Custom Hair Bows: Are They Worth The Price?

Are custom hair bows worth the price tag? For some of you, the answer will be a resounding yes! Personally, I learned how to make bows because the prices made me cringe. I try to stock less expensive options in my shop, as well as taking custom hair bow orders. Occasionally I write tutorials here on the blog, for my friends who prefer to just make bows themselves.

Custom Hair Bows: Are they worth the price?

Today I’m showing off some recent custom hair bows, and talking about price differences in custom versus RTS (ready to ship) hair bows.

Custom Hair Bows

Custom hair bows are made by me, upon your request. They are one of a kind, and often designed to match a specific outfit or for a special event.

OTT stands for over the top, and too much is never too much. Over the top can apply to a custom or RTS bow, and the price range varies a lot, even on the bows shown in this post. Sometimes my custom bow prices are very comparable to RTS in the shop, depending on supplies used.

Custom Hair Bow

For example, the hair bow above has almost $20 in supplies; including designer ribbon, rhinestone hardware, feathers, shabby flowers, tulle, lace, Swarvoski crystals, and other details.

Custom Hair Bow

That doesn’t include the cost of labor or shipping. Often a custom OTT bow requires a trip (or multiple trips) to the nearest supply store, or supplies must be ordered. Depending on your order and availability of supplies; there could be a wait time.

Custom Panda OTT Hair Bow

This panda hair bow has over $12 worth of materials. Designer ribbon was shipped from Australia, and the felt appliqué panda pieces were hand made. I made this bow for my daughter, but if I listed it in the shop it would be difficult to fetch $20. A $20 price tag would earn me minimum wage. That’s why I  make custom OTT bows upon request only.

Custom Panda OTT Hair Bow

Character bows are almost exclusively custom orders. I still have lots of Angry Birds (as well as other) ribbons from when they were very popular. As a result, I prefer not to shop in bulk for themed or character ribbon.

If you see a print or design that you love in the shop, you may want to buy it quickly. I usually buy small amounts, and designer ribbon is not mass produced. There is often only one place to get it, and if I have a high demand I may not be able to get more until or if there is a re-print.

Custom Hair Bow

I refuse to use sub-par materials or techniques, and shop as ethically as possible. I incorporate my leftover designer and imported ribbon scraps and into RTS hair bows. Nothing goes to waste, and I can offer better pricing in the shop.

Snowflake Hair Bow

Most of my sales are custom orders. When I have my supplies out, I try to make a few bows for the shop. They are often more affordable than the custom bows, but still have all the impact. I usually only make one or two.

Custom OTT Bows and RTS bows

Here is an example of custom hair bows versus RTS bows. The bow on the left is 6″, while the RTS bow is 5″. Size isn’t a significant factor in pricing, but the smaller size allows the “I Wake Up Fabulous” ribbon to be a focal point. It would get lost on a larger bow.

The lace fan and feathers are replaced with more glitter tulle for the RTS, and a rhinestone bottle cap centerpiece is a cute alternative to the large blingy crystal button. Instead of 2 side bows with bling hardware, the RTS rocks a single bow at the bottom of the spikes. The custom bow has more designer ribbon prints, and Swarvoski crystals. Crystals are applied with a special heat tool. It takes a little time and a steady hand!

Deciding whether custom hair bows are worth the price is up to the buyer. The customer is always right! While a hand made shop can never compete with mass produced store bought hair bows, I try to have something for everyone and have lots of price range to choose from. Stop by SewsNBows on Etsy to look at my ready to ship bows!

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New Hair Bows in the shop!

Whoa, it’s been a while! Hello friends! Here are a few new hair bows in the shop.

I Wake Up Fabulous OTT Hair Bow

This one is my favorite! The looper ribbon says, “I wake up fabulous”. It’s a 5″ bow with your choice of clip or barrette.

Personally, I wake up like a dump truck; but if you got it, flaunt it!

Gold & Black OTT Hair Bow: Perfect for hunting season!

This 6″ hair bow is perfect fall hunting season and holidays. Gold and glitter for the win!

Hair Bow with felt deer

Check out the felt deer nestled on top. The black ribbon has deer embossed in gold. It fastens with a French barrette.

OTT Panda Hair Bow

This 5″ panda bow is available on your choice of hardware. It’s inspired by a custom bow I made for my daughter. Hope to show you some of my custom bows soon!

Panda Hair Bow

Due to the high volume of local orders, I’m unable to meet a Christmas deadline for custom order bows. But if you’d like to check out these bows and see what else is in the shop, visit SewsNBows on Etsy!

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New Year, Same Me | Sewing Goals

Say It Again

New Year, Same Asshole

I’m not making “resolutions” for 2016. Resolution means you are resolved and determined to do something. I’m just not that motivated, and I have commitment issues. But I do have a few sewing goals I’d like to aspire to, as well as blog ideas and gardening plans and…well; here’s the list!

No Motivation

Sewing Goals:

Brother CoverPro

Learn My Coverstitch: Get really familiar with my new Brother 2340 CV. (Amazon affiliate link*)

Textile Design: I’d like to learn about digital textile design, as well as experiment with fabric dye and techniques.

Tackle Fit Issues & Pattern Alterations:  Make friends with the FBA, swayback, and several other adjustments for women’s wear. Cuz I have a lot of fit issues.

Conscience Spending: Continue sewing through my stash and only making necessary purchases.

Blogging Goals:

I Don't Do New Years Resolutions

Site Redesign: I don’t like the colors of my header and sidebar items. Why did I choose circus colors?! I’ll probably keep the header but shift to a more calming color scheme.

Social Media: The SewsNBows Facebook page is seriously neglected. I need to do a better job promoting my posts within sewing groups, too. I’m not super committed because social media is so consuming; we’ll see. Balance and time management are key.

Etsy: Research marketing tips and other platforms for selling. My shop sales aren’t that good, I can market myself more productively.

Life Goals:

Say It Again

Gardening: Plan my garden well. I want to grow what we eat, then can it and eat it all year. 2 of my uncles also grow vegetables. If we each grow a couple of staple items, we could really stock our pantries and theoretically do less work. Perhaps 2 or 3 large gardens will be easier than 10 small ones?

Health: Move more, eat better. Blah blah. Living healthy is gross and annoying, but health problems would suck worse. I kind of want a Fitbit. Or someone to constantly slap the donut out of my hand.

Organization: Continue purging unneeded items, and refrain from impulse buying.

Financial: Keep saving money to build a house. Also watch for investment ops in commercial property. There’s an imminent housing boom coming… Dreaming here, but a future nail shop/boutique with my sister would be so awesome. Reality though; even if we just sat on a commercial property, the value should skyrocket for resell.


Priorities: I don’t want to miss out any of life’s moments because I’m doing something on this list. I gotta be in the moment with my family. (And less addicted to Pinterest.)

Those are my very loose plans for 2016. What are your New Years resolutions? Did you eat yummy food for the holidays? I’d love to know!

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2015 Recap

Happy Holidays!

This year was full of excitement, change, and fulfillment. I wasn’t going to write a 2015 recap but after reading some of my blog friends’ final posts for the year, I started reflecting. I realized that this year was huge for my family, and I accomplished a lot of my blogging goals too.

Front Porch View | Country Living

If you’ve followed my blog this year, you know we bought a farm and moved away from the city. Change is scary, but there are zero regrets! Everything this year has been an adventure.

All the change pushed us to try new things and be more adventurous. I started sewing a lot more women’s wear and stopped being so self conscience and camera shy. My tomboy daughter started cheerleading and absolutely LOVES it. She takes care of our animals like a pro. Hubby now owns a few pairs of overalls…and looks like he’s driven tractors his entire life. I feel like we’ve changed a lot, and in a good way.

Blog-wise, I wrote more tutorials this year and finally stocked my Etsy shop. I took nicer photos and took the time to sew things less hastily. I spent less than $100 on fabric and notions the entire year, purged much of my stash, and became very judicious with purchases (in all areas of life). I got my first paid posts, signed up with some ad networks, and started earning some legitimate income. I also just got my first blog sponsor…news about that coming soon!

My new coverstitch!!!

And look what I got for Christmas- my coverstitch machine!! I’ve wanted it for several years but didn’t think my sewing skills justified it until now. It’s still sitting there taunting me…I haven’t worked my way through the manual yet. I’ll be doing some awesome things with this machine soon.

Anyhow, here are my favorite posts for 2015. Click the image to read the post!

Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

^My best flat lay photos

DIY Wooden Toddler Chair Makeover

^This post didn’t get much love, but I adore that chair.

Free Cardigan Sewing Pattern

^Most awesome free pattern ever.

Best Loungewear Sewing Patterns For Tweens

^One of my most popular posts

Easy Sew: Fall/Winter Dress For Girls

^Aesthetically, my favorite outfit I made for my niece.

Simple T-Shirt Sewing

^The most worn (to death) garment I’ve ever made

Vintage Dress by SewsNBows

^Vintage fabric love! Theres the chair again, too.

Simplicity 1474

^Because the bare feet.

Rash Guard & Boy Shorts

^Learning new things! Bella never wants a store bought swimsuit again.

Jalie 3245

^Most used pattern. Ever.

Happy Holidays!

We still have family in town, but I’ll be getting back to business in a few days. Currently we are in the second day of a very consuming checkers tournament. I love you all; Happy New Years!

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Fall Holiday Bows With Dollar Store Felties

Cute Owl Clippie for Thanksgiving- Dress Up Your Bows With Dollar Store Felties

I found some Halloween and Thanksgiving felties at the Dollar Tree and topped some simple little bows. I love finding hairbow goodies for a steal! You can dress up Fall holiday bows with dollar store felties for a quick and easy holiday accessory or gift. Dress Up Fall Holiday Bows With Dollar Store Felties You can add to existing bows, or put them on spectacular over the top hair bows. I think it’s a totally cute idea and no tutorial needed. I added a rhinestone bow to the pumpkin. I like adding googly eyes or rhinestones to give it something extra. They aren’t glued together very well out of the package, so you’ll want to reinforce them. It’s so easy, I listed these for really cheap in the SewsNBows Etsy shop. Look for more holiday bows coming soon! Cute Owl Clippie for Thanksgiving- Fall Holiday Bows With Dollar Store Felties The reason I’m writing this post is because of a discussion I saw in a Facebook group. Stephanie of Swoodson Says posted her cute pumpkin appliqué tutorial & pattern recently. It’s a really fun, easy DIY for fall, she has great tips for using Wonder Under. She received a social media comment that (paraphrasing here) “surely anyone could do that without being shown”. The rude comment wasn’t a big deal, but it got me thinking about how some of my easiest projects end up getting lots of blog traffic. Stephanie joked that she’s been wanting to post her painted acorns, with a tutorial: 1) Paint acorns. Easy Pumpkin Bow | Fall Holiday Bows With Dollar Store Felties Simple projects on Pinterest got me to start sewing again after a ten year hiatus. I love Stephanie’s blog and I love her pumpkin appliqué. I really, really love easy craft and sewing projects. So here’s my painted acorn post. Surely anyone can glue a feltie to a hair bow. But aren’t mine fun?!!

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