Thomas The Train Boxers For Boys & Dolls

By Amy Mayen

I bought my niece Sofie a Bitty Twin girl doll for her birthday last year.The boy twin looks like her brother Evan. Don’t you think?

Boy And Bitty Twin Look Alike

Can you believe this is the clearest photo I have of my nephew?

Of coarse he’s getting a Bitty Twin boy for his birthday. He’s really excited about it. He asks about his baby Evan every day.

I made him these Thomas the Train boxers in 2 different prints- with baby Evan sized boxers to match.

Thomas The Train Boxers For Boys & Dolls

Why should girls have all the “dress like your doll” fun?

Check out the American Girl Doll & Wardrobe giveaway for a chance to win a free doll of choice, and a custom sewn Valentine wardrobe from the finest blogs and boutiques!

Thomas The Train Boxers For Boys And Dolls

You can see everything that’s up for grabs at the American Girl Valentine Outfit & Accessory roundup! Good luck:)



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Liberty Jane Jeans Bundle-Skinny Jeans

By Amy Mayen

Hi fabulous readers! Guess what?

I bought the Liberty Jane jeans bundle a while back. It was the first PDF pattern I ever bought! After I finished my Scirocco Dress by Figgys, (and realized PDFs aren’t the devil) I went ahead and cut out the pattern for skinny jeans.


I was a little scared of this pattern. All the top stitching, the quarter inch seam allowances, something was really intimidating about these jeans. But really-I don’t know what I was so terrified of!

I used the legs I cut off from an old pair of jeans. No pressure there! I kind of slopped these together though. These jeans are my “muslin” so to speak. My test run.


I think I might’ve cut one of the legs off grain, since the fabric twists on on one side.


I didn’t want to use elastic all the way around the waist- so I used 4″ of bra strap in the back. But it isn’t as stretchy as regular elastic, and I’m not thrilled with the way the waist looks. My pockets aren’t centered perfectly either.


Bra strap?! Yes, bra strap. No matter how much you spend on a good bra, they all bite the dust eventually. Before I toss em’ I scrap all the lace, little bows, gems, and elastic straps to use in doll clothes. Don’t tell anybody.

I’d still say an overall successful project. I have the confidence to tackle these jeans now- any time, any place. Bring it on.


And of coarse Bella got a new pair of jeans for her dolls. “And they have real pockets!” She likes them & I’m happy.

You’ll see more of these soon!



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Gray Print & Denim American Girl Outfit + Handbag/ McCalls 6480

I’ve been sewing up a storm all month, but I can’t post a lot of projects yet since they’re mostly Christmas gifts. Bella doesn’t spend a lot of time online, but when she goes on the computer she loves reading mommy’s blog. Therefore, most of what I’m working on is a secret!

I’m trying to organize my sewing room, so I’ve been making lots of fun little projects to use up my scraps. Here’s one I can show you, using some more fabric left over from a pair of Edson’s pants, and a scrap of gray printed cotton. You can see another outfit made from the same pants by clicking here.


I used McCalls 6480 for the bag. The skirt and vest are hand drafted.



I finally bought some Liberty Jane patterns that I can’t wait to try out. Their drafted specifically for AG dolls, so no more I’ll fitting clothing.


Well, it’s off to dance class for us. Ill try to take some photos of this weeks bows for you guys. See you all next week!


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Cutest Baby Outfit Ever, & Stuff My Kid Made

Finally, I get to show you Sofie’s outfit!


The little details on the shoulder straps are so cute…and they can be let out so she can wear it longer. The elastic back makes it slip on and off easily. No buttons, yay!


Here she is dancing and watching her pants move around.


The way she holds her arm and kind of teeters around and weeble wobbles when she walks reminds me of Roger from American Dad! Her mom is gonna kill me for posting this…but it’s too funny! Oh, I’m the worst aunt ever….


Bella got her American Girl Catalogue, and noticed the photo backdrops. She had the idea to make her own out of a cardboard box.


We paper scrapped and modpodged and hot glued to her little hearts content. It’s now a sturdy little prop that can be folded different ways…


The best part is that it folds flat for easy storage. The little window is pretty cute, don’t you think?


But now Bella wants to save every piece of trash. After shoe shopping today, she proceeded to hoard all the cardboard boxes because we need the cardboard.

Then she cut up the shopping bags and stapled them back together-to make doll shopping bags.


I’ve created a little craft monster! If you want, you can click here to see some another kids craft project we worked on last month.

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Vintage Doll Sewing Patterns

Simplicity 3729 Vintage Doll Clothes Pattern

I love looking at old patterns. I love to watch fashion change, evolve,and repeat. I can always redraft a too-wide lapel or too-pointy collar, but I confess I rarely do.

Someone brought me an old pattern a while back. It wasn’t old enough to be vintage, and not anything anyone would wear this decade. But I had to open it up and see if there were any salvageable pieces in there, even though I was pretty confident that there wasn’t.

When I started laying the pattern out, I realized that all the pieces didn’t match. There were parts of 3 different patterns! I started googling and guess what I got?

Simplicity 3729 Vintage Doll Clothes Pattern

I got the cowgirl boots & gun holster! These are for a 21″ doll. A Shirley Temple doll maybe? I forgot to see what year this pattern is from. I’m super excited though.

I can’t wait to find a little pistol so I can make this for Bella’s American girl doll. The whole world is politically correct now, & kids aren’t supposed to play with guns anymore I guess. I grew up with 2 brothers. We played cops & robbers, cowboys & Indians, and other shoot em up games all day. None of us are serial killers.

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