able to squeeze out a little headband too. Matching hair accessories are pretty much life and death in the third grade.

I’m loving this pattern, and I’ve already sewn a dress version that I’ll share soon. I’m also looking forward to sewing Skipper’s big sister pattern; the Seafarer Top.

I asked Bella if she’d wear Mommy daughter matching t-shirts. She said,”Sure! But as long as we’re nowhere near where any off my friends will see me.”

Maybe I’m crazy, but I will totally drive to another city to have a day of matchiness with her. Because I’m going to blink and she’ll have a drivers license! Noooo!!!

If you have a little girl, I urge you to head over and get the Skipper & the Seafarer patterns and sew up some matching sets- while you can still be seen in public together!

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Justine / sewcountrychick

    Definitely look store bought. But it’s so much better because it’s handmade and not made in some Bangladesh sweat shop.

  2. Betty Taylor

    Those are so cute and so is your model! I hope you post pictures of the matching outfits. You better do it while you can because before long that time will be over.

  3. domestic bliss squared

    You did a fantastic job! I love the tiny pockets with the little touch of pattern. Great job! I’ve been tossing around the idea of buying this pattern…what do you think?

  4. Rachel

    Love them both. You are a knit pro these days! I kind of want the “mom” pattern in this set too, and now I want it a little more that I’ve seen your post!

  5. Rita

    Wow, your tops are so cute! I am totally afraid of sewing knits! Give me silk any day.

  6. Ajaire

    That cracks me up! Like someone else made it. High praise :)
    I love these little tops. I made one of the adult size shirts for myself and have worn it so much this summer. The banded bottom option is my favorite. This looks like a pattern I need to get as I can see making many of these through the years.

  7. Lisa Nelson

    WOW Amy. That shirt looks like it was bought. You are becoming an expert at knits! I’m so impressed!

    The neckband looks really super great! It’s amazing actually. So even and not stretched out. Mine end up always being super stretched out – looking like it’s meant for 1.5 head. You know what I’m saying?

    Also, am in love with the little embellishment on the bottom.

    I love that your daughter says it looks like someone else made it. That made me smile :). Well, this one looks like it was bought off the rack – so congratulations!

    You make me want to make it now. I wonder if i could make something like that?

  8. Mel

    Oh that’s so funny, the words used here are “Oh that looks pro” as opposed to my normal stuff!

    The top is really cute, knits are a little too scary for me, maybe I will start with a knit scarf :) Well done on the top and for being selected as a tester. Also we have a thing with hair accessories too only they must have elmo on them :P

    • Mel

      Thanks for sharing the skipper top at freaking awesome fridays, you were a fab guest darling!

  9. Camille

    Hahah, gotta love it when they start getting embarrassed by mom. I thought I had a little more time but my 4 year old is already hitting that stage. Btw, the shirts are so cute, and I love the matching headband so much!!!!

  10. Pam @Threading My Way

    They both do look so professionally sewn, Amy!!! I bought the pattern the other night and am keen to try it out, but it will NOT jump the queue no matter how good it is.

  11. Amy of while wearing heels

    I adore you. I love that you would consider driving to another town to have a matching day with your beautiful daughter. Your tee shirts (and accessories) turned out wonderful. As usual, I am impressed.

  12. Gina

    Wow!! That is an adorable t!! I love the waistband and the perfect-o neckline!! You can call me a copy cat if you notice little fun fabric pockets on all my girls’ tees :) looks like you have met your goal of conquering knits… Awesome!!!

  13. Annie

    Cute! The heart shaped pocket is simple yet so cute! They do look professionally made !
    Lucky for me, my little one cannot tell apart craps from store-bought yet :) And she actually loves to wear matching outfits. Gotta enjoy while we can!

  14. rea

    you are really doing great amy! it looks professionally-done so i think YOU are now considered a professional…a little bit of confidence and you will go a long way..

    you crack me up when you said that you’re willing to drive to another city just to be able to wear a matching shirt with your daughter and oh yeah they grow so fast!



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