Sweetheart Belted Top Tutorial

Sweetheart Belted Top Tutorial

Sweetheart Belted Top Tutorial | SewsNBows

Here’s how I made Sofia’s Sweetheart Belted Top!

The lace is what’s left of a table runner. (I used the rest on last years Halloween costume.) The dusty pink fabric is a polyester satin remnant that I thought I would use to line something.

And here comes a tutorial. I’m trying to keep it short & sweet so if the instructions aren’t clear, let me know & I’ll try to clarify. (Skip to the bottom if you just want to see my devastatingly cute niece!)

1) Start with your pattern. If you don’t feel like drafting, you can trace a tank or dress bodice, or use a pattern you already own. I started with a basic bodice block, and drafted outwards a bit at the waist.

Here’s a close up in case you are drafting your own. I put my measurements for you. Sofie is about a size 18 months.

2) Cut 2 front pieces on fold, and 4 back pieces. (I’m doing a lace overlay on the front of mine so I have an extra piece. )

The shirt front looks something like this.

(Then I pinned my lace to the front, keeping the bottom hem intact. You can ignore this step if you don’t have a lace overlay.)

3) Sew your front & back pieces together at the shoulder seams. Press seams open. (You’ll repeat this step for the lining.)

4) Now you’ll have two pieces that look like the photo above. Matching your shoulder seams, pin bodice to lining, with right sides facing each other.

Here’s the neck all stitched. To finish step 4, stitch the neck-hole & armhole. Clip close to seam. Flip it right side out, press. You can add a top stitch if you like.

5) Make your belt loops and belt. (You could also make a ribbon sash & tie a cute bow, or just use ribbon or a belt you already have.) I made my belt loops by sewing a tube, pressing it, and top stitching on both sides. Attach your belt loops to the bodice front side seam, loops facing in.

Stitch belt loops.

I’m adding my faux belt. You can do it this way if you like, but leave the belt or sash out if you’d like it to be a separate piece.

6) Stitch your side seams and hem the bottom. All done! (I couldn’t stop, I had to make a matching skirt. I couldn’t decide between a ruffle skirt or a bubble skirt so I morphed them.)


I even got a little pose. Much better than our summer romper last week!

Here’s Sofie being playful…


And sweet.

I guess she wants to keep her modeling job! By the way, don’t you love the heart shaped keyhole button?

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  1. fariba

    Hi Am,very coollllllllllllllll.yeah

  2. Rachel

    She’s so sweet! Great little outfit on her.

  3. Abby

    I found you via the Homemaker on a Dime linkup and I’m so glad I did! This is absolutely adorable! You’ve inspired me to get crafty.

  4. Holly Lefevre

    How CUTE is that! So pretty and fun and h so perfect for Valentines…of course pink and lace is good anytime, right?

  5. Alisa

    That is just too cute for words! I wish I could sew like that!

  6. Sugar Aunts

    That is adorable! Thanks for sharing at Share it Saturday!

  7. Crystelle Boutique

    Oh my!
    Your sweetheart looks so sweet in that lovely pink dress! You did so well!

    hugs x

  8. Margaret F Johnson

    Adorable outfit. Great turtorial….good photo’s too. Wish you luck in the contest.

  9. Sally

    This dress is so sweet and adorable! I love it and it makes me miss the times when mine were this small. Well done!


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