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Picture Frame Bow Holder

By Amy Mayen Hi guys! I have a lot of things to tell you about- but not a lot to show yet. So check out my latest Epic Fail to break up the monotony of a lot of text! This … Continue reading

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Workroom Wednesday 04-17-13

By Amy Mayen Welcome to Workroom Wednesday, where I share some of the small projects that didn’t make the blog last week. This week I’m gearing up for a craft show. I’m not trying to fish for compliments…it’s just that … Continue reading

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15″ Doll Bed DIY

  Okay, this isn’t that spectacular- but it made me a hero. Evan’s doll will be here tomorrow. Since his birthday present is late, the best aunt ever (moi) has been making little things each day to keep the excitement … Continue reading

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PVC Pipe Photo Backdrop

A couple readers asked how Edson made our photo backdrop at Bella’s birthday party. I saw a ton of them on Pinterest. Here’s a link to a good tutorial: Wedding Bee PVC Pipe Photo Backdrop On the way to Home … Continue reading

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Birthday Wall Decor & Crafts

Do you guys like my new header? I’m still a birthday factory over here. I thought I’d save money by designing and printing my own invitations last week. I spent $40 on Avery blank postcards…the kind that are perforated and … Continue reading

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