Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

I’ve been working on a little outfit for my niece Sofia. It’s a real easy little dress. When I’m nursing my wounded pride, I like a nice simple project that makes me feel like a pro again.

Remember when I got all upset that the corset I’m making wouldn’t fit? You can read my rant here if you missed it. Basically I decided I never wanted to look at another pirate costume again…..

Well, looks like I CAN work on the corset after all. I guess the corset back pieces I cut fell behind my serger and got buried in a plastic tub I hide under my sewing table.

So I have another 6 inches and it actually should fit me. (I need to lay off the snacks though!)

I’ll “unveil” Sofie’s outfit later. Her birthday is next week. I bought her a baby LaLa Loopsey. She always plays with Bella’s. I know she’ll love it!


I always like to torture someone with suspense when I have a birthday gift for them. I’m mean like that. Since Sofie is too little to care, I’ll just torture her mother.

I finished her outfit and called Krystal to brag about how cute it is. She’s dying to see it. Hee hee! (This is my evil laugh…)

She’s even threatening to come search my house. She will too. She’s only two doors down. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past her to break in when I’m not home and search. (She does have a key.)

But it’s hidden so good.

Here’s your sneak peak Krystal.

Bah ha ha ha haha!!!!!!!!!!!

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