DIY Batman Costume For Tween Girls

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

My easy DIY Batman costume was quick to sew, tween friendly, and it’s comfy enough to double as loungewear.

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

This project would’ve been a great addition to the Halloween Hacks Series at Swoodson Says, but as usual I’m late to the game. This is my unofficial, unplanned hack! Check out the series for a ton of ideas to Halloweenify regular clothing patterns.

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

My baby is almost too cool to dress up now, but next week is “theme week” at school. They get a hat day, pajama day, etc. Friday they get to wear superhero costumes; and this was our answer. I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern for the top, and added the Bat Logo myself. SugarTot Designs has free superhero templates you can download. I used knit fabric that shifted around, so my logo doesn’t do Telisa’s cute template justice. It passed Bella’s inspection though, so I’m not upset it isn’t perfect.

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls (link to free logo template)

Brat wouldn’t let me add one of the cute little tutus to her costume. I truly couldn’t stand the utter lack of embellishment; so I used my Hot Fix Tool* to add some bling around the logo. It made me feel better, but definitely not the satisfaction I would’ve gotten from a huge, fluffy blue tutu.

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

The pants pattern is the Basic Leggings* from Serger Pepper. They have a wide cuff on bottom that tucks into boots perfectly. We have several pairs of Basic Leggings in heavy rotation at my house. The pattern is really easy to modify, and it’s build to last through growth spurts. One can’t really have too many black leggings!

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

This is probably the most cost efficient costume I’ve ever made. I used a high quality knit fabric because this stuff can be worn everyday. I know the leggings will be worn all the time. The top will at least be slept in; and possibly even worn outside. Worst case scenario, it gets donated to Bella’s little cousin who is definitely inheriting the cape. I could even pick off the appliqué if I had to. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this tween-friendly DIY Batman costume.

Want more costume inspiration? Visit Creative Costumes for lots of Halloween ideas!

DIY Batman Costume for Tween Girls

Update: I got my tutu! Bella told her aunt she felt like her costume was “missing something” and asked her to make one! I’ll try my best to get an iPhone pic and share on my social media- I thought my tutu days were over but it looks like I get to have one more:)

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DIY Tin Man Costume for less than $20!

DIY Tin Man Costume- Funnel Hat

DIY Tin Man Costume

DIY Tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

Sof’s mom brought me some inexpensive stretchy metallic fabric and red trim with a request for a Tin Man costume. Total cost for this project was around $20, including the funnel to make the hat.

DIY Tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

For the tank, I used the free Spaghetti Strap Dress pattern from Small Dream Factory.

Elastic Lace Criss Cross Straps

I modified the dress length for a tank, lowered the back, and used stretchy elastic ruffles to make the criss-crossed back.

DIY tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

The pants are the Basic Leggings pattern* from Serger Pepper. I added ruffles and even dusted off my edge stitching foot to make those neat hems.

DIY Tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

The necklace cost a dollar. The crystals are attached using the Tulip Deluxe Heat Tool *.

DIY Tin Man Costume- Funnel Hat

To make the Tin Man’s famous funnel hat, I painted a plastic funnel with Elmer’s glue and poured glitter all over it. Hot glue secures the ruffled elastic trim, and the same trim is used to make a chin strap or headband.

DIY Tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

We went to a friends farm for this shoot…and let me just say that ponies are way cooler than posing for pictures! It was really beautiful there, and I’m dying for a little ranch of my own.

I want a pony!


I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but we might be buying a farm soon. There are about a million DIY projects on this fixer-upper; including an old red barn, milk house, and horse stables to restore. It’s in THE TOWN I want, and not much comes up for sale there. I’m want it so bad it hurts. If it’s meant to be…then bring it on!

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Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn inspired Photo-Shoot

Tom & Huck inspired photo-shoot| SewsNBows

Last summer I had the opportunity to contribute to the Sew Many Books series at Nap-Time Creations. Emily’s series was a blast! I planned a whole weekend of camping around these photos.

Huck Finn | SewsNBows

I chose The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for my book. The idea was to sew an outfit based on the chosen book. I’ve probably never enjoyed a blogging series so much. My nephews were excited to get a big photo shoot. It’s usually the girls getting all the camera attention. (I feel so guilty for that!!)

Anyways, it was just meant to be a fun weekend, but it turned I to something bigger. I got really deep in my Sew Many Books post, which I don’t do here often. You should go see it if you missed it. If nothing else, just so y’all know I’m capable of proper grammar!

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

I read bits of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn to the kids that weekend. They were very intrigued by a world where kids could roam free; unaccounted for. (With makeshift weapons.)

They were also confused about the concept of slavery; and it sparked a big discussion around the campfire that evening.

Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer photo shoot | SewsNBows

You can tell a kid about history; but they had trouble understanding that level of ugliness. A park ranger was doing night patrol and overheard the intense discussion with my little daughter and nephews.

Tom Sawyer photo-shoot| SewsNBows

He gave us a little smile and nod; listening to these kids try to make sense of craziness. My husband, myself, and that park ranger were realizing that God makes all children innocent. It was a profound moment. I can’t explain it.

cute Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn inspired photos

Even though we talked about heavy subject matter; we had lots of childlike fun. We played in the mud and got dirty.

Modern Day Huck Finn | SewsNBows

We rode bikes down a hill into the lake.

Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn photo shoot for boys

I realized that sometimes I’m in a hurry for no reason.

Huck Finn inspired photo-shoot | SewsNBows

Right now, I’m in a hurry for warmer weather, so I can take these brats camping again!

Oliver+S Sketchbook Shorts for Huck Finn Inspired Photo Shoot | SewsNBows

Julian (Huck) is wearing Oliver+S Sketchbook Shorts in unidentified khaki fabric from the stash.

Pier 49 Convertible Pants from Peekaboo Patterns

Evan (Tom) is wearing Peekaboo Patterns Pier 49 Convertible Pants in an eggplant colored, hand dyed linen.

Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn | SewsNBows

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn had my blessing to ruin their shorts. I’ll never forget their faces when I told them to get as filthy as they like. Letting kids bathe in dirt is a special liberty reserved for aunts.

Huckleberry Finn, gone fishin'!

Today, I might play hooky from all the stuff I should be doing. It feels like a good day to make a mess; doing something fun with the kids!


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Flapper Costume Refashion | DIY Dress Up Clothes

Flapper Costume Refashion | DIY Dress Up Clothes

Flapper Costume Refashion | DIY Dress Up Clothes

This flapper costume refashion is super quick and easy. Wanna know how we refashioned old clothes into dress up clothes?

baby dress- to be refashioned I to toddler dress up clothes

Sof’s mom found a long outgrown dress; size 12 months. It still fits around the neck and shoulders; but needed about 4″ of length in order to make it a wearable flapper costume.

Flapper costume refashion

First we fixed this little spot that needed to be regathered and stitched.

Flapper Costume Refashion | Lace Detail

The existing tulle ruffle was trimmed down to a half inch nub; and I sewed 2 layers of lace to the dress hem. Next, I sewed gold trim in the middle of the (former) ruffle seam.

gold trimmed neckline - toddler flapper costume

I had enough gold trim left over to embellish the neckline.

DIY Flapper Costume

The back of the dress already had diamond buttons, so we needed to incorporate more bling to the ensemble.

Art Deco Medallion Pin | DIY Flapper Costume

We wanted a pin that can be removed for washing. I gathered the tulle I had cut of the ruffle to form the pins base. Then I used pliers to remove the shank from this pretty button. We hot glued some pearl strands to give it some extra Art Deco flavor.

Flappers Fascinator with Feathers & Medallion

No flapper costume would be complete without proper headgear. I’m incapable of making a fascinator that’s anything less than gaudy. If it isn’t huge and ridiculous, it’s just not that fascinating.

Big Feathered Fascinator for Flapper Costume

We used 3 different types of feathers, black tulle, gold trim, a scrap of stretchy sequin fabric, and a big sparkly pendant. Check out my fascinator tutorial to see how how I make them.

baby shirt refashioned into toddler dress up clothes

This entire outfit took about an hour to make; with four hands working. If you have a sparkly dress it’s great, but any old t-shirt or tank top with do.

DIY Flapper Costume | SewsNBows

Just sew some lace or fringe to a slim top and you have your own flapper costume refashion. Pink gathered lace could be a ballerina. If you sew lace or ruffles on diagonally at the hem, you have a flamenco dancer costume.

Flapper Costume for Dress Up Play

DIY dress up clothes can be inexpensive and easy, just bring your imagination and use what you have on hand!

Pam has lots of DIY children’s costumes and dress up clothing projects at Threading My Way. Check out her Costumes/ Pretend Dress Up Clothes party for more inspiration!

Heidi & Finn has the Gatsby Dress pattern if you’d like to make a 1920’s inspired dress from start to finish. See mine here :)

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One Hour Wicked Witch Costume

Wicked Witch Costumed by SewsNBows

Today, I’m finally showing my one hour Wicked Witch costume! It was a long road figuring out how to make Bella’s costume, but I’m sharing it it hopes that my trials, errors, and frustrations can help someone else.

When she told me she wanted to be a witch, I was so excited. I thought I’d do an easy tutu costume, complete with glitter and frills. But I’m starting to realize my glittery frill days are over. My hopes of a simple costume were dashed when my daughter told me she wanted to be Theodora from Oz The Great And Powerful.


I knew I didn’t want to make a boned corset, because that would take a couple days; and I had no idea how to construct the crazy shoulders. I started with a princess seam bodice pattern, but quickly realized that it wouldn’t work for the swimsuit fabric I chose. I had to draft my own pattern. Err, sort of completely modify an existing one.

If you read regularly, you know that I’d much rather use a pattern where everything has already been figured out for me. Being spontaneous isn’t my strength. So I was already out of my comfort zone. I had never used swimsuit fabric before, and please believe me when I tell you how incredibly much I hate it. Seething, bitter hatred.

I used the proper needle, bought a walking foot, played with the tension….I’d rather stand in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles than ever use it again. That’s why I made the bodice all one piece. There are 3 seams in this faux corset- the center back and sleeves.

One Hour Wicked Witch Costume by SewsNBows

I drafted the spiked shoulders by making a sort of capped sleeve. I cut them on fold; and the plan was to sew a thin casing and insert wire.


Unfortunately for me, “the plan” sucked. My cheapo depot sewing machine decided casings were definitely not going to happen. This is when I wanted to take the stupid thing outside and burn it. The Sewing For Children community on g+ saved my life though, they kept me motivated and had millions of ideas to make this disaster work. (Thank you ladies, I love you!) The final sleeve pattern draft ended up being 3 longer, wider spikes instead of all the smaller spikes above. I was so “over” this costume by this point. I ended up hot glueing the wire in between the fabric layers. That’s when I realized hot glue adheres to this fabric without compromising the stretch or looking bulgy. That was all she wrote!

I hot glued the leather strips on, then the lace in the front, then some ostrich and “crow” feathers at the shoulders. I was careful at the neck and hem to make sure my “corset” would still pull over Bella’s head. Since I spent about 2 days drafting and attempting to sew this costume, then gave up and glued most of it together in 20 minutes; I didn’t even make an underdress. I sewed a jersey skirt and attached it to a black tank top. While I was on a roll; I sewed 2 tubes for the fingerless gloves, cut a thumb hole in each, and hand stitched the finger openings. Done!

So I’ve told you how to make a one hour Wicked Witch costume; now I’ll show you the photos! First, let me set the scene for my photos.

One hour Wicket Witch costume by SewsNBows

Bella is battling the Wicked Witch. (This is what it looks like in her imagination.) Pardon the shoddy photoshop job.

One hour Wicked Witch costume by SewsNBows

As a sewist, I’m ashamed of gluing this costume together. The whole thing hurt my pride a little. But I admit that as a mom, I’m proud of how the costume looks, and that my oh so picky child loves it too.


I like how the light shines through her hat in this photo. It’s sort of wicked!

One hour Wicked Witch costume by SewsNBows

While watching Bella go toe to toe with her imaginary foe, I realize that my little girl can out-witch Mila Kunis any day.

One hour Wicked Witch costume by SewsNBows

So I’ll close this post as a sewing fail, but a costume win. And big time mommy points!

One hour Wicked Witch costume by SewsNBows


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