Sew Fashionable 04/04/16

Interesting tidbits on sewing and fashion across the blogosphere this week!

Custom pageant hair bow by SewsNBows

This week I made some custom pageant bows, sewed a little, and visited family over the weekend. It’s tractor season again so I get to spend a couple hours each day keeping this place from turning into a giant forest/jungle.

Let’s see what’s happening everywhere else.

Sew Fashionable: Weekly Series at SewsNBows

This sexy Charlston dress from In A Matter Of Speaking.

I found a place to buy Polish bras here in the U.S. No more waiting a month for your bra, and there’s an easy return policy if you need a different size.

Julia Bobbin’s Lady Danger gown, stunning!

A Watson bra and brief set from Sew Anemone

Emma, who is not a sewist or crafter, tries all the clothing DIYs she’s seen on Pinterest.

I need this kimono at SewManju

Katie made the Melilot, a new pattern from Deer and Doe.

Helen’s robe is so pretty I’d wear it out.

Helena’s chambray and chiffon top.

A jersey knit and lace Boylston bra by Anna-Zoe.

Emi made the most adorable girls dress with Michael Miller fabric.

Camille sewed a Lupin Jacket– check out the lining!

Badass self drafted yoga leggings at The Last Stitch.

Things Sewers Care About That Nobody Else Does by Megan Nielson.

This bespoke corset will knock you over.

See Andreia’s Picasso inspired line drawings…with fabric.

I wanna copy Shirley’s awesome maxi dress.

Have a great week!

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Big Valentines Day Hair Bows

Big Valentines Day Hair Bow | Over The Top Bows

The bigger the bow, the better the mom. That’s what I tell myself, anyways. Here are the big Valentines Day hair bows I made for my daughter and my niece.

Big Valentines Day Hair Bow. Love the candy hearts ribbon and belonged bottlecap center!

This bow has candy hearts ribbon, a blinged bottle cap center, pearl strands, feathers, and a cute side bow.

Big Valentines Day Hair Bow | Over The Top Bows

Big Valentines Day Hair Bows

I didn’t have time to write a tutorial, but you can check out my tutorial: How To Stack A Boutique Bow.

Big Valentines Day Hair Bows with link to tutorial

This big Valentines Day hair bow turned out really cute too. I used curly ostrich feathers in pink and black with tubing, tiny accent bows, and black Swarvoski crystals.

I used the leftover ribbon to make small bows for Bella to give to her friends at school. I forgot to get pictures of them…but who wants to see small bows anyways?!

Check out my Etsy shop if you’d like to purchase a bow, or contact me by email or social media if you need one custom made. Happy Valentines Day!

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How To Stiffen Hair Bows

Want to see how to stiffen hairbows? I use one product.

(This is really a gratuitous post, where I show you a few hair bows I’ve been making for my little cousin’s baby. Mackenzie is still in the oven, but when she enters this world we are prepared to decorate her head.)

Check miss Mack’s bows, then scroll down to see how to stiffen hair bows with one awesome product.

Southwest Style Hair Bow in Coral and Teal with Gold Accents + How To Stiffen Hair Bows | SewsNBows

Christmas trees hair bow in lime and red | SewsNBows

Blush Pink Bow with Gold Chevron Accents, Shabby Floral Center and Pearl Strands + How To Stiffen Hair Bows | SewsNBows

How To Stiffen Hair Bows

How To Stiffen Hair Bows With One Awesome Product | SewsNBows

Can I tell you how much I hate floppy bows? Wimpy bows are a travesty, they really are. Meet my new best friend, clear acrylic spray.

(This is another one of those duh moments, like when I finally figured out how to flatten bottle caps.)

Use This To Stiffen Wimpy Hair Bows! Tips For Using Clear Acrylic Spray for Hair Bows

I used Krylon clear acrylic spray. There is an entire family of acrylic spray finishes. Gloss, matte, satin finish, uv protectant…I’d like to experiment with some of those but for now I can tell you that this is my secret weapon against sad bows.

Converse Hair Bow With Glitter Dot Center + How To Stiffen Hair Bows

I advise spraying the whole bow once your ribbons are put together, but before you add bottle caps or feathers. It really helps keep tulle stiff. Plus, it seals in glittery ribbon and glitter dots, like the bow center above. Hurray for no more sparkles falling off your hair bows!

OMG Designer Hair Bow + How To Stiffen Hair Bows | SewsNBows

If you need some of this in your life, I’d love it if you shopped my Amazon affiliate link. You won’t pay any extra. Anything you buy will send a few pennies my way, and I’d be much obliged :) That link will take you to a page of acrylic sprays to choose from.

(Rustoleum and Mod Podge have similar sprays and I haven’t tried them yet. I’m pretty sold on Krylon.)

How To Stiffen Hair Bows To Avoid Floppy Loopers | SewsNBows

Above is a hair bow pre-acrylic. Do you see how the striped loopers are flopping around? My bows are gonna behave, now.

Cowgirls Rule OTT Hair Bow | SewsNBows

I saved my favorite bow for last, this one says Cowgirls Rule. Never a truer statement, y’all.

Mackensie’s mom is my cousins daughter, and I think that would make me a technically third cousin which doesn’t sound very official to me. So I’m calling myself her aunt. Don’t you think?

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Banyan Tee by Figgys

I’m way late for Kid’s Clothing Week. Here’s my Banyan Tee though!

Figgys Banyan Tee

I love the Banyan Tee pattern from Figgys. It features a relaxed fit basic tee, or a handkerchief hem in tee or tunic length. Flowy tops are in, and asymetrical hems are everywhere again.

Banyan Tee by Figgys

I live for Figgys patterns and own several of them. There hasn’t been a peep on the blog post since March…does anybody have any intel? Last October the Sunki Dress was made available in tween sizing. I loved my daughter’s tween sized Sunki Dress, she and I were hoping for more extended sizes.

Handkerchief hem tunic length t-shirt with leggings

My little niece wears the heck out of this top, but she has other plans today. Her eyes have not left the trampoline. You see, the big kids don’t like Sofia to jump with them because she’s so small and could get hurt. At this moment, the trampoline is gloriously unattended. We were going to try for some nice birthday pictures, but we just really needed to jump right now. So that’s exactly what we did. We can take birthday pictures when the next time the mood strikes.

Banyan Tee pattern by Figgys

Sofia’s bow is worth a mention; I have a few similar ones left in the MayenDesigns Etsy shop. I was on a big bow making spree last month and couldn’t seem to sew. Now I’ve finished a few sewing projects and can’t seem to write. Lol!

Floral bow with teal/ peach and gold metallic accents


I don’t set aside lots of time for blogging or taking pictures. My “blogging strategy” is to make something, take pictures if I feel like it, and write about it after everyone is asleep or waiting to pick up Bella from school. That’s if a project makes it past the photography stage. Not much of a strategy!

I read an interesting article on The Daily Femme about time chunking. Now, I make things as long as I’m in creative mode. When I get “blocked” or can’t decide what to make, I gather all the things I’ve made and take photos. Writing and photo editing is chunked together too. There is less switching back and forth between tasks and I feel don’t feel like I’m scrambling so much.

I still didn’t get a post up in time for KCW though…lol!


Pattern: Banyan Tee by Figgy’s (tunic length)

Fabric: jersey knit from Girl Charlee


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Dia De Los Muertos Hair Clip Tutorial

Dia De Los Muertos Hair Clip Tutorial

Today I’m helping kick off the second annual Dia De Los Muertos Tour hosted by Melissa at Rebel & Malice! Be sure to check out the tour schedule & giveaway at the bottom of this post!

I love The Day Of The Dead, a day to honor lost loved ones. The colors and festivities celebrate the lives of our loved ones who have passed away.

Dia Day Los Muertos Hair Clip Tutorial

Last year I showed a Dia De Los Muertos dress & fascinator I made for my niece. This year, my daughter gets a fun ribbon streamer clip. She’s too cool for an entire themed outfit, so this is perfect for my little girl.

For my contribution to the series, I thought I’d show you how to make this easy hair accessory.

Here’s my Dia De Los Muertos hair clip tutorial!

Dia De Los Muertos Hair Clip Tutorial

Gather your supplies. To make this look you’ll need: an alligator clip (the kind with a hole), the skinniest satin ribbon you can find, some little satin flowers, rhinestone mesh, about 5″ of 3/8″ wide grosgrain ribbon, and a sugar skull cabochon.

I have used bits of broken jewelry or buttons in the past, and often find dollar store goodies that I can use for hair accessories. Anything goes.

I got my cabochons from Oh My Gosh Goodies, in case you were wondering:)

How To Make A Clip With Ribbon Streamers | Dia De Los Muertos Hair Clip Tutorial

Begin by looping your ribbon streamers through thelittle hole in the clip. I used 2 strands and kept them long for my daughter’s hair. Ribbon streamers are fun because you can wear them loose, tie then into your ponytail, or braid them into your hair.

Covered Hair Clip With Ribbon Streamers

Cover your metal alligator clip with the grosgrain ribbon strip. Start on the inside of the clip and work your way around. Be sure to heat seal the ends of you ribbon.

Dia De Los Muertos Hair Clip Tutorial

Decorate the top of the clip, starting with your cabochon or resin. I reccomend E-6000 glue, but hot glue works too. Day Of The Dead is all about bright colors and flowers; especially marigolds. Position flowers near the crown and surrounding the sugar skull’s head. Cover any remaining ribbon with rhinestone mesh, Hot Fix crystals, or some type of fun embellishment.

Day Of The Dead Hair Clip Tutorial

That’s it! It’s super easy to make a hair clip like this for any occasion. Here’s the Dia De Los Muertos Tour schedule, I hope you get a chance to visit some of these amazing blogs.



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