Sofie’s Summer Romper/ New Look 6134

Sofie’s Summer Romper/ New Look 6134

After our big birthday party and all the madness, I was itching to sew. I was making party decorations for about 3 weeks, & had no time to sew. It was very difficult for me. I suffered trembling, night sweats, sleeplessness-all the classic withdrawal symptoms. I wanted a quick project for instant gratification for my first sewing “fix”.

I made a couple of these little rompers last year, and I love how easy the directions are. It doesn’t use much fabric, and you can bust your scraps with embellishments on the front & mixing up the butt ruffles.

I made the biggest size this time, and (insert dramatic tears & crying here) I’m not sure if my little niece will fit this pattern by summer. But I don’t think it would be very hard to draft it out a little bigger, especially since the leg holes & waist are elastic…what do you sewists think?

A side note: A while back I questioned the word “sewist”, which I’ve seen all over Blogland. It is not, in fact, included in the dictionary. But I choose to use it anyways, for 2 reasons. 1) I’m from Oklahoma. We make up words all the time. And 2) I was watching an old episode of Project Runway the other day. A guy called himself a seamstress and it bugged me. Kind of like calling women policemen instead of police officers. So I decided, in the spirit of equality to male designers and home sewers, that I officially declare sewist a word. I’m the king of this website so I have the authority.

Sofia drooled all over it- on purpose, just to mess up our photos. She’s really defiant like that. She wouldn’t even pose for me. I told her if she can’t get her act together I’ll hire a real baby model next time, and start charging her for outfits. Talk about a lack of work ethic! Gaw!

I had to cut her head off in this one! Whatever she was doing with her face was not recognizable as human. I wanted to show you the ribbon trim and yoyo on front.

I like how the sides are open, but no boobage, even when she wallers around. waller a word, or an Oklahoma word? (Now she got her leg all dirty. I can’t wait to take her home covered in sand. Her mom will be estatic.)

Sofie’s mom really loved this outfit when she saw it. I loved it too until I had to move the buttonholes to make the straps longer. Then my buttonholes got all gross and now I want to burn the outfit.

This is one of my fave baby patterns. (I normally make fabulous buttonholes.) I don’t buy a lot of New Look Patterns because they don’t have big sales often, but I love the few I have. They’re always easy to get through.

That’s the end of the photo-shoot. It got droolier and dirtier from here, so I called it a day. Watch out for Bella’s Tomboy dress, coming soon.

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Pam

    Just gorgeous!!!

  2. Lydia

    That outfit is so damn cute and has lots of sewing in it. Lovely work. Don’t stress about the button holes. You could go over them to make thicker and be part of the design. Looking forward to your dress post.

  3. Rachel

    CUTE! Love this pattern. The big buttons on the back are great. And did you just take these pictures? If so I’m jealous I’m currently looking out the window at ice sleeting down.

    • Amy

      It’s really random. Last night was almost freezing, tomorrow we’re supposed to get up to 72′. Hoping to squeeze in another photoshoot then!

  4. Becky G.

    Super cute romper! I have lots of grand daughters so this would be a great project to do.

    • Amy

      My daughter is 8 and my niece is 1, so this blog is for you. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Kate

    Love that romper and those buttons are perfect!!!!!! The wee model is rather charming.

    • Amy

      Baby Sofie is becoming an Internet celebrity! I’ll let her know you said so, I appreciate the nice comments.

  6. Gaila C

    This is soooo cute!!! Do you have a pattern for this? I have a granddaughter that I would love to make some for her for this summer. Thanks for the pictures of your cute niece. She is precious.

    • Amy

      Thanks Gail, she’s a real sweetie. I used New Look 6134. I usually include a photo of the pattern in the post- oops! Stop by tomorrow to see my favorite dress ever.

  7. Ann

    Adorable little girl! The outfit is pretty cute too!

    • Amy

      Thanks Ann!

  8. Margaret F Johnson

    It is adorable. You did a great job. Love the word “sewist”

    • Amy

      I’ll be working on bigger girl stuff soon…some patterns you could try for the grands!


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