Sloane Sweater Pattern Review

Sloane Sweater Pattern Review

I’m reviewing the Sloane Sweater pattern by Love Notions. Y’all know I love a quick sew, so hello new summer t-shirt!

Sloane Sweater Pattern Review by SewsNBows

This is my second Sloane Sweater. (I never got around to showing you the first one!) There are a couple modifications I made that affect the fit. First, I made a very teeny neck binding. Ribbing or a wider binding didn’t feel right with the lace yoke in back. As a result, I have a much wider neckline that’s sort of slipping off the shoulder. I’m cool with that! I want to assure you though, if you make this top according to the pattern you won’t have any bra straps or shoulder showing.

Sloane Sweater pattern by Love Notions | SewsNBows

Second, I nipped in the sides a teeny bit at the waist. This pattern has a straight side seam that doesn’t work with my apple shape. Busty gals make this adjustment pretty regularly. If you aren’t quite a standard shape or size, it helps the fabric from hanging straight down from the apex. I don’t need any help looking bigger:)

On that note, I want to mention that Love Notions women’s patterns are all cleverly designed to disquise tummy. Yessss!

Sloane Sweater by Love Notions| Pattern Review

I used stretch lace in the back much like my Floral & Lace Baseball Tee. I top stitched the seam allowance down on the back yoke and sleeves to prevent it from peeking out from under lace.

Sloane Sweater by Love Notions Patterns: a fun summer tee in lightweight jersey knit

I love the curved hem and the length. I loath when I raise my arms and my belly shows. Nobody wants to see that. I have a long torso so it happens a lot in ready to wear.

Sloane Sweater by Love Notions: Pattern Review by SewsNBows

There’s also a banded hem option and several sleeve variations. I left my sleeves raw. Maybe I’ll fix that later. If I’m being honest, it doesn’t bother me…so I probably won’t :)

Sloane Sweater pattern by Love Notions | SewsNBows

The Sloane Sweater a great pattern for summer, even if the name says “sweater”. Love Notions Patterns are always fabulous, well written, and true to size.

Sloane Sweater | SewsNBows

I also wanted to mention that I prefer buying Love Notions patterns directly from the site rather than Etsy or other venues. Once you set up an account you have access to your patterns there. (I live in constant fear that my computer will crash and I’ll lose my flash drive with patterns. Also that my fabric will burn up.) I rest a little easier knowing that if my sewing stash spontaneously combusts, or if a sewing theif comes and robs me blind; I’ll still have my LN patterns!

Sloane Sweater pattern by Love Notions: it totally works for cute summer tees!

Pattern: Girl Charlee.

Modifications: I used narrow neck binding which produced a much wider neckline. Nipped in the waist curve about and inch on each side.

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  1. Jenya

    Lovely tee Amy. Love all the mods you have made. The lace at the back is such a cute detail! And yes, I read this post ages ago. I am just super speedy at commenting hahaha
    Jenya recently posted…Lady in redMy Profile

  2. Jenya

    Oh Amy, I have been meaning to write a comment for how long now? A week? Gosh! The tee looks great! Love the mods you have made. The lace at the back is such a cute detail.
    Jenya recently posted…Lady in redMy Profile

  3. Justine

    Really cute fabric combo Amy! You look gorgeous. Don’t cool sheds make the best photo back drops?
    Justine recently posted…My new favorite woven tankMy Profile

  4. Liz

    Thank you for sharing on the Bowdabra Saturday Crafty Showcase. We look forward to you sharing a new projects next week.

  5. Pam @Threading My Way

    Had to laugh at the thought of a thief targeting your sewing supplies and leaving the rest of the house untouched. A great looking top – love the length of the arms and the stripes. If you can get away without hemming, go for it. From the photos, it looks like they’re already hemmed.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…Drawstring Gift Bags…My Profile

  6. Angela

    Love the stripes. Love the hem, the lace, the sleeves length. Why bother hemming? I too live in fear of a hard drive crash. My laptop memory is almost full and it’s not running so fast anymore and making me feel like backing up constantly, but that takes time and I don’t like to wait so I’m living dangerously. But I’m going to back up my patterns right now because not many are with companies that give you an account to keep them in. Thanks for the reminder.
    Angela recently posted…Hello Kitty Gumnut DressMy Profile

  7. Gina

    Wow, that is super cute!!! I love everything about; the sleeve length, the small neck binding and how you nipped it at the waist. I do not like boxy fit tees and this one is perfect!!! Does the pattern call for the lace on the back or did you add that? It’s so cute and really brings up the cute factor on the tee. The fabric you chose looks soft and comfy too and I bet this is worn out by the end of summer! Cute pics too!!! I am so proud of all the pieces you have added to your wardrobe lately!!! They are cute, stylish, and fit you perfectly!!!


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