Free Dolman Tee Pattern For Dolls

Free Dolman Tee Sewing Pattern For 18" Dolls like American Girl

Have you seen the free dolman tee pattern from Doll It Up? I sewed one up recently and thought you’d like it too.

Free Dolman Tee Pattern For 18" Dolls like American Girl

Free Dolman Tee Pattern for 18″ Dolls

I used scraps from Sofia’s Banyan Tee to make this top. The PDF pattern is available Doll It Up.

Tshirt, hoodie, jean shorts and sneakers on 18" American Girl

You really couldn’t ask for a faster doll pattern. This top sewed up in about 12 minutes.

Free Sewing Pattern For 18" Dolls

The neckband is folded under and stitched. The hem and sleeves are banded.

Free Dolman Tee sewing pattern from Doll It Up

Its perfect for scraps of fabric or old t-shirts. There are no closures since the neck opening is wide and the dolman sleeves slip easily over your dolls head. It fits lots of stuffed animals and dolls, although Baby Alive’s head is too big.

Striped Dolman Tee (free sewing pattern!)

Make sure your fabric has plefty of stretch. Anna provides tips for choosing fabric and excellent recommendations if you’re new to knits.

Zip hoodie, striped tee, shorts and sneakers for American Girl doll

I miss sewing for American Girl dolls! I keep thinking I’ll sew some things to sell, and never seem to get around to it. My niece asked me for some Barbie clothes so I made an ugly mermaid costume. I complained the whole time, although I would never tell my baby that. Barbie is just too tiny and my heart isn’t in it. I plan to buy Sofia an AG doll when she’s 5 or 6. Her Baby Alive has barely survived and her Barbies end up looking like the cast of the Walking Dead. I can’t see spending a lot yet but I’m counting the days until I can!

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School Uniforms For American Girl Dolls

School Uniforms for 18" Dolls

This week I’ve been sewing school uniforms for American Girl dolls. Here are the patterns I’m using, and some back to school looks. I’m also sharing some tips for sewing doll clothes at the end of this post.

School Uniforms for American Girl Dolls | Cute looks + pattern picks and sewing tips

If you want to sew matching looks for your kids; my top picks for kids school uniform patterns are at Serger Pepper.

School Uniforms For American Girl Dolls

School Uniforms for American Girl Dolls: Patterns, inspiration, & sewing tips

You can download the free Polo Shirt pattern from Doll Duds to make this look.

Khaki Shorts for American Girl Doll, snap closure and heart shaped "button"

These shorts are modified from LJC’s Capris & Shorts pattern. I used a snap front closure and heart shaped faux button. The welt pockets are my favorite!

Button Up Shirt for American Girl Doll

The Button Up Shirt pattern by Liberty Jane is adorable. It has a back yoke and optional front yoke. It’s very detailed, and even has pleated cuffs. This one is tricky for me- I struggle with the cuffs and collar. I’m just going to keep sewing it until I get it right:)

Back To School LookBook for American Girl Dolls

I layered the button up with the Pullover Sweater pattern by Liberty Jane. I used a sheer navy colored knit. There’s a keyhole opening and snap in back to fit over the dolls head.

Skinny Jeans pattern for 18" doll from Peekaboo Patterns

Many of the kids patterns at Peekaboo Pattern Shop have 18″ doll sizes included. I used the Skinny Jeans to make these khaki uniform pants. They include functional front and back pockets.

The Betty Skirt pattern by Shaffer Sisters (18" doll)

This is the Betty Skirt pattern by Shaffer Sisters. It’s a girl pattern with bonus 18″ size. There are lots of options but the pleated version is great for school uniforms.

School Uniforms for 18" Dolls

You may have noticed the ties my girls are wearing: I made them using the Dress Me Up Neck Attire pattern from Doll Tag Clothing. It also includes a bow tie and scarf.

Urban Backpack pattern from Sew Urban | Back to School Sewing for American Girl Dolls

The Urban Backpack pattern by Sew Urban is a really quick sew. Mine is purple and sparkly and I added a Velcro closure.

Tips For Sewing Doll Clothes

  • I like upcycle clothing to make doll things. For back to school looks; old polos are great.  You can use the fabric and ribbing from the collar. Likewise, old khaki pants or jeans are a great fabric source once they get too short or holes in the knee.

School Uniforms For American Girl Doll

  • Keep in mind that some seams are tiny and difficult to press. Use fabric that isn’t too heavy or thick. Fabric with some stretch to it is really nice because a many doll patterns have very little ease. You can use a rolled washcloth to press tricky areas, like inside a sleeve.

School Uniforms for American Girl Doll

  • Likewise, sourcing tiny notions will really give your doll clothes an edge. Scale is everything; from notions to fabric prints.

School Uniforms for American Girl Doll + Pattern Sources & Sewing Tips

  • Keep your seams small. 1/4″ is plenty; you don’t need any bulk that could make it difficult to dress your doll.

School Uniforms for American Girl Dolls | Pattern Sources and Sewing Tips

  • Smaller stitches look nicer, more “to scale”, and hold up better. They are also more annoying to seam rip, so work slowly.

Do as I say, and not as I do. Sometimes I get lazy and break all the rules. I really need to sew that button up shirt again, and practice sewing snaps. I never like they way they look. I’m thinking about buying a KAM Table-Top Snap Button Press Setter Machine. I love pearl snaps on blouses and men’s shirts; and it would def make my doll clothes look nice. Hand stitches are not my strength. I think we all know that :)

Now you have the chance to win the outfits shown in this post! The next big American Girl Wardrobe giveaway is coming at Diana Rambles; and it is a full year’s wardrobe! It’s will include seasonal looks, formal, sports, back to school, holiday, and more. 1 winner takes all!


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Eden Ava Couture Vintage 1930’s Dress

Eden Ava Couture by Donna Seabury offers vintage-inspired and modern fashion patterns for dolls, such as American Girl Dolls. Here is a little about Donna and how she got her start designing.


I started sewing when I was 21. I had just graduated from college and I had gotten a job, but I didn’t have any money to buy clothes for the office. I taught myself to sew using doll clothes patterns for cabbage patch dolls and once I was confident with my sewing, I started sewing clothes for myself. When my daughters started collecting American Girl Dolls, I found I could make most of the clothes in one evening….and that was it…..I was hooked by the instant gratification! 
 In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started publishing my patterns as an escape from the ugliness of the disease and to cope with treatment. Three years later, I am cancer free and I have a thriving business! 


Here’s my review of the 1930’s Vintage Dress pattern!

Eden Ava Couture 1930's Vintage Dress

I used the Eden Ava Couture 1930s Vintage dress pattern to make Ellie’s Sunday dress.

Eden Ava Couture 1930's Vintage Dress

The dress features a rounded collar & cuffed sleeves. All great details that make this little dress stand out! And while the vintage flavor of this pattern is great for historical doll sewing; I think this dress looks pretty modern!

Eden Ava Couture 1930's Vintage Dress

I’m really impressed with the way the collar and lining come together. I added a strip of leftover bias to make a button placket.

Eden Ava Couture 1930's Vintage Dress with buttons from Fastenation Studio

Notice the itsy witsy buttons? They are handcrafted by Hannah of Fastenation Studio! She also custom matched the buttons for my Sally dress. I’m such a huge fan, but especially for doll sized buttons. These are bitty enough for Barbie!

Eden Ava Couture 1930's Vintage Dress

I can’t wait to show you what I made with the Peppermint Snow pattern! What I really love about Eden Ava Couture patterns is the attention to small details that bring these doll clothes to life. They have easy to follow instructions, and the fit is always spot on!

Eden Ava Couture is offering 5 free patterns to one lucky winner, BUT everyone who signs up for the Eden Ava Couture Newsletter gets this free Reversible Wrap-Around Halter Top pattern.

This giveaway is goes from January 5-15 and is open worldwide to 18 years and over.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Plaid Schoolgirl Outfit For 18″ Doll

Plaid Schoolgirl Outfit for 18" dolls | SewsNBows

Have you heard about the sewing group called Stitch Once Rip Twice? It’s a really fun sew along hosted by Diane at Vintage Zest. You get a nice long time frame to complete your projects; so there’s not pressure to hurry. No rules, just a sort of “jumping off” point. The current challenge is Mad About Plaid.

I was disappointed in my project for the 60s challenge; mainly because I didn’t make it very 60s. For this challenge, I am on another destash and can’t buy fabric. (It’s for a good cause. I bought a new sewing machine!)

What do you do when you only have a fat quarter of anything plaid? Doll clothes. I feel so guilty because the other participants are probably making fabulous people clothes. But there’s still time before the challenge is up; and you never know when some plaid fabric may fall in your lap. (See? I’m already scheming on how I can break the fabric diet. Incorrigible!)

Plaid Schoolgirl Outfit for 18" dolls | SewsNBows

This skirt is made with the Liberty Jane Pleated Skirt guidebook. With all the pleating, this skirt takes a really long strip of fabric. I was short a few inches, but matched it up pretty good in back. And it was an easy sew! The ironing took longer than actual sewing. It’s a long, pleated rectangle connected to an elastic waistband, with one seam in back. (I’m going to try one for Sofie later.)

Plaid Schoolgirl Outfit for 18" dolls | SewsNBows

The tie is from the Dress Me Up Neck Attire pattern from Doll Tag Clothes. I’ve used it many times. It has a piece of 1/4″ elastic that slips over the head. I like it because it’s fully lined. No backside of fabric showing! Plus, the tie has the skinnier end behind it; just like a real one. So it’s not a “tie shaped necklace”. Does that make sense?!

Plaid Schoolgirl Outfit for 18" dolls | SewsNBows

This polo shirt is made with a pattern from Doll Duds. You can get this free polo pattern by signing up for the newsletter at Liberty Jane Patterns. But be warned: it’s not listed on LJC’s new PixieFaire site. I’m not sure if it’s going away, but I’d grab it just in case.

It needs buttons huh? Well I’ll remedy that soon.

Miniature buttons from Fastenation Studios | SewsNBows

I’ve been working with Hannah from Fastenation Studios and she made me these bitty sized doll buttons! 1/8″ buttons are hard to find; and when you do, they are made in China. Plus, they stick out a little too far for doll clothes. I asked Hannah if she could make some 1/4″ and 1/8″ doll buttons, but flatten them a bit. And she did! Aren’t they cute?! So you’ll be seeing some bitty button projects real soon:)

Plaid Schoolgirl Outfit for 18" dolls | SewsNBows

The pink hair extension is from American Girl, and I made the bow. This outfit is a Christmas present for Bella, btw.

Plaid Schoolgirl Outfit for 18" dolls | SewsNBows

I made this purse without a pattern, and it’s a mess. The lining is made from satin scraps. I don’t know what that pink fur stuff is, but it doesn’t get along with satin. I made the bag…then gave it a haircut. It was interesting. If bags aren’t your thing (I always struggle with them!) Gina’s Craft Corner has a ruffled bookbag tutorial, or you can buy a cute backpack from GiGis Doll Creations.

The polo, tie & pleated skirt are the perfect patterns to make a plaid school girl outfit; don’t you think?


Anyways, we’ll see if I break my stash diet the opportunity arises to get a “real” plaid project in for the challenge. For now, I’m being a good girl. You can win a free doll of choice from American Girl and an entire wardrobe with accessories! Have you already entered? You can get bonus daily entries for tweeting and sharing. Head over to the American Girl Doll Mega Giveaway for your chance to win!


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123 Mulberry Street Hoodie Pattern Review

By Amy Mayen

Today I’m reviewing the Hoodie pattern by 123 Mulberry Street. I’ve used several of their patterns before; most recently being the Cargo Shorts pattern I used here and here.


Bella and Samantha are modeling today. I took these photos while my daughter was in school. I thought she might like seeing what the girls are up to when she’s not home. She seemed genuinely delighted when she told me,” It must be nice playing with dolls all day. I want your job when I grow up! How long will I have to go to college?” I laughed so hard I almost peed.


I’ve made a bunch of 123 Mulberry Street hoodies lately. They’re pretty quick to sew. The pattern features a hoodie, tunic, and dress version. Bella is modeling a hoodless dress version repurposed from a thrifted tank top. It’s hard to find prints that small scale!


Because I used the existing snaps for Bella’s hoodie, I didn’t need to use Velcro in the back. It finished with a slightly looser fit. I’m not sure why I left the tags on. Der.


Samantha’s hoodie tunic uses scraps from the tank to form the pockets and hood. I paired it with a quick pair of LJC leggings. They needed to be orange or cream, but I didn’t have any in the stash.

Samantha was pretty nasty about it, almost refusing to be photographed. I told her she cannot wear that short tunic without leggings. She can go to one of those hoochie doll sites if thats how she wants to dress. Dolls are such demanding models!


A doll hoodie with a Velcro back needs a slit in the hood. This is in order to slip the doll’s head through the opening. (I’m telling you because if you didn’t know, the photo below looks really weird!) My only modification I’d recommend for this pattern is to line the hood for a cleaner finish. You can’t tell by this photo, but my stitch work is great. Without lining though, it looks homemade.


Also, I didn’t think the instructions were very clear for attaching the hood. If you’re a certified hoodie jedi master you’ll be fine, just don’t count on detailed instructions or a super clear photo to help you out. I managed, and I’m no pro.


Overall, I really love this pattern. I’m pretty sure my life wouldn’t be complete without it. You can get a ton of different looks, and it’s a perfect wardrobe builder. I’m not sure why dolls need a wardrobe though.

Here’s another random thought. It makes me feel ridiculous when I’m folding laundry; sorting it into piles. My clothes, my daughters clothes, my husbands clothes, and doll clothes. Why are doll clothes in my laundry anyways? I don’t get it.This is not okay.


No dolls were harmed during the production of this blog post.


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